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May 16, 2002, 09:45 AM
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Didel Questions and Answers

Roy asked a question about Didel's gearbox offerings in the thread about M20 Static Tests. So, I thought I'd start a thread where people can post questions about Didel's products and site. Those that I can't answer I'll try to find out from Didel and post answers here.

BTW, I have no financial connection with Didel. I've spent a reasonable amount purchasing products from them over the past 5 or 6 months and correspond with them on a regular basis. I also have a pretty extensive subset of their product offering in my workshop. It's just that they were working on products I was interested in because of my micro interests.
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May 16, 2002, 09:51 AM
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Roy wrote:
Looking at the Didel site, I will confess to being baffled as to what and how to order. What I want is a 6:1 gearbox to fit an m20 or equivalent. You seem to have a handle on this. Which Didel GB/Motor combo do I need?

Didel does not have a 6:1 10mm (for M20) gearbox listed. So, for now you buy their 60t spur gear and then combine this with a 10t pinion from Kenway, and build your own gearbox.

They have 9t pinions on the way in about a month. These will have three different bore sizes. At that time they may offer a 10mm gearbox with 6.7:1 gearing, partially at my urging. They also have an 81t spur gear on the way, but I don't know when that will arrive. Truely, Didel has become THE source for micro gears, gearboxes, and related pieces. No one else offers the range of possibilities they do.

In terms of ordering, just send an email with part numbers and description. Didel will email you back if they have any questions. You can send your credit card number via fax, or split it up into two pieces and send the second piece in a separate email (whatever you are comfortable with) or call them. Because they are still developing the gearboxes it's not a simple choice of which of two or three gearboxes. They have many possibilities and it keeps growing.

Basically, their gearboxes have part numbers where the first number is the bore for the motor, the R or RB just stands for reduction or reduction for ball bearing. The numbers following the R or RB are the reduction ratio. So, a 10R5 is 10mm (for M20), with 5:1 gearing or reduction. Brass bearings are included. A 10RB5 is the same but with the plastic molding sized to accept 2mm id ball bearings. You must provide your own bearings from a source such as Dave Lewis and they just press in.

On their gearbox page there is a table that just lists part numbers in a big grid. Gearbox bores run down the left side, and gear reduction ratios run across the top. Remember, that in Continental Europe a 5:1 gear ratio is generally referred to as 1:5. If a cell on that grid is blank, they do not currently offer that choice. Below this grid is an evolving listing of their gearboxes and prices -- and as time goes by more and more pictures. First go to the grid to see if what you want is offered, then go to price list below and decide whether you want the plain bearing version or ball bearing version.

If you use the 5:1 10RB5 for an M20, you will need to run a smaller prop than the GWS 6x5.0 or Wes 6.3x4.7 or the motor will run hot. With 6.7:1 gearing the motor only gets slightly warm and either of these two props or equivalent works very well. 6:1 gearing should also work.

Hope this helps.
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Sep 03, 2002, 02:31 PM
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Didel has completed much of the update of their web site. You might check it out at http://www.didel.com.

There are a number of new items that have been available for a few weeks, but have not been on the web site. Here are some of the more significant additions.

Multiple ratio gear drive kits. These are available for 4mm through 10mm (M20) size motors and come with an assortment of gears to allow configuring the same gearbox for a variety of gear ratios.

Gear assortment kit, which contains 16 pinions and gears for building gearboxes. New gears include the 81t spur gear which with the new 9t pinions allow a 9:1 single stage gear ratio.

There is a new 4mm diameter pager motor that is 8mm long, in addition to the 12mm long motor that is still available.

There is a molded CF prop blade set that can be cut down to the desired diameter and shape.

There is a new prop adapter that has 1.2mm holes molded to accept the commonly available Wes 1.2mm (1.3mm listed size) CF rods for inserting adjustable prop blades into the hub.

There may be a few other additions, but that is basically it. Ball-Bearing gearboxes are no longer supported. Instead brass bearings, which are now standardized with 1mm bore are now used exclusively. The 1mm bore brass bearings are available separately and when used with 1mm piano wire will allow the construction of your own gearboxes if you want to.

The two key pages to look at (from their Slow Flyer page) are "gears, motors, etc. price-list" and "gear boxes", which have links and are in red.

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