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Aug 09, 2005, 06:48 PM
Gravity is my downfall
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Floats? Floats? I don't have no stinking floats!

My friend Jeff (S0M00SE) and I went for an early morning flight this past Sunday at the big empty field at the end of my street. This area is supposed to be a park eventually and there is a dug out section for a small lake. This area is still dry, but the monsoons have been visiting, so there is water in it about 4 ft. deep.
I launched my Magpie and was doing some rolls when I lost orientation. The Magpie nosed into the water, WOT! My plane was about 50 ft. from dry land. We thought about different ways to rescue the plane. Too far to throw a rope over it. Had no fishing gear.
Then the wind started to blow. The plane drifted toward the shore, and then the wind changed directions and started to blow the plane away from dry land. Then with the Magpie about 150 ft. away, the wind stopped! Now what???
Jeff started throwing rocks just past the plane. The resulting ripples caused the plane to float toward us. Soon we were both throwing rocks. After about 15 minutes of rock throwing, the Magpie came to shore.
Jeff took a picture with his phone camera. The quality is not not that great, but look closely and you can make out the Magpie floating on the water.
I took the Magpie home and left it in the garage to dry out. Later that evening I hooked up the electrics to see if anything survived. To my very great surprise.. everything still worked! The only casualty was the prop. Both blades sheared off at the hub when the plane entered the water.
Floats? Floats? i don't need no stinking floats.

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Aug 09, 2005, 07:01 PM
Negative altitude hurts
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I go by 'm00se' here.

Maybe Doug should should rename this plane the "Heron".

I'm very surprised that the electronics survived. The battery was immersed for upwards of 30 minutes, the esc got fairly wet, and the receiver got splashed more than once by close rocks

Ya know.. with the motor on a pylon and some wingtip pontoons this might make a decent flying boat...

Kudos to Mountain Models for a darn tough airplane.
Aug 09, 2005, 08:26 PM
BFU Pilot
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I've read on here that fresh water doesn't conduct electricity very well, which explains the electronics survival. Now try that with salt water, and you may have a different story. If the prop had survived you might even have been able to get it to motor in to shore, somewhere. Though that's something I hope I never have to try with a floatless plane.
Aug 09, 2005, 10:56 PM
Negative altitude hurts
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When the receiver got wet it stopped... umm... receiving. As it was floating the controls would twitch now and then. A prop would have been a bad thing But Ken did try the radio a couple of times before we knew the prop was broken to see if he could drive the SS Magpie across the pond.

I used to clean my racing motors (from my RC car days) in a glass of distilled water. It got the crud out and never hurt the motors that I could tell. I think freshwater conducts only as well as the stuff suspended in it.

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