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Aug 22, 2005, 10:41 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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Working Micro BL Powered Models

This thread is a managed thread similar to the Working Pager Powered Models thread. As Graham likes to say, here are the rules of engagement, which you should be used to by now.

1. Post a pic of your micro BL powered model along with pertinant details such as motor, prop, AUW, wingspan etc. To keep things to true micro brushless, the weight of the brushless motor must be less than or equal to 7.5 grams (does not have to include the weight of the motor mount).

2. ONLY post working models, not works in progress or things you are sure will fly. Post some details of the performance.

3. If there is a thread on your plane, please post a link to that thread.

4.Chat is ok, but will be deleted periodically to keep the thread clean and a useful reference to those thinking about jumping into the micro BL area. If you have a question then ask and once answered the info should be added to the origional post and then I'll delete the question. Or send a PM and if the info is pertinant they should add it to their post.

There is a Working Micro Brushless Outrunner Motors thread. If your plane has a motor you built yourself, please also post your motor in that thread and any additional details about the motor you would like to share.

That's about it really.

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Aug 22, 2005, 10:41 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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Motor: Mighty Midget Wye wind 10/3/26 1-cell 3.5g outrunner, with a MCF 5x3 carbon fiber prop.
Receiver: Falcon
Servos: Falcon
Controller: DU 1-cell or Heino Young YGE4-BL (controllers till under evaluation)
Battery: Kokam 145 LiPoly
Weight 28.5g, span is 16.5-inches, contructed from 3mm Depron (2mm for tail), covered with printed tissue. More information can be found on my Micro Brushless Monocoupe page.

The plane flys well and has penty of thrust. It flies easily at about half throttle.

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Aug 22, 2005, 10:52 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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This plane started out as an actuator plane to test 2-cell M20 systems for the full fuselage Citabria project I've been collaborating on with Carl Martin for some time now. The wing span, plane length, wings, are the same as the full fuselage Citabria. After a loop indoors broke apart the major pieces of this plane it sat on a shelf for months. I resurected it to serve as a test bed for micro BL motors and converted it to micro servos. It is designed so motors with turned dowls can be slipped over the fuselage and adhered with a bit of tape to another dowl permanently glued to the fuselage stick. This means there is no down or right thrust, but it's easy to trim the plane to counteract the lack of this.

Span: 18-inches, area = 72 sq.inches, BSD 4" chord undercamber foam wings.
Motor: either Mighty Midget 2-cell motor or Gary Jones BL disc motor, or any other BL motor to be tested.
Receiver: JMP servo RX
Servos: Falcon, rudder/elevator
Battery: either 2-cell Kokam 145mAh or larger cell such as Worley 170 or ET-250.
Weight: 41g to 44g depending on motor and/or battery pack used.

This plane will fly comfortably in a single court gym. Outdoors in calm weather it really comes alive. It has an incredibly steep climb since the thrust from the typical BL motors I've flown it with range from about 40g to 60g. Loops are very easy, and it flies till I'm tired and land it. Not only is it a good test bed, but it's a very satisfying and stable flyer.

Since these pictures were taken I've added a CF rod pin on each pylon to loop a rubber band over to secure the wing for firmly for outdoor flying.

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Aug 24, 2005, 12:46 PM
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F/F Convert Test Plane

It is an airplane for testing the brushless motor made for the first time.
It is a thrust exceeding the weight of an airplane and is a powerful flight.

Motor: DIY 6.7g, 0.25mm, 80turns, 1.1ohm(delta)
Prop: 5x2.5
Reciever: IRXS300
servo: QS44(rudder)
Controller: YGE4-BL
Battery: Kokam 140mAh Li-Po
Thrust: 29.3g (3.58V, 0.84A, 5330rpm)
Span: 395mm
AUW: 27.5g

Aug 25, 2005, 05:51 AM
DENY's Avatar

3D plane 42.5cm 44.5g

This airplane is 3D fly that aimed at 40 grams.
I made two motors for this airframe.
One is 4.8 grams, and another is 5.8 grams.
The output as which either coil setting is the same, and the same is put out.
The difference is whether to have used aluminum for the outer rotor can.
4.8grams motor are more delicate to use it for outdoor.
It took a picture of the video in 5.8 grams motor.
The video is here.
My 3d flight is unskilled.

