6th Annual Great Lakes Event

This will be the 6th annual great lakes event it was born as the AJ-Fly-in it has grown to greatly.


The Toledo Weak Signals club, which is most known for the Toledo Expo, has done its best to put on one of the best fly-in events around. The event has grown by leaps and bounds from our very first one. What seems many years ago. Every year this event has attracted top talent from all over the country to the likes of Andrew Jesky, Jase Dussia, Willam Jackson, Ashleigh heath, Cj Kulrella and many more. This event has also attracted large spectator turnouts as well.

With the large pilot turnouts we have also been able to attract many great staple sponsors over the years as well.

I think itís important to really take a minute and talk about this fantastic world of fly-ins across the country. I believe they have become a hot bed for sponsors to really get involved in the grass roots movement going on currently. With everything in the world changing and our hobby changing so quickly itís important that we can all stay connected. Itís a chance for vendors and pilots to in a sense meet. Itís like a virtual trade show.

Sponsors in these tough times still give to events across the country and as pilots and enthusiasts itís important that we understand, if we want this movement to continue we must prove to the vendors that because of their support. They need to see a lift in their business, or a ROI (Return on Investment) of some sort.

We need to let vendors know that, hey I buying from your establishment because you supported a local event or I won it in a raffle and need more or want more. I canít stress how important it is for pilots across the country not take for granted what these vendors are doing for us at these awesome events across the country.

The great lakes fly in has a host of great sponsors that have gone above and beyond to support us. I would like everyone to know the great contributions these companies give not only here but across the Nation. Please, Please take the time and give your business to those who support us the most in times of change.

Event Sponsors

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