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May 09, 2002, 07:15 PM
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Indoor homebuilt heli. for IPS

i have a dream...Box kite structure, IPS motor with vectored thrust. 14 inches tall. CF tube and Nylon Kite. 5 oz auw. Would it hover/work??
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May 11, 2002, 12:33 AM
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No reason why it shouldn't hover with an IPS motor, the House FLY is about the same AUW an it flies on the GWS IPS carbon brush motor except it gets hot on prolonged flights.

Vector control triky but should work, you will some type of anti-torque setup:

Coaxial counter rotating prop is one option
Another is use of Vanes/fins on the structure corners at a certain distance away from the main rotor would also work.

The heli below is one that I produced in rubber kit kit form in the ealy 1990's, called it "The Feather R/B" 12" rotor made from balsa and paper and 6 strands of 3/32"w black rubber, used a fin to counteract torque. Similar fin but 4 at each corner of the struture will work and you can make the fins angle adjustable for some interesting flight lateral attitutude control.

Thre fin idea is not mine just common sence in control of torque, similar fin countertorque fins/vanes have been used in moderm micro helis, Kyosho made the 2 channel heli in the later 90's and I've seen some others that immitate the fin countertorque concept with sucess.

Heck you can even use it on the House FLY and do away with tail mechanics, problem is you need to be able to fly it like an airplane since hovering is diffiucult this way. Actually if the distance of the fin is long enough and the tail boom is kept light you can actually achieve hovering. For sure you can use it on your box structure.

Anything will fly with a little understanding of aerodynamics and experimentation.

Good Luck!

the following gif was lifted from

May 11, 2002, 09:33 AM
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Thank you for the info and tips! i i need to g oto my locak Kite shop and get the nylon, and smaller CF tubes. I see what you mean by the fin idea, i will go with that. I need to make 16 or so airplanes to ship out to people on the e-zone also, Will start after that.