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Oct 12, 2005, 06:08 AM

"Visalia...Pikes and Sharons, and well...Pikes and Sharons"

.......And AVA's..and their clones.

I started the day with a max time and landing! Usually its a flip over due
to the down wind that happens but I had calm air since I drew first flight.

>From there I missed the next two landings, but got my times...well till the

last round..where I dropped 2 mins from a 6 with a 15 landing....landings are
25 max, 15 and 10 runway that's about 20" wide and 6' wide...okay I didn't
measure it but close enough.

One round I was coming in dead on the spot and the downwind kicked up and I
had to stuff it for a no landing points or kill about 30 competitors....its
was a tough decision but thank gosh time slows during that kind of thing so I
had time to weigh the benefits or drawbacks to a bunch of dead guys at the
event on the first day :-)

Who's hot? Mike Lee is on top with a Hobby Club moldie. Craig Greening is
doing well, but JW, Mike Smith and DP are up there with a few other really
good sticks.

Edgar was kicking butt again but took a similar hit to me on his 6.

John HKM (Sharon) Luetke is here for his first time and now knows how brutal
it can be at times...a weird sort of non logical way, that drives weaker men
totally crazy. Sunny warm and calm and sink that can break the back of a
motor home..and there are no shortage of them here.

290 ish pilots on Unlimited and many flying 2m and RES too....JW for one.
DP is flying his most recent Insanity and its always awesome and FUN to watch
him. He timed for Mike Smith (great guy, Nats Champ, world class thumb) in
the first round, where Mike managed to get caught by the downwind flare up for
a tip over....DP is a total gentleman, who honors the code of "timer takes
the flop when his pilot does a tip over"..which means he dropped on his back
when Mike nailed the 25 and his plane ended up planting its rudder tip as a
skeg! Very funny stuff. So a bunch of us were prepared to do a group flop if
DP ended up upside down...(a pretty normal Visalia position)...however he
made a sweet flight and landing with that giant. How big is the Insanity? Well
I saw a Sailaire trying to hump it in the pits :-)

Where am I at the end of 4 rounds with only a loss of 2mins? 70th! but I am
wearing a tag that says, "I beat Sal !" (course he's not here but he's on
the score sheet :-)

Tradition dictates an all up last down DHLG contest (something I have been
officially banned from since I seldom get enough time per toss to register on
a stop watch and the rest of the pilots get embarrassed!). In the end it was
JW and one other. I would say that 90% of the DLGs were Kennedy Composite
Blasters, including JWs.

The final launch put the other guy's plane slightly higher than JWs. But
this year they threw in a hook....on a cue of an air horn, a loop had to be
made...the last flight had 4 in a row after a couple of two's I think...both
planes were together, but JW was slightly lower. JW is the king of energy and
after the 4 loop he had about 20' more than the other, which sealed the
fate...and left JW with plenty of time and altitude to do a style behind the back

There was a 'nickel glider' all up last down in which competitors bought and
built balsa free flights for an all up last down comp, must have been 50
competitors...a fun thing.

Tonite it was BBQ's, homemade beers, Marguritas and night flying...and a lot
of swishing the day around in our mouths.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no event in the world
like Visalia's Fall Festival, in prestige or fun....wish you all could have
been here!