S998 – Aircraft Recovery Bag

We all need this product from Sullivan!


S998 Aircraft Recovery Bag

The Aircraft Recover Bag (S998) is to be used in the event of a catastrophic incident, beyond your control, you will have an aircraft recovery system with the slightly damaged (totaled) aircraft when you get to it. Perfect to build into any plane at risk of:

  • Battery failure
  • Loss of Radio
  • Strong Crosswind
  • Never to be used for pilot error

Pro Tip

Build one of these into your next balsa build so you have it when you need it!

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Jul 16, 2021, 08:55 AM
Recreational Model Plane Pilot
Rhea's Avatar
Jul 16, 2021, 09:18 AM
Registered User

Oh yeah, gotta have one.

I keep a black plastic garbage bag in the bottom of my field box. Started doing this after I saw a club veteran gather his crashed airplane into a garbage bag.
It really does help to have a bag like this for serious crashes.
Jul 16, 2021, 12:36 PM
Registered User
SwampFlier's Avatar
Agreed and not necessarily Sullivan's...
Jul 16, 2021, 01:13 PM
Registered User

Funny this should come up today.

Here's what's left of my SBach from today. Yup, I used the trash bag.
Jul 16, 2021, 02:51 PM
Way to much free time!
CorvetteC5's Avatar
With a little luck just having the aircraft recovery bag will preclude the need to ever use it!
Jul 16, 2021, 02:59 PM
B for Bruce
BMatthews's Avatar
Just a second.... click-click-beep-boop- click-click.... HEY! IT'S NOT APRIL FOOLS DAY YET ! ! ! ! !

Can you post the label for us though so we can save it for making a few for when April rolls around?

.....Oh wait.... ... click-click-beep-boop- click-click... OMG, it's a real product.... My head wants to shake in disbelief all by itself while I'm laughing so hard that my guts are turning into tossed salad! Sullivan... REALLY! ? ! ? ! ?
Jul 17, 2021, 10:57 PM
Registered User
rrg's Avatar
Wow, anything for
Jul 18, 2021, 07:39 AM
Registered User
smurf's Avatar
Originally Posted by rrg
Wow, anything for
Maybe these bags are magical and used to place your plane in while it "recovers" from its injuries.
Jul 18, 2021, 12:03 PM
KE Spins make me dizzy.
Graveyard bags.
Jul 18, 2021, 02:33 PM
Retired USAF
Cobra1365's Avatar
Reading this thread (in particular the title) had me wondering. Has anyone ever tried a ballistic recovery system on an RC airplane. The weight would likely overcome any benefit. But, it would be cool!
Last edited by Cobra1365; Jul 19, 2021 at 06:24 AM.
Jul 18, 2021, 03:14 PM
Registered User
smurf's Avatar
Maybe it should be ID-10T – Aircraft Recovery Bag
Jul 19, 2021, 07:10 AM
Registered User
earlwb's Avatar
Murphy's law says if you have one you will never need to use it.
Jul 19, 2021, 08:11 AM
No more wasted spark 😉
ClubFlyer's Avatar
$2.45 and its not even reusable . The 99cents store carries boxes of those for under a buck

Murphy and I go way back, 71 years. I've learned all his tricks, or at least the obvious one's. Managed to keep him at bay for 4 years now, knock on wood.
Jul 19, 2021, 01:54 PM
186mph Funjet Ultra
E-speed buff's Avatar
I stuffed a full size bin liner in the tail of my 1/4 scale piper J3.
I flew it very regularly for 9 years before I sold it.
I never had to use the bin liner!


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