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Jul 16, 2005, 09:37 PM
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my brushless e-starter build thread

Hey gang, this is my first atempt at building and flying a brushless and lipo plane. I have in the past flown a number of planes. 2 beavers, a house of balsa piper cub kit, a cuple slow sticks, and a formosa. I stoped flying electrics about a year ago and switched to building hlg and slope planes. But in the last cuple of months iv been colecting the parts needed to brushlessafy a gws plane.
i would say flying skill wise im preaty good. Im basicly posative i will beable to fly the estarter for even though i didnt fly the formosa much didnt get in any crashes and didnt find it to be to chalenging, not to be bosting of course
. For the power systom i am using a GWS B gear box and a himax 2015-4015 motor, i think thats the right numbers... and a two cell 1200 mah pack rated at 6 to 8 C so i should be seaing about 50-60 watts from that. with thouse two guys and a 9017 prop im going to be looking at about 15 ounces of thrust which is gona be sweet due to the fact that i plan on finishing at 12 ounces, note that is what i PLAN on doing but usaly my PLANs are a little unrelistic. enouph talk time for pictures.
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Jul 16, 2005, 10:06 PM
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inglish my friend inglish!!! Slope not slop
And I thought my english was bad lol I had trouble reading my slow stick "slop" glider lol

Jul 16, 2005, 10:17 PM
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tell me about it, Well somthing bad just happened somthing that seems like it always happenes to me... lol my himax is shot. So i was taking a picture of all of the componints lying on one half of the body showing the lay out, i picked up the body and the motor roled off, didnt think it was to big of a deal but i tried turning it and i found it didnt turn, i got it turning and there was a grinding, i guess the magnet was broken, I was almost in tears!!!! that was a days work of money!!! so i guess im not getting of to a good start I posted an add on the FS forum but if any of you have an ecuvalent motor that you are willing to part with please PM me. More pictures of the build will be coming.

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