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Jul 23, 2005, 04:12 PM
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Executive Vice President, AMA

AMA EVP election coming in October.

The AMA Executive Vice President (EVP) is AMA’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He guards AMA funds as your wife does yours.
AMA’s EVP/CFO should function as both financial overseer and a promoter of programs enhancing all model aviation, yet expanding the main revenue source - membership.

Four items demand attention now (there are others): 1. Ensuring any IRC 501 (c) (3) non-related business is profitable, 2. Increasing the membership, 3. Ensuring governmental agencies are aware of AMA’s recreational benefits along with such as the FAI program's International Good-Will, and 4. Flying facility acquisition.
These items are too entwined to establish a firm priority. Each will take time along with refinements in other programs, from less restrictive insurance, to the possibility of an AMA Foundation.

Model Aviation (MA) can and should be a profitable AMA unit. Yet, it now directly costs the membership almost as much as insurance, and indirectly more than insurance, as all MA staff but one, are accounted for under AMA Staff expense. Comparing ad. rates, AMA is 2nd lowest, yet double in circulation of other top media. Bringing ad. rates to competitive levels can: 1. Return nearly 1.5 million dollars to AMA profit, and 2. Restore the modeling media’s support of AMA programs. Other media even sell on newsstands. Their support of AMA reaching outside the choir will motivate other modelers to investigate this organized AMA modeling, thus helping increase membership.
Membership numbers indicate trouble. End of year results: 2000 – 165,365, 2001 – 170,754, 2002 – 173,420, 2003 – 168,075, 2004 – 163,709. Electric modeling’s boom definitely evidences many people still love things that fly. With outreach and new direction, some will join AMA.

AMA’s investment and marketing income cannot compare to losing 5000 members ($290,000) far exceeding certain AMA forecasts for various marketing schemes. Retaining 5000 members, rather than losing 5000, plus adding another 5000 results in 10,000 members worth $580,000. Now increase next year by 5% and you then have $449,500 providing a 2nd year over a million "yankee-dollars" better. More membership is the financial answer.

Using all media support, AMA can easily enhance both the public’s and governmental agencies’ knowledge of our educational and recreational sport by providing communications to all departments along with TV networks about all activities, from the US State Department about FAI programs’ International Goodwill right down to the NATs youngster’s picture in the local newspaper. As the information comes and comes, some will pay attention.
Auto manufacturers pay millions to TV, yet not everyone buys the product, but some do. AMA can also obtain “some”. I will also ensure that you, the individual member, will have the opportunity to know all that is happening, either by MA column, or by other means.

As governmental agencies become informed, local Clubs and Groups will find their local governments to be more receptive to those providing worthwhile recreational activities if they have a place to do so. While some with good ideas suggest AMA purchase and provide flying sites, as one with some real estate experience, I think AMA now lacks resources to burden itself in such expense. In the shorter term, AMA needs to provide local Clubs with an informed local government to approach. Without a facility, a club cannot function.

My advisor resources can provide both you and the EC all needed information reference those things AMA needs for better use of current tools, growth in membership, finance resources, and outside awareness. Only your use of the ballot will determine if AMA maintains its current downslide or redirects to a strong and better organization, one you will be proud to be a member of.

Horrace Cain, AMA L-93
Nominee AMA Executive Vice President
31619 Bohlssen Rd.
New Caney, TX 77357
July 23, 2005

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