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Jul 11, 2005, 03:57 PM
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Dealer Sale Out Radios Etc..Wholesale & Below

After 20 yrs, time to close the doors, can not compete with the internet sales and to old to learn. I am listing a few items i have left in the shop for sale, all stock is brand new less than 3 months inhouse, in exception to a few used items found in counter drawers etc that will be given away Free, NOT SOLD (Due to i can not warranty something i am un-forsure of), with some of the new equipment that will be useful to whoever may be intrested.Shipping is free and will be shipped USPS Priority Mail, with Tracking upon reciept of payment,insurance is opt but recomend. Please if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to email us at, or you may email us to request our phone number to speak in person.
We will list other stock we may have at a later time pending sale of these items first, otherwise all will be sold on web auction this weekend.
Thanks for your time.

I have 1-Futaba 9ZHP,and 1-Futaba 9ZAP TX-Sets which retail as described below for $849.00 with out module ETC... RF Synthesized Module for Transmitter
Selectable Frequencies between 11 and 60 in the 72 MegaHertz Retail $149.00
To the first intrested person i will either TX-Setup complete with a new in box RF Synthesized Module,and im throwing in a good used Futaba 127DF 7 CH RX with crystal Freq 49, and a couple of used Dual Conversion RX crystals i had that are new but out of package. $875.00 shipped minus ins. A $1100.00 retail value minus freebies.

This is the World Champion Model II of the Futaba 9ZHP. This radio has
programming for all types of aircraft - airplane, helicopter, or sailplane.

This Futaba radio is diode protected to prevent overcharging, which means that
the battery cannot be discharged through the transmitter.
This radio has a lithium backup battery that enables it to retain the
transmitter settings when the transmitter battery is removed.
It is suggested that the radio be sent in for a battery check up every 5 years.

(NOTE: All other functions of the 9ZAP are still with this radio.)
- Rename of dials from VRA/VRB to Left and Right Dials for ease of use
. - New fuel mixture control functions (FMC)
- New Gyro Sense Mixing Function for Gyros (501 and others)

The changes from the 9ZHW to the WC II radios are:
- four 3-position switches on the face;
- distinctive blue markings and sticks;
- TX packaged without Receiver, servos, or MODULE
- 1100mah transmitter battery.
- Increased frame rate around center for digital servo response time
(analog servos can not take advantage of this increased rate)
- TX case silkscreened in blue to clearly identify WC2.

Differences between 9ZAWII and 9ZHWII radios:
- The 9ZH defaults to helicopter models and has no throttle ratchet.
- The 9ZA defaults to aircraft models and has a throttle ratchet.

* This is a 1024 PCM system, Futaba's highest resolution
* 10 model memory (this can be any type of model; airplane, heli or sailplane)
* 8-character model name for each of the 10 model presets
* An optional plug-in memory module (called a CamPac - FUTM9400) which
increases the model memory 5 more to 15 models
* Up to 8 flight conditions for each model in memory
* 5 programmable mixers with special advanced functions for each model setup
* Each flight condition separately programmable
* Flight condition and channel delay setting
* Ergonomic shape - very easy to hold and operate
* Ball bearing control sticks * Switchable FM/PCM
* Adjustable tension, length, and angle on control sticks
* Programmable transmitter switches * Soft keys to make programing easy
* Large LCD (liquid crystal) display with contrast adjustment
* Unique Digital trim (2 rates) * Failsafe/hold setting
* Data copy functions * Swiveling transmitter antenna
* Low voltage alarm * Automatic system power off
* Electronic servo centering, reversing, throw volume, and exponential
* Special mixer alarm * A built-in tachometer in TX case
* A voltmeter with switchable loads for TX and RX batteries
* A trainer system
* Two separate timers and elapsed time counters
* A DSC (Direct Servo Control) system - you can move the servos by plugging
the transmitter into the receiver and not transmitting over the radio
wave (This is used in the "pits" where you want to operate your receiver
without "shooting" someone down).
* Optional flexible frequency (choose any 72mHz channel with Synth module.)

INCLUDES: (1) Transmitter case (FUTM5701)
(1) 9ZH WCII Transmitter (no stock #) (1) DSC cord (FUTM4250)
(1) NR4F NICD 4.8V 1500MAH (FUTM1285) (1) NT8S 1100mAh Tx NiCad (FUTM14700)
(1) H/D Receiver switch harness (FUTM4385) (1) DSC/Charge harness (FUTM42433)
(1) FBC19B(4) Charger for 1000mAh RX and 700mAh TX batteries (FUTM1830)
(1) Transmitter neckstrap (the wide one, not the thin one) (FUTM5692)
(1) 153 page instr manual w/26p supplement (FUTZ8590 FUTZ8591)

REQUIRES: Transmitter module: either standard FUTL17** or the synthesized one
which is FUTL8900.
Current Futaba FM or PCM receiver of customers choice.

