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Oct 04, 2005, 04:32 PM
Get out of my field!
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Buyers Beware!

Just bought an XP6102 few weeks back and finally got around to taking it out of the box. (Been saving for a plane to go with it) So Im reading the instructions etc flipping through settings and I notice the Aileron channel is sticky,it won't recenter without wiggling the stick. The next day I got in the mail my FMS adapter cable from Heli Hobbies and decide to try the TX out on the simulator just in case its only a graphic glitch I can live with...though I shlouldn't have to LIVE with anything after buying a brand new $240 radio. Nope, after a few minutes the plane spins out of control and sure enough the little indicator on the display is showing the stick not centered etc etc...I also notice that in the manual from JR it states to use a "provided" DSC cable, that wasnt in the box. Still waiting on word from JR as to whether or not it is actually included, I know they sell them seperately so maybe they arent anymore but if so it makes me wonder if I was sold a previously returned radio? Maybe...

So off I go the next day to the LHS, Keep in mind I am new to the hobby and have been in that shop once or twice a week all summer for parts batteries etc for the RTF planes Ive been flying up until now. After a few minutes of trying to duplicate the problem in the car (wouldnt do it in the store) it finally happens and I go back in to show the guys in the shop. One of them who I asume is the manager or owner looks at it begins to tell me a story about how it happend to him once before balh blah blah and then says "Ya your gonna have to send it to them to fix..." A brand new radio not even used once, what was I suppose to do read the manual in the store and check every feature before buying it? Should I have demanded to plug it into a simulator to test it before buying it?

So now I have to pay for shipping for a brand new TX that I havent even gotten to use yet to send it to JR so they can fix it...I end up with a refurbished TX as opposed to the NEW one I paid for and am out for shipping too...On my way out the guy who sold me the TX offered to cover the shipping cost...hmm at least one person in that store felt some guilt. I dont ahve a ton of cash to spend on my hobby but I have to think if I was one of those guys spending serious cash in that stored I may have been treated differently. Keep in mind I doubt I was intentionally sold a broken radio but thats not the point.

So anyways dont leave the shop without being sure your product isnt defective, take it out of the box inspect it turn it on do whatever you have to because Im sure many shops have the same "policy" and once your out the door its your problem.

JR/Horizon Hobby has also offered to send me a shipping label for to cover the cost which is appreciated. They also assured me a fast turn around.
A+ for them.

Update: Horizon said the cable is not included and the manual has a misprint so I wasn't sold an item with missing parts. They also said I can keep the servos etc and just send the radio so I can at least start building my new plane while I wait for my new, oh wait, repaired radio.
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Oct 04, 2005, 04:52 PM
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Good post.
Advertising is expensive for a business. Bad advertising (poor service) is free at first but costs a whole lot more in the long run.

How much would it cost that store to exchange the defective unit and handle the return directly? More than the profit on Hemicyon's future purchases that they will not see?
Oct 04, 2005, 04:57 PM
Get out of my field!
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Someone give wattsup a cigar!

Thanks watts I feel better already
Oct 04, 2005, 05:03 PM
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Bad shopkeeper!!!!

Isn't there a law saying that if you return a defective product within a week or 3 months after purchase they should compensate or replace the defective product with a brand new one? If not, use some bluf and make em return your money!

Good luck.....
Oct 04, 2005, 05:03 PM
one game away...
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They're worrying about today's pennies and not tomorrow's dollars. Recipe for disaster...especially when people find out about the policy. I sure wouldn't buy a radio or any high-ticket item from them.

Sorry for your misfortune.

Oct 04, 2005, 05:10 PM
Get out of my field!
Hemicyon's Avatar
Nope I checked the laws, unless its considered an unsafe product, and I guess if I had used it in a plane and found out instead of on a simulator it would have been pretty unsafe.

But Im not fighting that battle, Ill just send it back to Horizon...

this is why the little guy always gets hosed, it's just cheaper and easier not to complain...

Im just glad I tried it now while I can get it fixed while I build my plane, because if I was waiting on this TX to fly it wouldn't have been a pretty sight.
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Oct 04, 2005, 05:26 PM
Springs soarer
Hemi, I had a similar experience a few years back.. The Shop owner sent in my brand new radio that he just sold me to Futaba and had it fixed. I had to wait for a few weeks but didn't spend a penny of my own money.

Just recently sent in the same radio to have a switch fixed that I accidently kicked off. Sent it in to Futaba and it was a real quick turn around...

I can relate to what you are feeling.. More or less "I feel your Pain"...

I would also not go back to the LHS. He should know that a Little PR goes a real long way!!!!!
Oct 04, 2005, 05:35 PM
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Many shops do have this policy - I have had equiptment that was defective out of the box and simply handled it myself with the manufacturer (at no cost). I have a sense that alot of shop owners deal with a large customer base that is so used to the Mega-mart policies (policies that have been tightened recently in many chains due to customer abuse) that when any situation arises they are wary of possible foul play.

That being said - it certainly would be in the shops better interests to simply handle the issue if it is clearly a manufacturing defect or shipping damage (some shops owners lose out on shipping damage - as they sign for that same product without doing as you suggested - opening and inspecting everything!!)

My Libertarian 2 cents....

Do any shop owners have anything to add?? It would be interesting to get a feel for how often products fail - and how often the cost falls on the shop owner. (No, I am not a shop owner!!)
Oct 04, 2005, 09:19 PM
Get out of my field!
Hemicyon's Avatar
Well Sky let me add some details...

