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May 19, 2002, 12:12 AM
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I'm looking for a lise of the smallest and most powerful EDF units aval. I have several projests going on in my head and i would like to have this info to base my purchases on. Like the KP44's, i know the AP20 will hop it up. that what Ken from K7A models told me anyway. How does it compare to the Vasa fan and others in the 2" or less size? maybe 2.5" i just need powerful and small fan units. Is there a brushless setup that will work in the KP44's? If you guys can help- i really need it. I love small planes esp. jets!

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May 19, 2002, 12:16 AM
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The Hacker B20 series motors will work with the KP44's - I am not sure which models are which but there are a series of the B20's that have a smaller front then the others - these will work - the KP 44's have small ridges inside that you will have to trim out but after that they will work like a charm - what kinda thrust are you looking to get from them - you might check out the GWS 75 when it comes out as well - WeMoTec also makes some pretty small fan units but the only place I know to get them is directly from WeMoTec - let me know more about the application and I will try to help you more
May 19, 2002, 11:55 AM
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Besides the KP44 there's the WeMotec Microfan. 50 mm diameter (2 inches, the KP 44 is 44mm/1.75") and it takes a Speed 300. Thrust and current draw are higher than a KP44 (I can't recall off-hand what the numbers are). It seems to me to be a better fan, you can use just one to fly a jet since they will take 8 cells. With the KP44s you have to basically run two motors in series or run just one on 4 cells but where you can find a speed control that will provide BEC while running on just 4 cells is beyond me. The KP44 is best used in twins but even then there's not a lot of thrust, that's why I like the Microfan better, more thrust for a bit bigger model.

There was a problem with the microfan at first, it was a press on fit on the speed 300 and it you didn't get it just right it vibrated badly. The new rotors are attached with an aluminum adapter just like bigger fans so they run smooth. The Hacker B20 runs in this fan as does a new version of the Astro 010 brushless.

The Vasa 55 from Hobby Lobby runs on the Speed 300 and similar sized motors and has been reported putting out about 8 ounces of thrust on I think 8 cells. The unit is expensive but it's very light and runs smooth.

There's also the Vasa 65 from Hobby Lobby, it will take 400/480 class motors (there's two different models, one for 400 diameter motors and one for 480 class motors which are a bit wider in diameter). The 65/1 400 class motors runs well on my Kontronic Fun 400-28 and 12 x CP1300. I have this setup in my Wattage F-22 modified for EDF. Runs for about 4 minutes, I wish I had a bit hotter motor for more performance.

Hobby People has the new Powerfan 400/6. Diameter is 2.575 inches, speed 400 motor, a 480 might fit. The speed 400 that comes with the fan has a flux ring on it, diameter of motor plus flux ring is 1.135". 12.6 oz of thrust on 12 cells at 11 amps, that'd probably drop when installed deep inside a ducted airplane.

I mention the EDF 50 last because I don't have a very high opinion of it. It's a well built unit but the motor is small and it's meant for lightweigh slowflying jets. People are building heavy airplanes and putting these in them and they wont fly. There's not a lot of thrust, something like 3 oz. If slowflying in circles is your thing that this may be your ticket, but for myself I'm tired of poorly performing jets that can barely loop if at all. I like high powered aerobatics myself. I'd guess the KP44 has more power than this fan but I'm not sure. With the smaller diameter of the KP 44 it may have less thrust but I think it has more. The motor is a larger diameter in the KP44 but not by much (anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I have a KP44 but not an EDF 50).

There are other fans, mostly bigger, the WeMotec MF480 being the next step up (2 7/8" diameter) and very popular. Then theres the HW609 (3"), HW620, Midi fan (90mm/3.5"), HW730, HW750, etc
May 20, 2002, 12:24 AM
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I actually deal with both the KP44 and the GWS 50 - here are in my opinion the advantages and disadvantages of both:

KP 44
Smaller in size
Much better construction
Uses Mabuchi FK series motor - Larger then the GWS
Capable of alot more thrust with the right motor
More expensive then the GWS by at least $8 -$10
Heavier then the GWS 50

GWS 50
Only around $15
All wires factory installed with quick connector
Added heatsink
Flimsy shroud

There are more but this will get things going