Cam-Pac memory module (FUTM9400)
Trainer Cord (FUTM4410)
Synthesized Transmitter Module (FUTL8900) allows operation on any 72mhz freq
Battery Discharge connector can be purchased through your local hobby
store. (HSP78050)
Heavy Duty Gimbal Springs (FUTM3640) can be used in the 9Z, but it is
STRONGLY recommended that the customer send this transmitter into the
Futaba Service Center for this service per the complexity of the
internal portions of this transmitter.

1-New Fustaba 14MZ Retail $2199.00
SALE $1575.00
This is the 72MHz 14MZ 14-Channel Computer Radio from Futaba with the
R5014 DPS PCM G3 2048 14-channel Receiver.
Contains software for airplanes, helicopters and gliders.
This is the airplane version which will default to airplane settings
when powered up and has a ratcheted throttle stick.
Does not include servos.
1 year limited warranty.

Easily the most advanced radio system ever developed, the 14MZ brings many
innovations to radio design and technology. For the latest
information about the 14MZ visit the manufacturer web page at
Some of the system's most impressive highlights include the following:

FEATURES: Real-Time Response
Double the resolution of PCM1024, the 14MZ's breakthrough PCM G3
2048 enables servos to pick up even the slightest stick movements.
It's the closest to actual real-time response possible, for
unprecedented speed and precision. The 14MZ is also backwards-
compatible, so pilots can still use 1024PCM and PPM receivers

Large, Color Touch Screen
Only one company in the world could make the 14MZ's
an engineering triumph in itself. The HGVA screen features
crystal clear 640x240 pixel resolution. It uses transflective
technology (layered transparent and reflective surfaces)
plus adjustable backlighting and contrast for easy visibility,
even in direct sunlight. Menu navigations and selections
can be made by touching the screen-or use the Dial-N-Key button
to scroll and select

Dual Internal Processors
The 14MZ takes advantage of two separate internal processors for
maximum efficiency and reliability. A custom Futaba processor
expertly directs all functions dedicated to flight control. Input
for general operating tasks-such as set-up and programming-is
processed by Windows CE.

Pre-Programmed Mixes
Numerous aircraft configurations are already programmed in-seven
wing types, four tail types and three motor types. Just select
the needed setup

Servo Grouping
Multiple servos controlling a single function can be set up
through the transmitter and then plugged into differently
adjustable receiver channels (even non-consecutively) without
needing a separate servo synchronizer for mixing.

Switch Customizing
The eight shoulder switches can be reconfigured to your own
preference-just pull out switch and plug in the preferred style,
tall or short, button or toggle, spring-loaded or positionable.

R5014DPS Receiver
By using state-of-the-art Ball Grid Array (BGA) layered PC board
technology, the 14MZ's R5014DPS 14-channel synthesized receiver is
the world's smallest. All pilots will appreciate how easy its
WFSS (Wireless Frequency Setting System) makes changing
frequencies at busy airfields. It can be done right from the
transmitter without changing crystals.

Lithium-Ion Transmitter Battery
Even with the 14MZ transmitter's brilliant, full-color display,
fliers will enjoy 2-3 hours of operating time per charge from the
included 7.4V, 2200mAh lithium-Ion battery pack

Compact Flash Card Data Storage & Transfer
Built-in 30-model memory, which can be expanded to 100 models
using the supplied Flash memory card. Upload digital images of
your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic menu. Create
and store audio files enabling you to fly to music or flight call
The transmitter also includes a built-in mic for recording and
storing up to 24 voice prompts, such as "Landing gear down" and
"Full throttle!" These prompts can be assigned to specific
switches and functions so that audio confirmations of proper
stick movement are heard through the transmitter's speaker.

INCLUDES: 14MZ transmitter including (MZ-DDS) RF module
R5014 DPS receiver (FUTL7700)
CFDP32M data pack memory card (FUTM9410)
LT2F2200 7.4V lithium ion transmitter battery (FUTM1475)
LBC-1D5 lithium ion transmitter battery charger (FUTM1700)
FBC-32 wall charger for receiver battery (FUTM1705)
NR4F1500 NiCd 4.8V receiver battery (FUTM1285)
Aluminum case with fully padded interior, two lockable latches and
two keys
Switch harness
Aileron extension cord
DSC (Direct Servo Control) cord
Woven adjustable neck strap
Rubber tipped stylus pen for touch panel, dress nut wrench, 2.5mm
and 1.5mm hex wrench
Instruction manual

