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Oct 09, 2005, 01:34 AM
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Super Tigre G.15 r/c ??

I've got this Super Tigre G.15 R/C engine with baffle on the exhaust system, but was not able to find any kind of information on it.
If someone could help, I would like to know what fuel to use on it (I heard that it has iron piston so it needs at least 20% castor?); if someone could also tell me what are the RPMs range on the engine and HP output.
The engine has 2 needle valves including the high-speed needle valve. On the side it has written a large G, and 15 written inside of it; it also says that is made in Italy.
Thanks, Florin
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Oct 09, 2005, 02:14 PM
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I've got the CL version of this engine but I believe the RC version only uses a single rear ball race so the front is bushed. If it's bushed at the front then take care using an electric starter.

It's a cast iron piston so yes, it definitely needs castor and at least 20% (I'd use even more). I'm not certain about the HP, especially for the choked down RC version, but it'll handle any sort of revs you'll ever want. These were absolute little screamers and were originally used in CL speed and combat. The G on the side stands for Garafoli who was the owner/designer of Super Tigre.

Just for interest's sake, Super Tigre were the first to use ABC in model engines and in fact it was developed for the .15 for CL speed because at the revs they were turning it was more stable than the iron piston/liner set-up.
Oct 09, 2005, 02:26 PM
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Thanks for the replay.
How can I see whether the engine has a bushed front or not? Could I also use an electric drill starter?
I am also not sure on how to use the high speed needle valve. I have never run a glow engine before.
I am also planning on using a 8x6 propeller to warm it up. Is that OK? What percent nitro would be best for the engine?
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Oct 10, 2005, 01:20 AM
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I don't know why I didn't notice it before but what the heck is that thing on the front?

The only way to be sure it's got a front ball race is to take off the prop driver but they're usually quite tight so don't force it. Try pushing and pulling hard on the crankshaft and if you can get it to move a little then it's bushed at the front. With two ball races the crank is locked in place but with only one ball race the crank is sometimes loose enough to slide inside the rear bearing.

An 8x6 would be ok but I'd go for an 8x4 to get more revs. For fuel, 5% nitro should be fine because they were originally designed to run on zero nitro. But what you've got there is a rather collectable engine so I'd suggest you try to find someone who knows about this kind of engine to show you how to tune it properly or it could get damaged and you won't find any parts for it. That's just a suggestion of course because mine's in a display cabinet and probably will never be used.
Oct 10, 2005, 01:33 AM
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Hey. Thanks for the replay.
I have some r/c car fuel around, that is 20% nitro. I was planning to use that to test run the engine (good thing you told me 5% is good..., 20 would have probably hurt it).
I plan to use this engine with a glow ducted fan. I heard it's capable of good RPMs... but since you mentioned is more of a collector items, I would probably be better off selling it and purchase a newer style engine, something like a norvel or mvvs, those are also able of good RPMs.

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