Gator RC - Harrier 3D In Stock!

With the holidays coming I reached out to Gator to see what they had in stock. The affordable and nimble Harrier 3D is ready for you!


Harrier 3D .90 ARF

Budget-minded modelers looking for high-performance 3D handling will want to look into Seagull’s new Harrier 3D .90 ARF.

Covered in genuine UltraCote® and built from top-quality balsa and plywood similar to that found in Hangar 9® planes, the Harrier 3D can easily perform both sequence and 3D-style aerobatics.

In fact, it performs all 3D maneuvers quite easily.

Solid harriers without wing rocking are a breeze (after all, it is called the Harrier 3D .90!), but the plane’s effortless performance with blenders, rolling circles, and especially torque rolls allows pilots to develop their aerobatic skills.

Key Features

  • $279.95
  • UltraCote covering
  • Top-quality balsa-and-ply construction
  • Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Excels at solid harriers with no wing rocking
  • Capable of extreme 3D performance


  • Experience level Intermediate / Advanced
  • Wingspan 60.05″ / 154cm
  • Wing area 948.38 sq in /61.15
  • Overall length 66″ /167.64 cm
  • Flying weight 7-8 lbs / 3.17-3.62 kg
  • Power system .91–1.10 2-stroke – 4-stroke or 15cc Gas or Electric Equivalent
  • EP conversion Optional conversion kit provided
  • Radio 6 Channels
  • Servos 6

Needed To Complete

  • .91–1.10 2- or 4-Stroke Glow Engine,15cc Gas or Electric Equivalent
  • Glow Plug (Engine Specific)
  • Silicone Fuel Line
  • 4-6-Channel Radio System with 6 Servos
  • Propeller

More Info

Click here to check out the page.

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Nov 16, 2021, 04:05 PM
I get puzzled when I see the price of other 60'' 3D aerobatic planes... around 500 bucks !!

I can't believe the manufacturing cost has gone up so much
Nov 16, 2021, 09:40 PM
I fly, therefore, I crash!!!
SteveT.'s Avatar
This plane sure looks like the older 'Banshee'! And couldn't they build a stab that was strong enough not to need guy wires on it?

Latest blog entry: My old shop....
Nov 17, 2021, 03:45 AM
Big Bushy with a STING (errrr)
Chris SW's Avatar
I think it's been around a long time. I can remember having one on the shelf when we owned a hobby shop, 20 years ago. Quite fancied one then.
Nov 17, 2021, 07:02 AM
Rust: The poor man's Loctite.
TomM's Avatar
Bought mine in 2006. Very nice flying plane that has since been re-kitted due to dumbthumbs. I should buy another.
Nov 19, 2021, 06:02 AM
Registered User
Had one 15 years ago. Nice plane, but with an Saito .91. For 3D a bit underpowered. It is relative heavy, although a lot of "air" is in the plane.
Nowadays I prefer the lighter planes on electro like the Addiction X or XL. And yes, they are a lot more expensive, but I have a lot more fun with them.
But thats just my opinion
The guy that cannot fly in a straight line ;-)

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