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Apr 29, 2002, 12:08 AM
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Questions about my Zero

I bought a Zero off Ebay(no flames please) and it came with a flight pack with 4 servos, 2 batterys 3 - 2 bladed props(1047) and 3 - 3 bladed props (9070).

The batterys were GWS 8.4v 7cell 350 mah packs. I've been reading alot on here and notice that most board users use 8 cell packs with 500 or 600 mah packs.

I flew my plane, retracts up and belly landed it a few times but it was very slow (I think maybe I was expecting it to be as fast as my zagi). appon further inspection I notices that the prop in the box was a 1080 and not the 1047 I had installed. I did not have time to fly it later and was wondering what kind of performance differance the prop would have.

I've been reading about all the problems with the flights of the zero's so I set my plane up carefully: cg about 45-50mm back a little down elevator. When I flew it it seemed slow and very lazy I had to fly at full throttle if I cut it to half then it would loose all lift and fall rapidly. it barely pulled a loop and as I was pretty high when I tried a basic roll it lost altitude very quickly. Should I try 8 cells?

Are there any recomended throws yet. I have been looking but I have not found any throws yet.

Sorry this post kinds rambles and has no direction, I'm pretty tired.

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Apr 29, 2002, 01:04 AM
Truss-Loc Monkey
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The 10x8 is the right prop for the job... night and day vs. the 10x4.7 - You'll gain on the speed, letting the wing do the lifting.
Apr 29, 2002, 03:44 AM
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Also as a note the battery of choice would be the KR600AE (2/3A) size.These NiCd cells in 6 or 7 cell config...even 8 cell for the speed freek would be just right.I use a 7 cell for mine and I balance mine at 45mm with the 1080 prop.Slight down elev. adjustment and flies awesome.

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