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Oct 20, 2021, 10:26 PM
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Radiomaster tx16s opentx for large nitros

I've been flying large four-stroke nitro powered airplanes since 1989.
Always used airtronics or futabas until 2.4 radios started coming out. Literally never had a shoot down from interference from 89 until 95.
Switched over to spektrum around 2007 and between then and now we've had six airplanes dive in or fail safe and go into the trees. Always happens same corner of our field which is about 300 yards away from the flight line.
Now we're switching over again to a radiomaster TX 16s openTX transmitter.
After a week long learning curve, I really love the flexibility of it and the YouTube videos of range testing are in the hundreds of paces on the low power setting.

Now the big question...
Have any quarter scalers in this forum switched over and what receivers are you using?
I've been testing it so far on Park flyer electrics with spectrum receivers. Now I've ordered a fly sky 10 channel for testing on larger but not quarter scale airplanes.
Would appreciate hearing any experiences anyone's had and what your favorite receivers are because the tx16s can control spectrums, futaba s- fhss, flyskys,frskys etc.

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Nov 01, 2021, 06:15 PM
Held by Grace
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Hi Nick :I have a buddy that has been using the I6-b’ and 10’s receivers in large sailplanes (way up and out ) for years ,with the TX16 S and has never had a problem , says they are bullet proof and have awesome range

I just bought one (tx16)this spring and am planning to use it on a 70cc Mamba next spring, am also currently getting my feet wet and coming up to speed on the programming with some large foamy’s .

My current go to radio is a DX-9 using lemon receivers ,and has been flawless - I only use the spectrum receivers in small close in foamy’s.
I have seen too many planes crashed by “brown outs” , and don’t trust them , not to mention the 2 to 3x the cost....not going to play that game any more .

My understanding is that due to the size and current draw of the bigger stuff more attention needs to be paid to the power supplied to the flight pack - dual feeds and batteries to the receiver / power box and such .

I have successfully bound :
the Lemon receiver’s
Hitec Optima,
the fly sky ‘
and Turnigy’s
BTW - the Futaba “Fast “ receivers are proprietary and not usable with the RadioMaster Master TX16 S
I hope this helps
Nov 01, 2021, 10:40 PM
Lookin' up at the centerline
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Many thanks
Helps a lot.
Being masochistic, my first two aircraft that I programmed were collective pitch helicopters. Followed them up with two lemon micro brick airplanes, one a flying wing.
Bought a 10 channel fly sky receiver to test in my larger foamies.
But I'm working my way towards my nitro models.
I have a sig quarter scale clip Wing cub with a 160 twin on it and a 109 inch 20 lb
Phoenix super Cub with a super tiger 3250 on it. Also have a balsa USA 80 in taube with a 90.
Anyway, I'm glad to hear it is as solid as I've heard. We lost three nitro ships to brownouts on the spectrum, so we had switched to futaba fhss and it was doing much better but we lost a quarter scale biplane when it went into fail safe and tried to play lumberjack in the woods.
So I guess I'll be testing radiomaster receivers next.
Nov 03, 2021, 08:59 AM
Held by Grace
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Just a thought ,not sure you know this ,the RadioMaster has a real time spectrum analyzer screen
Pretty cool stuff
Nov 03, 2021, 11:15 AM
Lookin' up at the centerline
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Originally Posted by BDOG1
Just a thought ,not sure you know this ,the RadioMaster has a real time spectrum analyzer screen
Pretty cool stuff
Yes I saw that.
Rain, wind and bad timing have kept me from the field since I got this new TX. But I'm hoping it may solve some mysteries about dead man's corner.

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