2021 MultiGP Championship Tracks

Here's some cool news and videos from MultiGP about the 2021 Championship Tracks.


Introducing the 2021 MultiGP Championship Tracks

Here's some cool news and videos from MultiGP about the 2021 Championship Tracks.

"Track 1 will be housed at the No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs, FL. This year's track was developed with a flowing course style this is very quick to learn, yet challenging and fun to fly.

Chris Thomas had one request for the team: "make it epic in both style and appearance." I feel out Team accomplished that with the three towering cubes front and center for the appearance, and the amazing course layout with many elevation changes that creates an epic feel. This is by no means a Global Qualifying track: this year's championship track is a considerably longer track that should have many pro pilots being able to achieve 3 laps, though most likely the average lap count will be 2 with the current drone setups. Due to this new design, we will be introducing a new qualifying format of fastest-2 consecutive laps, and then transition into 2 lap bracket races. It is projected that Sport Class pilot will qualify using their fastest single lap, while elimination brackets will feature 2 lap races.

This track collaboration would not have been possible without the amazing simulator and partner of MultiGP: Velocidrone. Velocidrone allowed out team to collaborate and share in real time, move obstacles, and then ultimately obtain the official dimensions for the final track layout! One of the new features recently implemented allows us to fly the course and save the flight path for future viewing. This feature also enabled us to generate flight path pictures for those that do not have the sim....yet.

The 2021 MultiGP Championship tracks will shortly be available for download in Velocidrone, listed as an official track under the Empty Day Scene inside the simulator. Interested in flying the 2021 MultiGP Championship Tracks but don't have Velocidrone? Simply visit https://www.velocidrone.com/ to begin flying today.

One of the newer obstacles used this year is the "NMgrower Cube." This unique and varying course object is used in many different ways just within this track alone! With the NMgrower Cube being a new-to-MulitGP course feature, we would like to share our rule for this obstacle on its future use: The cube obstacle can be sued in many ways, including using each corner pole as a flag to force a pilot to wrap around in a particular manner. This is up to the race director and can vary from course to course . You can see the model in Velocidrone and the fly through video how we expect the obstacle to be flown.

For the Pro Class Pilots, they will also be flying a second track over the 3 day event. Jim "Kneedown" Snodgrass designed this course specifically for the smaller dimensions of our second field location at Lecanto Park. Velocidrone enabled us to mock of the trees and other features to build this short technical course that will test the best of the best come race day. This course has more of the GQ-type feel to it and qualifying will be the traditional fastest-3 consecutive laps on this track.

This is correct, for the first time we are doing 2 different and unique tracks with two different qualifying formats for the Pro Class Championships! Pilots will be ranked using a new "zipper" method of combining the individual track rankings via the MultiGP website. Combined Track Ranking information will be live for pilots to accurately and quickly determine where they rank overall, thanks to our superior tech team. A quick summary of the method is starting with the highest ranked pilot on track 1, they ranked 1 overall. Then the highest ranked pilot on track 2 would be ranked second overall. Zipper back to the 2nd place pilot on track 1, they would become the 3rd ranked pilot overall. Once a pilot is already ranked on the overall list when it comes to their name a second time via the alternate track, that position on the alternate track is skipped and the zipper goes to the next track and pilot. For example is pilot 1 is the same on track 1 and 2, then the second overall ranked pilot would be the 2nd ranked pilot on track 1. The ranking system is not overly complex or complicated and will be easy to follow on the screens throughout the venues. In essence, the worst position a pilot may be ranked overall would be their highest individual rank multiplied by 2."

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Dec 05, 2021, 07:39 PM
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Looking forward to this! And the new ability to see others flight paths will be very helpful.

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