FrSky Xact BLS5400H Series Brushless High-Voltage Servos Release!

The Xact servo utilizes all CNC machined aluminum protective cases and metal gears and offers multiple configurations to fit for different model types and precision usage.


Xact BLS5400H Series Brushless High-Voltage Servos

Compares to Xact coreless servo lines, the Xact brushless servos feature faster speed with higher torque performance, but a smaller form factor.

Working with the FBUS (F.Port 2.0) protocol, the telemetry data (like real-time current and voltage) of Xact servos can be achieved and transmitted back to the radio by connecting either FBUS capable receiver or flight controller. All the preset servo travel degrees can be changed directly on an ACCESS-capable radio (via ETHOS or LUA script) through the host device of the FBUS line.


  • Supports FBUS (F.Port 2.0), SBUS and PWM protocol
  • High durability with metal gear and all-aluminum CNC machined protective case
  • 8.4V high voltage capable operation with high speed and big torque performance
  • Built-in dual precision balls bearing with hall sensor
  • Supports telemetry feedback(Current, Voltage, and Temp.)through FBUS mode
  • Updatable firmware ensures the performance superior


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Sep 07, 2021, 12:19 AM
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Ten years from now many will be wondering how we ever got along without knowing what the peak amps our servos were drawing. I'm that way now having the lowest lipo cell voltage on an verbal notification; hesitant to fly without it.

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