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Sep 12, 2008, 02:28 PM
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When I get down from the rafters, I'll post some stock on here..I suspect we have some of each.
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Sep 13, 2008, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by blucor basher
When I get down from the rafters, I'll post some stock on here..I suspect we have some of each.
Thanks Ben..I can't remember which one I had but I think it was a Sabre but either one will do.
I still my Microdasns 2510-3D just sitting there..well actually it's back in service on a plane I hate so it might get torn off the 330 and stashed in my vault. The 2510 3D is still the finest running motor I own in it's class .

Sep 13, 2008, 02:51 PM
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I have a NIB Sabre I'll part with...
Sent you a PM Randy.
Oct 26, 2009, 12:43 AM
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Purchased the spider this weekend, brand new in box, only instruction book removed to review. However, I don't know if I really want to get into building it now so I'd consider selling if anyone is interested.

Dec 24, 2009, 12:59 AM
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Anyone flying the spider still? Just started building mine today after receiving no offers from my previous post. I didn't really put much effort into selling it, so what can I expect?

Trying to determine if it makes sense to move the servos forward and place them entirely in the fuse as others have done. Doesn't seem like too much extra work and does move a small amount of weight forward.
Mar 23, 2010, 01:54 AM
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More Spider revival...

Just took my brand new Spider out for the first few flights, and it is like nothing else I've flown. Very fun indeed; Not quite a shockie 3d plane, not quite a nitro cruiser, but sorta good at both. Landings were barely a jogging pace and very controllable, flat spins were amazing, and hover was very easy. The vertical speed was impressive. There's no wingrock entering harriers, and it absolutely loves the wall maneuver. There's a bit of KE coupling, but not so bad that I was scared to try without mixing... at high altitude granted. Stand on the throttle and it rockets away like a nitro plank, fully controllable unlike a shockie.

My current (maiden) setup:

AX 2213n rewound 7x2T parallel Y with 24awg (35oz/15A from a 53gm motor)
APC 10x4.7sf
Flightpower Evolite v2 3s1345
Turnigy Plush 18
4@ HXT900's
10 LED circuits with 17 LEDs (including UV's, a flashing red beacon, and white strobe)
AUW = 16oz
cg 3.5"

The AUW seemed a bit portly, but I worked out the math and most of it is motor/battery. I wired up the LEDs with 30awg, so doubt that added more than a few grams. I could get it down to 14oz with a lighter lipo and an AX2210n motor. I want to fly the current setup a bit to get familiar with it before I swap in my lighter gear.

My build was fairly straightforward. I moved my stab about 1/2" forward, and added top and rear reinforcements (CF tube above the stab, depron behind). I made my hatch on top up front, thinking about the newer high C lipos... I added a battery support inline with the wing to hold the batteries. I also hotwired a new set of tapered ailerons from laminated 9mm depron. The fat round TE on the stock ailerons would make my aero professor frown, and he'd cite the "Kutta condition". So I did what I had to to make the gods of aerodynamics smile. They came out 3gm heavier than stock, but well worth it I think.

The jumbotron LED's I got at LED1.de work awesome in the wintips, and the flashers, UV, and cheap fluorescent paint ($0.89 @ Michaels FYI) add night time appeal. I have yet to fly it at night, but can't wait for a good chance to.

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Mar 28, 2010, 11:15 PM
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spider almost done

I've been building my spider just a bit at a time. Some days I'll take it out and see what else can be done. At times weeks will go by and it just sits there.

I purchased the first motor below from hobbyking, but I think they sent me the second. Have to go measure the motor which is already mounted on the plane to know for sure. Either one seems to be good based on the specs

Turnigy 2209 26turn 1130kv 15A Outrunner

Turnigy 2213 20turn 1050kv 19A Outrunner

prop: 9x5 gws hd

batteries: 1300 3s turnigy

servos: 4 hxt900

esc: turnigy plush 25a

I mounted the servos in the fuse close to the rear of the wing. I hot glued them to the side of the fuse and supported the rudder/elevator pushrod sleeves with a drilled piece of balsa.

For the rudder I used ca hinges. Very easy to install and allows free movement. No way will these come loose since I had a very hard time relocating one to position the rudder perpendicular to the wings. The fuse is twisted a bit toward the rear so the rudder doesn't exactly line up when looking front to back. Will take some pics in the next few days to show what I mean.

On the ailerons I used the string hinges as shown in the instructions but they are such a pain compared to ca hinges. I think my next step is to redo the aileron hinges with the ca type. On the elevator I will use ca hinges too. For now they are taped in place for fitting of the pushrods.

Finally, I have to mount the landing gear and take it out to fly. I really like the idea shared by others where a piece of foam is used as a battery mount area just ahead of the wing. Since I had no foam that would work I simply cut the side of the fuse as shown in the instructions. Hopefully I can get the battery positioned where I need it or else I may be looking for a piece of foam to do the same. Anyone have a spare piece laying around that will work

I like some of the paint schemes shown in this thread, but I am not one to spend much time on the looks of my planes. Perhaps the stickers will have to do....
Mar 29, 2010, 12:21 AM
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These are one of the best motors in the 40 and 50 gram classes, even with stock windings:



Here's some bench test data:

Orange highlighted rows are the stock AX2213n:

...and for the AX2210n:

Mar 29, 2010, 08:48 AM
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Thanks - I may add one of those motors to my next hobbyking order to test with. They are that much better than the rest of the inexpensive hk motors, huh?