REQUIRES: Charging batteries before use
Servos of modeler's choice

SPECS: Transmitter;
Operating System: 2-stick 14 channels, PCM-G3 synthesizer system
Transmitting Frequency: US only 72 mhz band
Modulation: PCM-G3, PCM1024 or FM/PPM switchable
Power Supply: 7.4V LT2F2200 Lithium Ion battery
Current Drain: 1 ampere maximum (RF power on and back light on)
700mA average

R5014DPS Receiver;
Receiving Frequency: US only 72 or 50 MHz bands
Intermediate Frequency: 10.7 MHz & 450kHz
Power Requirement: 4.8V NiCd battery
Current Drain: 75 mA
Size: 2" x 1.5" x 0.65" (52mm x 37.5mm x 16.5mm)
Weight: 1.16oz (33g)

COMMENTS: For a true mode change on this radio it must be sent to the Futaba
service center.

Suggested Futaba servos for use with the 14MZ include;
S9154 High Speed Digital Aileron Servo (FUTM0214)
S9151 Digital Rudder Servo (FUTM0211)
S9250 Digital Heli Servo (FUTM0220)
S9255 Digital Heli High Torque (FUTM0225)
Digital servos are not required but recommended for best performance

1- JR Custom TX aluminum case Retail $59.95 SALE $40.00
1-Triton charger newer software version, throwing in 1-used 12volt NI-Lead Battery,new but no box- great for monitoring charges where ever you need to. Retail $129.00 SALE $109.00
4- Hitec HS-55 servos Retail $19.00 Sale all 4 $60.00
JR R770 S 72 mHz 7 channel slimline PCM receiver /With RX Crystal Freq ch 37, plus 1-new dual conversion in package RX crystal freq ch 37
plus im throwing in 1-used GWS JR 4 channel Dual conversion RX W/ CH37 Crystal.
SALE $110.00

I will list other stock we may have at a later time pending if these do ok.
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Jul 11, 2005, 04:31 PM
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sno's Avatar
I'll take the HS55's for 60$ shipped!
You can PM payment info.
Jul 11, 2005, 04:32 PM
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1.21 Gigawatts!
Steph280's Avatar
Emailed you about the 14MZ.
Jul 11, 2005, 06:57 PM
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Is it summer yet?
gouda's Avatar
I'll take the JR case. PM me.
Jul 11, 2005, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Steph280
Emailed you about the 14MZ.
Email sent in reply..
Jul 11, 2005, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by sno
I'll take the HS55's for 60$ shipped!
You can PM payment info.
Please email me at for payment and shipping info.
Jul 11, 2005, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by gouda
I'll take the JR case. PM me.
Please email me at for payment and shipping info.
Jul 11, 2005, 08:52 PM
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Do U Kno Who's Yur Daddy?
thechosen1one's Avatar
Got any instore specials? Doors still open?
Jul 11, 2005, 08:54 PM
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And You're Not
Know This Guy?
Latest blog entry: My Quad
Jul 11, 2005, 09:29 PM
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dhooks6's Avatar
Yea I think I do......still owes me over $200 from stuff he sold that he never actually had.
Jul 11, 2005, 09:31 PM
Trader Rating: 129
Is it summer yet?
gouda's Avatar
So, we should be carefull I take it. Or better than careful?
Jul 11, 2005, 09:37 PM
Trader Rating: 125
And You're Not
I'm sure if he's a legitimate brick and mortar hobby shop, he'll have no problem posting all of his contact info here.
Latest blog entry: My Quad
Jul 11, 2005, 09:47 PM
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dhooks6's Avatar
I wouldnt mind talking to him actually.
Jul 11, 2005, 09:50 PM
Trader Rating: 129
Is it summer yet?
gouda's Avatar
We'll see if he does give actual contact info. If not, I'll not spend anything.
Jul 11, 2005, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dhooks6
I wouldnt mind talking to him actually.
If there is a problem here i sure did not mean to cause it.I'm sorry, what type of contact info would you preferr me to list with this ad and with this what all are you really even intrested in.I have no problem with giving anyone my phone number,address,State resale Tax ID number,Fed Tax Number,my birthdate, a copy of drivers permite,donor card,hell better than that i will be more than happy to just meet you in person and shake your hand.This is the reason for me not going internet sales to compete,the world has changed since 20yrs when i first opened,the better deals are on the internet,but are they? Looks to me you spend more time wondering whose legite and who is not.Sorry fellows a honest working man here,sorry for any head scratching this ad may have caused anyone.
Please disreguard all items listed and to anyone that is interested you can find items listed on ebay tomorrow please email me for listings.
Thank you

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