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Sep 23, 2021, 05:35 AM
Why kamikaze pilot wear helmet
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What has happened To HobbyKing?

So I will admit Im not your typical RC Flyer, Im on Team ZDZ and Team Futaba, and Im always building 2-3 very large non typical projects at a time. I have been deployed now in Saudi Arabia for almost a year now and will finally be back home sometime next month. As such and due to COV-19 and deployment I have a very excessive amount of leave to burn and got on Hobbyking to resupply my shop with the typical items I get from them that I feel are over priced else ware.

IE: Servo Wire, Servo ends, Aluminum Servo Arms, MPX connectors to make muilti servo connectors, Deans Plugs, Wire nylon Sheaths, Fuel Dots, retract air line T fittings, 12g wire to extend receiver battery's, 2cell Life Battery's, gear door hinges, etc.

I got on there last night and they hardly had anything to chose from and even less in stock, while I was going to place a $300 order of these supply's shipping was out of this world, $60 shipping from Hong Kong and $47 for state side supply's. What is going on? Where can we go to pick up all these "smalls" that can really add up fast when you are trying to build 4 planes at once?

I went on Amazon after this as I was upset and they didn't have the servo ends that really need so I can make my own wires, and found almost everything I wanted on Amazon, some items were priced better but buying from muiti vendors really added up shipping cost and not everything was to be delivered that week some items was going to take 4 weeks like Hobbyking.

Even DreamWorks (mostly an Jet RC parts) was out of stock of almost everything.

I know I have been out the loop but what's going on?

Is there somewhere to buy all this smalls now Hobby King sucks?

Sorry for rant,

PS Building: 114ing T28 wtih Moki 215, a 135in F7F Tigercat with 2 ZDZ97 with starters, Ziroli Corsair with new DLE120 4 cyl, and a Pilot RC J10
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Sep 23, 2021, 09:21 AM
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Covid is still raging, workers opting out from abusive employers, supply chains messed up worldwide, transport costs are 5x 10x what they used to be

Many many industries if not all

will be a full decade at least, old normal maybe never coming back
Sep 25, 2021, 09:35 AM
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Yep ... I know of a U.S. corporation that recently paid 12,000 USD a container to get their product off a cargo ship. Ships are at anchor waiting for manufacturers to pony up the money to get the containers off loaded.
Sep 25, 2021, 12:43 PM
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And that is just one symptom out of thousands.
Sep 26, 2021, 02:01 AM
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Servo wire look at RCTIMER.COM. Shipping has gone up there too but if you want quality servo leads etc. they have them. Xt60 is used a lot now instead of Deans. They have Deans style also Multiplex. Don't forget their heavy duty on/off with charge port and led switches. Everyone in our club has been using them for years now. I had a switch fail BUT it wasn't theirs.
Hate to make this public but their stuff has been great.

Talk is $5000 container loads became $35000
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Sep 26, 2021, 02:27 AM
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There are currently 60 to 70 container ships sitting off the coast of California to be off loaded. The ports are having employee issues, equipment issues, and a lack of chassis to put the containers on. And add in the lack of truck drivers, nothing is moving quick.
I stopped by one of the yards that I used to work at they had empty containers stacked 4 high as far as I could see and no available chassis. And hardly any full containers coming in. There not loading out the empty containers because the ports are already full of empties. This time of year they should only have maybe 10 empties on a bad day and over 500 chassis waiting for containers with the Christmas rush around the corner. A lot of equipment out of service because there are no parts available.
Itís not going to get better any time soon.

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