I picked up my very first plane at that shop early this summer, since then I've been in that shop about every week at least once spending my hard earned cash. Ive spoken to almost every guy in the store so they all know me or have at least offered advice at some point(bad or otherwise). I've always made it very clear that I dont have a ton of cash (maybe this was my mistake) and I want to make the most of my RC dollars. I've bought planes, parts, books, videos etc etc etc so it should be fairly obvious that I'm going to be returning and not lilkely that I would try and rip them off on a radio. I've picked up every part they've ordered for me the day they called and told me it came in if not the very next. They knew I was new when I bought the radio and I wouldn't have even known how to check it for problems, why not help me then, at the time of purchase if you can't help me later because of the policy? Because they jsut dont care...they have people streaming in and out spending tons of cash on a daily basis and as long as your handing them your CC or cash they'll be your best pal, but as soon as you need them to stand by what they sell your trying to pull something.

Never once did any of them warn me about this type of thing. I guess I made the mistake of trusting them. They sure aren't going to make that same mistake and trust that I didn't drop it off the roof or something trying to make it fly because I dont even have a plane to use it with yet!

I don't want any answers here I just want people to be aware of this type of policy so they dont get burned, trust me most sales clerks won't pause before they swipe your credit card to tell you about thier return policy, or lack of.

This place isnt a tiny shop either, usually see about 4-6 guys working there every time Im there. Its really one of the few places in the area that you can get anything decent for RC planes. Unless you drive to 30 minutes.

When I bought my plane today at another shop in Southern NH he took the time to open the box check for parts, went through the manual to see if I needed any parts to build it, gave me a card to call him with any questions, and the plane I bought had no gear and I asked if I could add it he even offered to help me check the CG after it was finished and see what type of gear to add and the best place to mount it. THATS SERVICE!

If that shop was in my town instead of 30 minutes away in Salem NH, I would have never had this problem, I had bought my Stryker and Slo-V from the Salem shop and felt more comfortable there anyways, less like an intruder if you get my meaning, when your new at something and dont know what your looking for it shows and a shop can either make you feel at home or make you feel like an idiot. After my trip to the shop to try and exchange my TX I was feeling lots like an idiot, so I drove to another shop to try and salvage my interest in the hobby and it I have a new plane to build while I wait on the TX.

Do I feel for the owner of the store? No, and the next time Im at the Park flying one of my newbie planes and some on-looker asks me where to buy one (and I've sent many to that store in the past few months) I'll be sure to tell them all about my recent experience. They have to right to have a no return policy, sure, and I have the right to not recomend them to anyone. So now we can both lose.

It wasn't so long ago that those "Mega-Mart" policies were common place in most stores and shops, back when people trusted each other...Im only 35 and I remember that.

Just wanted to cross reference my post in the Radios section...Sticky Channel on XP6102
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Oct 04, 2005, 10:12 PM
Oldie but goodie
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On the other side of the coin.

Working at a LHS, I can tell you that we function test every single radio in front of the customer BEFORE it leaves the door. The customer is required to watch the test then sign a paper acknowledging the radio was working properly at the time of purchase. ANYTHING that happens after that radio leaves the store, is covered by the manufacturers warranty. It would be unfair (and costly) to make the store eat the shipping charges, when this is a manufacturing issue, not a vendor issue.

Also to be noted, that many manufacturers require that an item be sent in by the original purchaser and may not honor a warranty something if sent in by the store (had this happen). Shipping the item in yourself, you could try and get shipping reinbursement, but it is common practice for YOU to pay the shipping to them and they pay for shipping back to you.
The only exceptions I know of would be if you ordered something online, and THEY sent the wrong part(s) or only part of your order. You would then not be required to pay for the extra shipping charges (just the original).
Oct 05, 2005, 07:14 AM
Registered User
SKY KING's Avatar
Having been in that particular shop - I can certainly attest to their treating newer electric-based customers with distance. That shop is a tad behind the curve with regards to electric flight - and there is a patronizong "old-boy" mentality hanging overhead. I have been in there and overheard them badgering one of their own employees for being the "electric nut". It's impossible to argue with their selection though...

With regards to an age when people trusted each other comes another revelation: People want their stuff NOW. They see, they buy. I'm sure that this alone will keep places like the big Nashua shop in business for some time - regardless of their lack of personality & business sense. Perhaps the best thing customer vigilantes can do is to shop the friendlier facilities,spread the word, wait for special orders to come in and probably pay more.

Also - It's good to know of another shop in and around that area- as I'm always sucked in... Maybe not so good...

And if your ever down in the "Isle of Rhode" You have to go to "BRANDS" in Centerdale (?) A truly energetic, knowledgeable and customer friendly shop - with a huge selection.
Oct 05, 2005, 08:01 AM
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Oct 05, 2005, 05:34 PM
Dizzying Heights
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On the stick not centering issue, is the stick itself not retrning to center or slop in the POT? If it is just the stick, try opening the case of the TX up and tightening the spring return on the aileron axis to help the stick return to center.
Oct 05, 2005, 11:11 PM
Get out of my field!
Hemicyon's Avatar

Not the stick.

The stick recentered but the actually output did not, It showed in the simulator and on the display but the stick was centered fine.
Oct 06, 2005, 12:19 AM
Registered User
If you have any new device and open it up you usaly void any waranty. If you know there is a problem just send it in.

I am glad that you found a good store, even if it is 30 min. away. Good service is imposible to find, when you find it support it.

I have had a few problems with a Hobby Zone plane, the store where I bought the plane called Hobby Zone and aranged for an exchange. He then gave me one of the other ones I the store so that I did not have to wait. Neeless to say he is my preferance for future purchases.

Hope everything turns out well.

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