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May 14, 2002, 03:18 PM
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Weight/Loading differences between LT40 and Kadet Senior

Topic says it all. I learned on a Senior and have decided to build another, but wondering about a comparison in weight and loading. TIA, Todd
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May 14, 2002, 08:34 PM
Dave Segal
I can offer a comparison that may be of some use if you look at the smaller Sig trainers as I built both the Seniorita and the LT-25.

The Seniorita wing area is 746 sq.in., weight complete (taildragger) 61 oz. for a wing loading of 11.8 oz./sf. The LT-25 wing is 724 sq.in., weight 68 oz. with a loading of 13.5 oz/sf. Both planes had the same OS.25 engine and similar radio gear and covering material.

Now for the comments which you did not ask for. (G)
Both planes are fine fliers. The Seniorita is lovely to look at and the LT-25 is graceless. The Seniorita instructions are hopelessly out of date (how to use silkspan, why to consider using a throttle!) and it is excessively complex in the cabin area. The LT-25 is a masterful redesign to take advantage of laser cutting technology which produces a marvelous light, strong, accurate wing and the instructions are excellent. As you are experienced builder you can just take your choice. But I would steer any newcomer away from the Seniorita.

Dave Segal