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Sep 20, 2021, 10:34 PM
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I fly an electric powered 1/6 scale Sig J-3 Cub. I think that the Sig 1/5 scale Cub would be a better choice for a beginning builder, it is a more modern kit, with good instructions, probably a little sturdier. The 1/6 scale version was designed .19 to .36 size 2 strokes and is essentially an old school "stick model" kit and requires some ingenuity in mounting the tail parts, making the vertical stab covering fillet, and mounting the engine and fuel tank in the rather cramped cowl/firewall. Some fabricate a custom fit tank of soldered brass sheet. I'm pretty sure your Saito engine would be overkill in the 1/6 scale Cub if you are interested in scale-like (slow) flight and mild Cub-like aerobatics, (rolls, stall turns, and large loops). The Dubro scale Cub wheels, with Cub logo hub caps, are 1/5 scale. You can build a beautiful 1/5 scale dummy engine from the Top Notch kit not using the simple kit dummy engine. Hope you follow through building a Cub and learn to fly it like the real thing learning the "tail-dragger" techniques watching You Tube videos.
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Sep 21, 2021, 07:56 PM
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As E-Challenge has eluded the tail feathers and proper fuse to fin fillet are tricky. Here is my method (Piper's, actually, sort of!). When it comes time to cover start at the central upper spine and work dowward. Do one side then the other. This will give the result of that beautifil fin to fuselage fillet not seen on a lot of Cubs! A fabric covering is much much easier than film, for me, anyway, as your mileage may vary! You may wonder how to get around the stab? Build into the fuse aluminum tubes as 'receivers' to accept the stub ends of the stabs. There will be a LE and TE stub end each stab half. After you cover and paint the fuselage you add the stabs. If you make the stabs where the stub ends abut each other inside the tubes in the fuselage you don't even need to glue them as the rigging will hold them in place! That's how I do this. I cover the bottom of the fuselage first then 'do' the 'spine' down so that overlaps are on the bottom. I put rib tapes on seams to clean things up a bit.
Oct 02, 2021, 01:09 PM
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I found a local guy that happens to have a 1/6 cub kit NIB he'd make me a good deal on, but it's the clipped wing version. Being unfamiliar, can anyone say whether this would be any worse than the full wing version? Would the "overpowered" Saito be even more of a handful with the clipped wings? Would the clipped wings hinder its ability to run floats, as I'd eventually like to try? Keep in mind I'm a new flyer, but by the time this bird gets in the air I'll have at least a few more months of flying under my belt.

Edit: I should probably mention that I've been learning to fly on a Timber X with the rates down to 50%, and haven't (yet) put it into the ground, so while I'm a new flyer, I've already been flying a slightly more "snappy" plane from the get-go.
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Oct 02, 2021, 01:56 PM
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heya MiteyF, I feel you have been led astray by some of these posts!

been flying off and on since the mid 80's started with an .049 powered Ace Wizzard, and have planes from that too 55cc gasser! just saying I might have 1/2 a clue!

I was in the middle of building a Sig 1/6th scale clipped wing cub with my son-inlaw, till he got ill and lost interest in it! but the original plan was too put a Os.40fs for power, (should be more than this lil bird would ever need!) "BUT" with throttle at 1/2 should sound great putting around!!
oh and yes, even with the Os.40fs, I needed too move the firewall back too make room for the carb! so consider that, if this is your first forray into building balsa, having too modify a plane too put in a big engine, might not be the best way too start!

with that said, I think trying too put a 10cc gasser in a 1/6 scale cub, would make an over powered led sled! that would spend most it's energy just trying too fly!
Oct 03, 2021, 10:28 AM
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Not sure about gas motor stuff as I only build electric, but the clipped wing would be great on floats and I’m actually building a 1/4 scale Sig Clipped wing on floats right now. You do need more power when float flying as the floats add weight, but the great thing about float flying is your runway (the lake or whatever water) is usually a really long runway!
Oct 03, 2021, 10:31 AM
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Thread OP
Whisky, you think the engine/fuel/ignition would be too heavy for the 1/6? And not have the power to make up for it?

Thanks again for all of the help guys! The weather's starting to cool off here, almost "building season"

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