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Oct 09, 2005, 11:15 PM
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Brushless powered slow flyer

Here is my brushless powered 348mm span indoor model.
A motor is made from a part of junk MD drive. Major components like stator coils and a ring magnet remain same as the original but only a drive shaft and the housing are simply modified as shown in the picture.

Motor: DIY 15.5mm out-runner 2.5g 7.5ohm (star)
Prop: U80
Receiver: IRXS300&301BM developed by Koichi Tanaka
Controller: YGE4-BL
Battery: 1cell 60mAh Li-Po
Thrust: 6.8g (3.7V, 220mA)
AUW: 11.6g

The power unit is obviously not for 3D aerobatics but, as seen in the movie, it is good enough to drive 11.6g styrene foam plane indoor.
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Oct 11, 2005, 07:23 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
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BL Micro sport and Delta videos

Hi all,

We flew last Sunday and had a blast of a time! Micro BL models rule

We have some video, and I had to compress it a fair bit ( the original was 300MB ) to get it to upload here ( <10MB ). Here's the link to the videos:

1st up in the Mini Sport: A real treat to fly, very stable, and power in excess. Climbs can be very steap. I flew it close to avoid glitches.

And here's a video with just one ROG, it takes off great! Plenty of power, even with the 4*2.5 prop. I cant wait to try a 5*3 prop The RX had glitching problems, and a center loaded antenna has brought that somewhat under control.

The next video is our Delta, it flies great!! Plenty zippy and handles very well. Power is plenty, even with the smaller prop. I intend proping up and trying next. I have all throws set low, and still it rolls and loops very well. Stalls are almost non existant, and glide is great. I flew for around 8 mins, but there was plenty of juice left for lots more flying.

Hope you like it!

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Oct 11, 2005, 08:29 AM
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Finally had a chance to fly my Sopwith Tabloid on the weekend. Used AMI plans from and modified them to include Ailerons.

Powered by Mighty Midget Double Wopper brushless, 2x145mah kokams and YGE4 ESC. Control provided by Falcon breeze block and separate falcon servo for ailerons. AUW is 62g. If flies nice and slow, but is very slow responding to ailerons.
Oct 15, 2005, 04:52 PM
Me likes Depron...
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43 cm micro F3A

Here's my 50% Ikarus F3A shocky...AUW 45 grams

Mighty Midget double whopper with 5x3 carbon prop (63 grams thrust)
CC Phoenix micro 10 (thinner wire; 3,5 gram)
MZK Penta RX (2,5 grams) Waypoint 038 servo's with thinner wire (3,4 gr each)
2sKokam 140 (7,5 gram)
Graupner red 3mm depron and some sharpies for colors
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Nov 22, 2005, 06:08 PM
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did a post on this one already, but thought i'd add it anyways..
i call it the micro verticle take-off delta.
it uses my left overs from my matchless aero micro edgeling. I need to re-design this plane with an airfoil, and it should fly alot better and handle a breeze. as of now, ANY wind and i have trouble. The flat wing isn't working out to good, but she does fly, and take off quite well on a breezeless morning.
41 grams, 15" WS
double whopper
phx 10 esc mod by BSD
jmp from BSD
2 falcons
3mm depron from dwe
Dec 13, 2005, 08:12 AM
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My almost micro brushless indoor stunt plane

Here is my first attempt at a micro brushless indoor stunt plane.

The motor is 7.5 grams (still too heavy for me to consider it a true micro brushless, but getting close) made from a GoBrushless 20mm stator (using 4 plates) and accompaning can (with lightening holes and excess metal trimmed off), 50 turns of 30ga wire, 12 4x4x1 magnets. Seems to be very efficient, it turns a GWS 5x3 at 8800rpm at 1amp (7.5watts).

Lightened CC Phoenix 10 (lighter wires, removed the big capacitor, 3.3g total weight)

Aileron Servo: 3.6gm BlueArrow
Elevator Servo: 4.3gm BueArrow, lightened to 2.5gm (replaced 6mm motor with 4mm, lots of case lightening).
2S 160 mah lipo, get 10 to 15 minute flights depending on throttle use.

AUW is 46gm, it has 100sq in area - very slow cruise speed.
Capable of consecutive inside/outside loops at 1/2 throttle. Easy to fly in a basketball court space.

Tim (still dreaming of a 1oz stunt plane)
Jan 10, 2006, 07:06 AM
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Nearly Micro Plane


I wand to present my nearly micro plane. It is a conversion of a toy delta. I got this as a present from the epp-fly guys in Aspach 2005. It had it's maiden flights two weeks ago with the motor in the 2nd picture (1st version).

1st version:
Wingspan: 40cm
Weight: 69g
Motor: 19x1.5mm, 25windings, 0.3mm wire, 3x1.5x1mm magnets (7.5g including the cut GWS prop)
Rx: Penta5
Servos: Blue Atom (grinded to 4g each)
Esc: MGM12A (stripped, removed heat sink, motor wires, shrink, 4g)
Bat: 2x340Kokam

This version flew quite well, but the motor quit above half power. Therefore I built a second version of the motor.

2nd version:
Motor: 20x3mm, 20 windings, 0.4mm wire, 4x3x1 magnets (9g, but the belt can be made lighter, the dividing head is allready on its way). This motor gives 90g of thrust with a Graupner Speed Cam Prop 10x8cm at 2.8A.
AUW: 72g
Maiden flight to come.

As I said: it is not really micro, but a very uncomplicated start.

