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May 16, 2002, 11:22 PM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar

My next project....the RAKE

Many thanks to Chris Hansen at Anything R/C for this fabulous kit. It arrived today and I will be starting it tomorrow. Chris posted some pics of his with a dual GWS fan conversion on it and I knew I had to build one. the original thread with pics is here:

This is the 1st non-ARF kit I will have built in many years and my 1st laser cut kit and I must say I am giddy at how incredible the part cuts are. They fall right out of the sheets! Quite a change from the old punch-cut days of trying to chisel/saw/chew/kick parts out of the balsa sheets!

This kit looks top notch, there are 3 full scale prints that are beautifully drawn in CADD. The wood used seems to be carefully chosen, light and blemish free. Instructions, while not containing any photos, appear to be well written and concise. I guess I'll find out for sure when I start building this weekend

Special thanks to Chris, I spoke with him on the phone and he was friendly and helpful. He even went to the trouble of hand-writing some notes to me on the plans to show where he placed the magnets for the dual fan setup, and even a full description of the construction of the fan cradle!

Stay tuned for construction details and hopefully a flight report in the not-too-distant future
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May 16, 2002, 11:30 PM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
Photo of the goodies fresh out of the box...
May 16, 2002, 11:31 PM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
And a closeup of the nicely laser cut sheets.
May 17, 2002, 09:14 AM
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Mine too!

Damn yard work.

Good luck with yours (nice plane)

May 17, 2002, 12:45 PM
SixStringz's Avatar


Looks like a fun plane Tres! Keep us updated
May 19, 2002, 12:40 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
I think I spend more time preparing my work space for a project than I do on the project itself! I can't stand starting work in a cluttered up space though, so I got everything cleared out and ready to go. I finally got started on the Rake itself yesterday evening.

1st up are the ribs, there are some doublers and reinforcing that are C/A'd to the ribs before the wing construction begins. In this pic the ribs are completed and the wing is ready to be laid up. The LE, TE and spars are trimmed to match the angle of the wing (from balsa stock) and glued end-to-end. Total time to this point less than an hour.
May 19, 2002, 12:48 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
The wing is small, so it lays up quickly. Parts are dry fit to check, then C/A'd if everything looks good. Center sheeting is cut to fit from sheet stock. Ply servo rails are under the sheeting, holes will be cut out for the servos when the gear is installed.

It becomes clear at this stage that this kit is a combination of laser cut parts and parts that are cut from regular balsa stock. Assembly is pretty much conventional, not the "jigsaw puzzle" assembly I've heard about in certain laser cut kits where everything slots together and is then glued. The main advantage of the laser cut parts in this kit are many of the fussy parts are nicely precut, so sanding and trimming is greatly minimized (good for me, I hate sanding!) Plus the laser cutting incorporates numerous lightening holes which greatly lightens the airframe weight.

About an hour for this step.
May 19, 2002, 12:56 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
Layup of the ailerons and tail feathers. The majority of these parts are cut from balsa stock, so a lot of precise sawing and cutting is required. I use a small hobby miter saw (in background of pic), worth its weight in gold for this kind of stuff! This construction is where "measure twice, cut once" really comes into play. I cut each piece, then pin in in it's spot on the plan. After getting a few pieces down, I tack them together with C/A. I try to do the perimeter first, then lay the stock over the perimeter pieces and mark the cuts in pencil. After sawing, I dry fit the part, then tack it down with C/A.

All the gussets are laser cut, thank you Anything R/C!! That's another thing I don't like is cutting my own gussets!

About 1.5 hours here, mainly because of all the hand cutting/ sawing required.
May 19, 2002, 01:02 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
So.... all the balsa is done! The project is nearly complete, should be flying soon, right? NOT!! If you've never built a kit before, a good rule of thumb is 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 for construction time from beginning to completion. That's:

1/3- framing it up
1/3- covering airframe
1/3- final assembly & gear installation

Of course it doesn't work this way for ARFs, but it's a pretty close estimate for built-up kits.

So I've got about 3.5 hours into it, that means the covering should take about....
May 19, 2002, 01:17 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
3.5 hours? Nearly on the nose! I didn't clock it, but that's about what it took.

Here I've temporarily placed the parts together in their basic final orientation to give you an idea of what it will look like. My hat is off to Carl E. Martin for this really great design, it's a very good-looking aircraft. Everything went together nicely and was obviously well thought out, there is an excellent balance between strength and light weight in all aspects of the design.

Novels could be written on how to apply covering (Oracover in this case) so I won't try to cover it here. I will just say that there's nothing particularly unusual in covering the Rake over any other model I've done. The Oracover goes on almost identical to Monocoat except it's a lower temp covering. It should be applied using an iron only. The idea here is the Rake has a light airframe subject to warping, so the lower temp process of ironing on the Oracover helps limit warping of the frame. I set the iron at a low temp and tacked the covering down on both sides of the surfaces. Then I cranked up the heat and went over everything to shrink it up.

You'll notice I didn't bother to sand off all the laser "burns", they're not nearly as dark as they appear in this photo. They're actually a light brown color and I did not find them objectionable at all.

That's where I am with it as of tonight! Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the final assembly. But tomorrow afternoon I'll be at the Zagi-Palooza event, if ya'll are in the Dallas area and planning on attending, maybe I'll see you there! Hopefully I won't get rolled for having an FMA Razor and EAM Pop-Fly, but no Zagi
May 19, 2002, 01:01 PM
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Looking good Tres
May 20, 2002, 09:15 AM
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Chris Hansen's Avatar

Great Job!!


Nice job on the Rake!! I like the colors you picked, That should make it very easy to see when it zips past at 40+ MPH. Keep up the good work and thanks for the many kind words about the product design and workmanship. I hope to here a flight report soon.

Build light to fly!! Not Heavy, to crash!!


Chris Hansen @ Anything R/C
1822 E 40th
Spokane WA
99203 509-747-2526

Source for e-powered model aircraft, slow flyers, parkflyers and specialized modeling supplies including:
Laser cut kits, Propellers, Lite Wheels, Motor Mounts, Motors, ESC's, Radio Systems, Servos, NiCad and NiMh Batteries, Chargers, Covering Materials, Carbon fiber.
Specializing in micro and small electric powered radio controlled aircraft, parts and accessories designed and laser cut by
Carl E. Martin.
May 20, 2002, 11:55 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
Tres Wright's Avatar
Thanks guys! I snuck in some final assembly time yesterday before heading out to the Zagi-Palooza. I was quite surprised by the all up weight of the air frame, 2 ounces! Wow this thing is light! That's without gear, motor & batteries of course.

Chris, I told you I was going to set it up with the fan units right away, but now that I see how light it is I think I'm going to try either the GWS 'A' motor or M100 initially (plus I fried one of the motors that was supposed to go on it). I'm going to set it up for dual duty like you did with yours. Looking forward to finishing her up if my radio gear will arrive!

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