Motor: DIY 5.8g, or 4.8g
Prop: 5x3 maximum propeller rotation 10440rpm at 4025 1.6A
Reciever: kraftroom micro4CH
servo: BLUE BIRD BMS303 x2 BA-TS-4.3 x1 (Lightening)
Controller: YGE4-BL
Battery:E-TECH 250mAh Li-Po single
Span: 425mm
AUW: 44.5g The airframe is made from the styrene foam.

I bought the falcon servo recently and I want to make the airframe of 40 grams or less.
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Aug 25, 2005, 08:37 PM
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Matchless Micro Edgeling

Below is my Matchless Micro Edgeling. This airplane was designed specifically to fly 3D aerobatics with micro brushless power. Its performance with the Mighty Midget motor is on par with any of its larger siblings in the 10-14oz category. Its capable of Upright, Inverted and Rolling Harriers, Hovering/Torquerolling, High alpha Knife Edge, flatspins, etc. It also tracks very well in normal flight thanks to the built up wing. The model in the vid weighs in at 41 grams, but sub 40 is pretty easily achievable with the design. The Model in the pics used a 3s 145mah pack and the Gary Jones 7g Brushless motor.

Specs are:
Wingspan- 16"
Weight- 41 grams
Construction- Depron, Balsa, Carbon, Heatshrink covering material
Servos- Falcon 1.7g
Receiver- JMP Servo Reciever
Battery- 2s 145mah
ESC- HeinoJung YG4BL
Prop- GWS 5-3
Motor- Mighty Midget Double Whopper (has also been flown very successfully with the Gary Jones 7g brushless)

Attached below is a vid of one of the first Mighty Midget brushless powered flights with the Micro Edgeling at the 2005 Little Rock SMALL.
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Aug 25, 2005, 08:58 PM
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Matchless F3AIM

Below is my F3AIM. This little bipe was designed to fly precision aerobatics indoors on micro brushless power. It flies all the precision maneuvers well including point rolls, knife edge, snap rolls, etc. While not an all out 3D'r (was not designed to be one), it has a very nice inverted and upright harrier as well as a very nice rolling harrier. I love the fact that I put landing gear on it. Taxiing a Micro plane to the edge of the flying area, taking of and immediately going into Knife Edge is a lot of fun

Specs are as follows:
Wingspan- 17"
Weight- 56grams
Construction- Depron and Carbon (finish is Krylon Shortkuts and Sharpie)
Servos- Falcon 1.7g
Receiver- JMP Servo Reciever
Battery- 3s 145mah
ESC- Selman Modified Castle Phoenix 10
Prop- GWS 5-3
Motor- Gary Jones 7g brushless (would also be great with the Uttam MightyMidget DoubleWhopper)
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Aug 26, 2005, 10:24 AM
Size Matters!
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My DIY 4.3gram motor

Installed on a Micro Speed Wing.
15" span EPP, 1 coat goop martini, solite
carbon spar, strapping tape leading/trailing edge
cirrus 4.4 servos
gasparin penta 5ch rx
Wes-tec esc
kokam 2s 340
Thrust? Motor spins gws 3x2 @21,400rpm @2.7a static
2.6 ozs - fast/slow, floats/thermals/slopes/penetrates and durable !

