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Oct 12, 2005, 05:03 AM

"I killed DP's 2m and F3J Nationals!"

Okay so maybe I am taking a little more credit than due but I certainly have
a dark cloud shadowing my performance and likely some of it rubbed off on DP

I tried to keep a distance from him while he flew etc, but I guess miles
would have been safer instead of feet.

For those of you not at the Nationals 2m....it started with Don Richmond
handing out badges that said, "I Beat Gordy" :-) Heck even I had one on!

Jim Bacus changed his to say,"I Always Beat Gordy"

I got one cuz I beat myself right off the first launch...got stuffed and
missed the landing completely. Second round I started with getting stuck on the
line at the ping for a really short launch (and trust me my Organic launch set
up is nothing short of the Stratosphere normally!),..then proceeded to run
to lift over the museum, only to have my TX battery alarm start up....resulted
in a total distraction and a very short flight...and landing short of the

>From then on I took the next three rounds...I started at 37, 44, 32, 26,

23...which tells you that the air is tough, hot and humid with a stiff light

Josh Glaub, Mike Lachowski, Tom Kiesling and Craig Greening are dominating.
A note of interest is Josh is using a 1996 Waco 2 V tail!

Craig and JoJo are flying Organics as am I and Larry Jolly, Edgar and a
bunch of others. DP lost his NSP Laser in the bean fields, and don't forget Ducks
:-) Tom and Mike are flying their own designs...really well.

The landing area makes a LOT more sense than last year. the cones of death
(side line corners) are about 25' long so there is now maneuvering room to
take a last 15 second turn without getting burned for bothering the landing area.

Of course and as usual any hold ups in launching or moving the whole thing
along has been my fault...being the social butterfly I am, I get distracted and
police have been sent to drag me up to the launch line for my rounds. :-)
I'm trying to keep up with all the rules but its really confusing! :-)

I was lucky to have Jim Thomas (launch master) ask me to time his last
flight, which he maxed and made a nice landing too.

Our two LASS newer competition pilots are flying their hearts out, but some
mechanical problems and super turbulent and evasive to track thermals have
been doing everything possible to cause chaos. Nothing broken and some
excellent flights by both are keeping their morale up. (probably their luck is my
fault too...-(

Nostalgia Jack is the boss and he's keeping things cool when tempers could
be solar flares in this heat.

Weather changes so tomorrow will be different.
Vendors you ask? Barry Kennedy with Ava's and Blasters and Volz on Nats
Sale pricing.
I know of a like new Organic with Futaba PCM RX AND Futa 8 channel TX for
sale cheap and a new ready to fly AVA too, Red tips, yellow center. Contact me
if you are seriously ready to buy one.

The new Glue Guy is Terry Riessen _Sales@moreglue.com_
(mailto:Sales@moreglue.com) He has all the selection of CA from Flex to Orderless, even Wests
and ProSet Epoxies. Prices are way good. Take a look and give him a try, he is
a fellow sailplaner, and may as well support our own! _WWW.Moreglue.com_
(http://www.Moreglue.com) .

Don Richmond has his wing rods and Carbon Horns/belcranks etc. too. He has
THE best hinge tape in the business.

JoJo continues to be worth the money. I guarentee that a bunch of guys are
better off in their flying for having been coached/timed for by JoJo. You
are really missing out by not getting to meet him.

A special shout out to the SWASA guys, Edgar and team are representing well
and I am sooo happy to get a chance to fly with him...past Visalia
Champion...always a good thing :-)

Mike Fox and Dad are here and Mike is showing his 2m skills with a home brew

Enough....I'm tired, sore and hoping to snore.

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