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Aug 25, 2005, 08:07 AM
Go as low as your comfort goes

Wendell Hostetler Plans and Planes

[FONT=Arial]Dear fellow modelers,

My name is Rick. I am an enthusiastic builder and aerobatic RC-pilot from the Netherlands (Europe).
Building and flying a variety of planes through the past years, I have set myself some “goals”.

Starting from an empty hangar, I want to end up with just two (maybe three) planes. All have to be giant scale.
Knowing that many ARF kits are available in this segment, I personally thin kit doesn’t have anything to do with “building airplanes”. For me as aircraft technician, I want to fly planes that are build by myself.

Browsing the internet and knowing the availability of Wendell Hostetler’s Plans, I am about to make some choices.
- Super Decathlon 30% (because of it’s “assumed” aerobatic capacities)
- Extra 300XS 27% (because of it’s full 3D aerobatic potentials)
- Pitts S1-11-B (because it’s an aerobatic biplane and an all time favorite)

This short-list means that all three will be in my hangar within 1-2years as being my preferred RC planes.

Based upon flight review I have some alternatives, which may be:
- Cessna 182
- Nemesis
- Lancair IV

My question, could someone please inform me:
- if there are websites dedicated to these Wendell Hostetler’ Plans based airplanes?
- if there are reviews available concerning the building of and flying these beautiful birds?

Most of the (over)commercialized ARF/ARC kits are reviewed more then once and they are all rated “great”. Exceptions apart (Krill-Modells, Carden Airplanes and such).

In conclusion it would be mostly appreciated if someone could forward the information needed to finalize my short list, start ordering the necessary plans, materials and start building.

With kindest regards,


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Aug 26, 2005, 12:51 AM
starzak's Avatar
Good luck Rick, and for those that do not have Hostetler's site it's >


Jim Lynch, Tucson Arizona
Aug 26, 2005, 04:52 AM
Go as low as your comfort goes
Hello Jim

I assume your a pleased Wendell Hostelter builder/flyer with your VERY NICE looking GeeBee?

Any input about general flight characteristics of Hostetlser planes??

Aug 29, 2005, 05:05 AM
Magic Blue Smoke costs to much
jason H's Avatar
Hi 4Unlimited,

I have started building one of Wendell's plans, sorry, i'm half way through it. It's the Giles 202 42%. I don't know of any websites or links to building/ reviewing his plans but i must say that the plans are exellent and very easy to read. Sorry i don't have any pix at this point as i'm working on bits and peaces all a once.

good luck with your choice of plans and please keep us posted.

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