I am greatly impressed with the range and performance of the penta receiver and the performance of the 1.3 gm esc as a foam wing is not the friendliest environment
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Aug 29, 2005, 02:07 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar

36gm Mighty Midget powered Delta

Here's the thread on the plane:

Link to the Mighty Midget Thread:

Plane flies extremely well. Haven't flown it to limits though, performance is extremely peppy at 1/2 throttle. Control response is great, and flies real smooth. It's a joy to fly. I'll have some video and flight pics soon


3.5gm Mighty Midget 10/3/32 2 cell wind.
3*2 prop ( 4*2.5 recommended )
2S Kokam 145
Lightned GWS R4-P and BA servos
~wing area 80 sq in
~Wing Loading 2.3oz/sq ft
Aug 29, 2005, 02:38 PM
Registered User

Micro Tensor 3D

I just completed this new 11 inch span Micro Tensor 3D biplane. The Model is all balsa and uses the new Mighty Midget Double Whopper Motor available from Bob Selman. I airbrushed the model with acrylic paint. I am using the Penta receiver and Didel GD servos. The model weighs 42 grams complete with 2-145 Li-poly cells. I put several test flights on the model and it has great performance with this new motor.

[edit, Gordon]
Here is the link to Joe's thread on his micro Tensor, for more details.

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Sep 17, 2005, 08:59 PM
For Sale-everything over 250 g

Brushless Bit Minnow

It is a bit car controlled brushless powered conversion of a great FF design.
I just got back from flying it outside. The added weight from years of crash repair and the extra weight from the BL controller has turned my original Minnow into a very peppy calm evening flyer. Climb is very steady under power and transition to glide is almost perfect. It's very easy to control with lots of rudder authority. My son loves it, I don't think I'll get to fly it much since he tried it.

Plane: Laser cut Minnow kit 16" WS
Rx: Motor works with fet mod. (bang bang rudder, on-off throttle)
Motor: homemade Molded Brushless 2.2 grams
Gear ratio: 9.3:1
Prop: Ikara FF
Bl controler: homemade (on-off)
AUW: 17 grams
Battery: 145mAh Kokam Li-Poly

After making different versions of this motor for 2 years it's really satisfying to finally fly one!
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Sep 18, 2005, 08:02 AM
Team30 Micro EDF
NitroCharged's Avatar

Micro BL Sukhoi SU-27

Motor: 18mm CDROM, 14 turn - 26guage, Wye wind, 7.1g outrunner, CC 10A BL ESC, DD GWS 3x2 prop
Rxer: RCMart 4Ch mini Rx
Servos: 2 x 4.4gm park flyer mini servos, type PFS 04
Battery: 340 2 cell kokam
Weight: TBA
Plane: Shock Flyer Sukhoi (home brew), span is ~16.5 inches, constructed from 3mm depron. 3x1mm CF Strengtheners in wing and tail. 2mm CF rod strengthener in Body. Taileron and elevon controls.
Performance: a rocket!

Sep 24, 2005, 12:04 AM
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caseyjholmes's Avatar
here she is, tested and hovering great. my micro "lil banchee 3d". this is an old pic, the plane now runs a 5x3 and has a cut motor shaft. can't believe the performance, was handeling 10mph gusts today no problem. love the huge air slicing airfoil. same gear as the matchless aero micro edgeling. 48 grams. 16" wingspan. just the first of many micro brushless planes to come out of me.
Sep 29, 2005, 10:32 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar

Mighty Midget powered Mini sport

OK, here's a picture of the Mini Sport. It's powered using our 1 cell WYE wind and a Kokam 145. AUW is 23.2gms. We flew it today and it was great! Trim was perfect to start with and control from the actuators was as good as from servos on larger planes. We'll fly again tomorrow and get some video and flying pics. There was plenty of power available and flying was at mostly 1/2 throttle. I'm still shivering from excitement One amongst the few BL / actuator powered planes It even made a beautiful touch down after the flying.

More information here:

Look around soom for videos of the Delta and the Mini Sport.

-Happy landings!
Oct 09, 2005, 01:59 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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Gerry Pronovost asked me to post this plane for him.

The airplane is my own design and called Orvilito, 26" wingspan,It has ailerons, elevator, rudder,and the ESC is YGE4 at 1.3 grams and the Mighty Midget motor, at 3.5 grams. Servos are 2 Wes-Tecnic and the falcon for the rudder, Receiver is JMP, using one cell 145MA, it fly for 7 minutes, some time I have to spin the motor to start, some time it start without spinning, total weight is 35 gr.The power is fantastic.

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