Unlimited TD National Championship Coverage 2021

Today kicked off the 2021 F5J National Championship competition in Muncie, Indiana.


2021 Unlimited TD Nats Coverage

The day started out overcast, cold and with some sprinkles. The forecast said it would clear up and have a heat advisory for the afternoon. It's been a huge temp swing, but it has made for a great soaring competition so far. Unlimited is where we bring out the old heavy planes that are capable of handling the stresses of a winch launch.

We have 7 flight groups flying and around 54 pilots out for this two day contest. Rounds are taking a little time to get through so we got in just under 4 full rounds today before calling it. The air was a sled ride for the first couple of groups and then started getting more active. Around noon, the lift started getting pretty good in spots, but the sink was equally brutal if you got stuck in it. I've seen flight times under 4 minutes with only several in each group making the full 10 minutes. Landings are going to be very important with up to 100 bonus points available in 1" increments. It's pretty tough to get a high landing score, but the pilots that have put in the work to practice are shining with high 90's. The other variable here is there is no drop rounds so you are keeping your score for every flight meaning that a single mistake will take you out. It's going to be fun to see who can stay on top and win the National Championship Title.

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