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Jan 24, 2006, 03:53 AM
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Airhogs F16 converted

Here's my F16 fresh off the bench
This is my first Pusher weather rtf, kit or scratch ever.
She weighed a beefy 60 grams at the start of this project, and now weighs 44. Using DWE/DU's rx101.
the DU M5-3-60 is mounted to the back of the jet with a BSD brushless motor mount. I'm using two falcon servos. I had to switch the red and black wire before using them with the DU jst servo adaptor. The batery balanced everything out nicely. The jet is practically indestructable accept for the tailerons I made from train landscape foam. The blc-1 is mounted in an indent at the rear under side of the jet.
wingspan is 14" as well as the length.
AUW is 16 grams less than the airhogs electronics at 44 grams.
A Crash at full spead would most likely do no harm (possibly break a prop) as the nose is hard foam, screwed down to the plane with plastic for beginer flight. The convert worked out almost perfect! I'll get video as soon as I'm able. It's been record breaking windy around here lately! Only problem I had during assembly was a bit of a fire when I light a lighter to shrink the pushrod shrinktubing. I had just finished spraying accelerator and almost burnt off a taileron! glad I Was able to put it out quick before i totally destroyed somethin. A new airbrush paintjob will be done once I'm sure it flies ok.
Next up is my P40 warhawk project.
Update with maiden possibly in the morning
Jan 26, 2006, 05:40 AM
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Please have a view here, a BL powered X-Twin.

Mar 17, 2006, 06:42 PM
is it flying time?
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This is my latest design called "Ballerina". It is powered by a Mighty Midget Double Whopper, GWS 5x3 prop, and uses 2 160mAh batteries, Thunderbird ESC (BSD), Falcon receiver, and Falcon servos. I am not an accomplished 3D pilot but can loop, roll, KE, etc. the "Ballerina" easily in a single court gym. Wing span is 18" and the all up weight is 47 grams.

Mar 18, 2006, 04:25 AM
Yeah, I did that!
Bulletproof's Avatar
Jerry that is what I've been looking for for MONTHS!!! Simply looks WONDERFUL!!!!
Any chance of posting plans/derictions?
My expirience with the Falcon stuff is that it's hard to get big throws on the servos? How is that working for you?

Mar 19, 2006, 08:34 PM
is it flying time?
Jerry Combs's Avatar

It will most likely be available from BSD in the near future if things go well. Yesterday I took it to a large fun fly/freestyle competition (MIFF) where several of the top American freestyle fliers got to fly it. All of them said they were pleasantly supprised at how much like larger models it flew.

Apr 05, 2006, 08:55 AM
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10" racer with Mighty Midget

This is my trusty 10" span aerobatics test hack. It has collected dozens of flights with a geared 7mm Pager in the last months and is still alive. Now I swopped the pager for a Mighty Midget 10-3-26D. The prop is a microinvent 3,2"x2,2" carbon beauty connected with BSD's nice prop adaptor. At 3,5V amp draw is 1,3 amps which is just the limit for the 145 Kokam. But with 17,3 grams you need full throttle only for short bursts. It going like hell with vertical climbs up to the moon. It is absolutely no indoor model anymore. I selected the delta wind motor due to the small span. With a Y connected motor and a bigger prop it's impossible to fly a straight line.

The Mighty Midget is attached with an allloy tube, which is bonded to the fuse. The rear tube of the motor is pushed inside this alloy tube and fixed with a cross drilled 1mm screw. Radio is Falcon receiver and servo. The 0,5g ESC is from Dynamic Unlimited.

Now I will try some other Lipos like 220mAh from Atomicworkshop or 250 e-tec for longer duration and hopefully find the time for building a nice shaped 3D-fuse.
Sep 06, 2006, 03:46 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
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Mini Sukhoi

Plans from this thread

Great flier. About 80sq" wing area, AUW of 52gms, 3.8gm BL motor, 75gms thrust at 2.3-2.4A on 2S WES 310's and a 4*2.5 prop. Flies great outdoors and in some breeze, just back from maiden. I hadn't flown for a LONG time because we are generally busy with production of motors. The motor is actually a 13mm motor, with a non GOLD cup. It was intended to run on just one cell, but static testing on 2 cells worked just great. Motor remains absolutely cool after a flight. Will have some video and flying shots soon!

All 3mm Depron, Airbrushed with Acrylic paints. 2 WES 2gm linear servos, 2S WES 310 cells, GWS R4P with micro JST connectors, YGE 4 BL ESC. Taileron controls, so it's very very responsive, even at very low rates.

DC Enterprises
Mighty Midget motors
Jun 28, 2007, 02:43 PM
Ozzie GyroNut

Willing to pay $100 for a Microbatics BLC-1 BL ESC

To all the micro flyers out there,

I've just spent a stack of $$$$'s buying some Mighty Midget single and Double Whopper micro brushless motors, as well as 2 Microbatics RX-101 receivers. I "misunderstood" the stackable port output as being the drive output for the micro BL motors. Wrong song, cock... and now I find out DU, Microbatics, and all their "derivatives" are out of business.

I would desperately like to get hold of 2 BLC-1 micro BL ESC's, will pay $100 apiece. BSD or BP don't have them any more, so it's time to "bribe" some folks out there to sell me theirs !!!

Seems like the Micro Invent MBC2 BL Controller won't work with the RX-101 unit, as the instruction manual clearly states ..."do not plug other BL controllers into the RX-101 stackable port"....

Any offers out there, to sell your BLC-1's ???



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