How did your plane perform with the fabricated airlerons?
Mar 29, 2010, 08:52 PM
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Installed the landing gear today and it seems likely to twist very easily. I have set them into place with ca already. It would have been nice to glue a piece of balsa on top of the wing for the wires to dig into instead of just the top layer of foam on the wing. Maybe the glue will hold the wire firmly in place and it won't pierce all the way through the wing? I don't know what glue I have that holds well to metal to further secure the landing wire (maybe on the inside only to protect the looks): hot melt glue, gorilla, liquid nails small projects. I never did get around to locating uhu por though I used liquid nails small projects to glue all the fuse and wing halves together.
Mar 31, 2010, 02:32 AM
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Chad, those motors are far better than the rest of the inexpensive hk motors. Rewound, they're better than a lot of motors out there, including eflite, hacker, and axi just to name a few.


Even if you don't rewind, you'll really like either motor with a 1060hd. Stock with a 1060hd, the 2213 will draw about 17A and yield about 34oz thrust, the 2210 will be around 13.5A and 28oz thrust. No other HK motor in this weight class can make a 15oz plane pop like the AX's do. [edit: If you keep an eye out in the FS/W forums, Dave and I occasionally sell rewound AX's in the $20-$24 range.]

I haven't flow mine with the stock molded ailerons, but my spider is pure joy with the ailerons I made. In short, I haven't once felt that it flies too heavy like others have in the past. In fact, I was flying in 6mph winds last Sunday, and had to actually fight to get it to land on the spot... it was almost flying backwards! Flat spins were also relatively tight for the CG and AUW I'm flying currently. My CG is foreward still at 3", and my AUW is 15.7oz, so it can only get better. I have to try some Rhino 3s750 packs I have, or cut my hatch farther back so I can bring the CG closer to 4".

I'm waiting for a couple of those "car key cameras" to arrive from China. Should be here this week or early next week. When I get mine, I'll strap it on my hat and get some video for you. The cool part is if you go with stock ailerons and later on decide you want to make some tapered ones, it's really not hard to swap them after it's built. I went with "CA hinges", and glued them in with UHU (works awesome for wing and tail BTW). It's easy to razor them off and cut a new slot for another set of hinges later on. In fact I had to do that when I built mine; my dumb fiberglass hinge idea didn't work out as planned. So I had to cut them flush and re-slot for the CA hinges.

BTW, even my CF gear ended up twisting after a few bouncy landings. I pulled them out, cleaned the UHU off the CF, and reinstalled with 5min epoxy. Works awesome!

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Mar 31, 2010, 10:56 AM
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Took the plane out today for the first flight. Somehow it got sucked directly into the soccer net, which dislocated the motor mount and cracked the prop. I thought I was aimed well enough away from the goal but there was some force pulling the plane toward it. Can't explain it...

Once I got home I plugged in the hot glue gun and repaired it. Seems strong enough and shows no real visible damage. Back at the field and I was well clear of any goals now and was able to get the plane quickly in the air and trim it out. Needed quite a bit of up elevator for level flight at half throttle.

The spider is my first plane with this much control and it flies nicely. I've only flown a couple of high wing cessnas prior. I flew 4 packs at about 5-10 minutes each. Now I need to get some color on the bottom of the wings so I am not so worried about losing orientation while looping, rolling, etc.

Will take some pictures to share sometime soon.
Apr 19, 2010, 02:58 AM
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Ouch chad... These planes are amazingly durable for depron aren't they? FWIW, my elevator is trimmed neutral.

Here's some onboard camera action from my Spider.

E-Foamies Spider (6 min 1 sec)

Hard to tell from that perspective, but I dumb thumbed a sloppy hover, and it sorta cartwheeled at the end of the flight. I got a minor crease in the fuse and slipped the quick connect on the rudder, but she's still good to go. These planes are snappy little buggers... probably my favorite plane at the moment!

Apr 19, 2010, 08:29 AM
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Nice looking video Kev. I'd like to see some video of the plane itself in action

I ordered a couple of the 2210N 1000Kv motors last week to try out. The turnigy motor on the plane now runs really nice with the 9x5 though so I will have a hard time swapping it for the 2210N 1000Kv. I have flown it probably 30+ packs by now and no more trouble/crashes/soccer goals/etc. It wants to nose down a little bit off power, but maybe that is normal. I will try adding some weight to the back to see if I can get more level off power gliding. I always need to have power on during landing otherwise it will come down too quickly. Perhaps this is normal since I've never flown 3d type planes before. How does your plane act when the throttle is cut?

I have a keychain cam on the way so I'll get some video one day soon.
Apr 19, 2010, 01:22 PM
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The day went too fast, but next flight I'll tape it on my hat.

You're thinking in the right direction. A 9050 is a hard prop to beat for this plane. I'm going to switch to the 2210 with a 9050 soon after I play with a 2213/1060hd. The torquing with the 2213/10x4.7 is just killing me.

Your CG might be too far forward, but 3D planes do usually require a lot stick action as they slow down... they don't glide straight anyways. Mine does require a hair of throttle and up elevator to land smoothly. I don't get much flying time these days, so I'm not done moving my CG back yet... things will probably change as I do.


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