Photo Gallery for August 1997 - RC Groups
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Photo Gallery for August 1997

Clay Howe's "17", Christopher True's twin ducted fan Viking, and Tony Turley's Freedom 20 and Sureflite Cub.

Clay Howe's "17"


  • Weight: 17.5 ounces
  • Wing Span: 34 1/8"
  • Length: 26.5"
  • Wing area: 166 in/sq
  • Wing loading: 15.2 oz ft/sq
  • Servos: 2 HS-80 - aileron/elevator
  • ESC/BEC: Prafa frame rate (will get a Viper soon!)
  • Prop: MA 5.5x4.5 balanced with tips reshaped
  • Motor: Graupner SP400 6 volt - timing advanced
  • Motor battery: 7 KR600AE or 7 500AR
  • Wing chord: 5.5" root / 4.25 tip
  • Wing airfoil: NACA 1313 root / NACA 1315 tip
  • Finish: Green & White UltraCote (left over from my Super Decathlon)

Clay named his new design the "17" because it's his 17th electric plane. The plane is best described in Clay's words:

"The plane has about 35 flights on it now, and flies very well. I designed and built it after doing a Mini-Streak that I thought was just a bit too fast for me, as I'm just learning to fly planes with ailerons. I thought that the 17, being a little larger and heavier than the Mini-Streak, would be easier for me to learn on but when I did a flight demo at Mid-Am, a couple of experienced Mini-Streak flyers said it was faster than a Mini-Streak. Maybe I'm learning something after all. The "17" is much sleeker than the Mini-Streak. Some of the additional weight is due to the wing construction which is full D-tube with cap strips on the ribs."

A top view which shows Clay's striking color scheme and the airplane's high aspect ratio wing. The airfoil changes at the tip to improve low-speed handling. The "17" with the hatch removed. The wing is held on with two nylon bolts.The top hatch is removable via two metal screws.


Tony Turley


This is a shot of Tony's Freedom 20, powered by an Aveox 1409/5D, geared 3.5:1 with a Superbox, a 10x8 MA Electric, and 14x1400 SCR's. Covered in Coverite 21st Century Film, at 4.5 pounds the power loading is 100+ watts/lb.
Tony's converted Sure Flite 1/2A Foam Cub. Covered in 3M Masking Tape attached with isopropyl alcohol and Elmer's. The propulsion is an AP29 with a MAT H-100 belt drive at 3:1, a Kyosho 9x8 prop, and 7x800AR's. All up weight of 32 oz without landing gear.


Christopher J. True

Chris' wife, Jennifer, and his Viking twin ducted fan model

  • Wingspan: 54"
  • Wing Area: 378 sq. in.
  • Weight: 57 oz
  • Cells: 8 RC 2000's
  • Motors: PB Graupner race 480's
  • Fan Units: Mini-Fan 400's with the 480 rotor upgrade
  • Radio Equipment: Hitec mini receiver, 2 s-133's on ailerons, 1 S-135 on elevator, 1 HS 101 for steerable nose gear, 150mah receiver pack

Chris' Viking is made of wood and foam. He used 1/32" sheeting to keep the weight down. The spars are 1/16" x 14" spruce. The fuselage is constructed out of 3/4" pink foam with balsa and ply reinforcement for the wing hold-down. Ply reinforcement is also used for the landing gear and tail attachment points.

Viking side view. The plane hasn't received its markings yet, but they will be added soon.

The Viking head-on.

A look inside the model. Removing the wing allows access to an Astroflight speed control
and the 8 cell 2000RC pack.

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