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Jul 11, 2005, 02:45 PM
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How to Adjust Tracking on FP Like90s... How???

Hi all,

I was getting quite a bit of vibs on my FP Hummingbird.

I noticed that one blade was tracking higher than the other.

Put some coloured tape on one blade, and found out which one was higher.

I then held the root of the blade, and either bent the tip up or down, depending which blade it was.

Didnt sort the tracking fully, but it removed pretty much ALL the vibs... Well, for about 60seconds.

I know have vibs back again. I reckon that one blade is tracking about 1-1.5cm higher than the other.

So basically, what is the proper method for correcting the tracking? Im guessing just bending them is not the best way to do it...

If it matters, I have a head stiffener, and have trimmed maybe 0.25cm of the end of each blade.

Hope you can all help,
Thanks, Duane
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Jul 11, 2005, 03:26 PM
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heat them slightly then bend

Jul 11, 2005, 07:23 PM
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I have never had to bend or twist a like90 blade. And I have a pile of them. I was taught to use the flybar paddles. You should start with them absolutely flat to each other. And also flat in relation to the thing flybar passes though.
If they still aren't tracking correctly tweek one paddle up or down. I tend to move the leading edge down on the paddle. (very little) If that doesn't do it. Put that one back to flat and move the other a little. It take very little movements.
Unless I have a very mismatched pair of blades I can normally get them to track perfect. This is on a DF with head stiffner.

Jul 12, 2005, 05:47 AM
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also.....what works for me to acheive a smooth head.

I never fly full length 'like90' fixed pitch blades. I take the min. of 2mm off of the tip(and that is for indoor flying). Most of my outside blades are 20mm shortened. (Chandler'loopzilla' flys identical, for outside). I fly VERY tight blades grips. Just loose enough to be able to adjust 'lag'. (and I have to fight to move it for that). For me any looser will come out of position while I am flying. I fly very hard and agressive. The helicopter is in 60 plus degree banks very much of the time.

I sight down the head and use the blade grip screws as 'gun sights' to tip of blade. (the far blade)Two screws parallel to leading edge. Cheating just a very little bit, very, very little. towards the leading edge. Just not quite parallel. Gives the absolute smoothest setting. If you miss too farward. the heli will wooble just a little. Parallel is good. Anything back of parallel will give vibration. As soon as you see vibration you probably have a blade lagging. BOTH BLADES HAVE TO MATCH EXACTLY.

If I fine tune before each flight. My micro antenna doesn't move or vibrate, at all. Of course I am usually in a hurry and have it pretty close. But, very small changes can make a big difference in these guys.

Before every flight. I adjust blades to finest adjustment using the sun to light the blade. Then I fine adjust the flybar paddles. then turn on radio, then turn on heli, then fly. If it isn't smooth. I land and adjust what I missed. And ALWAYS when it isn't smooth. I just didn't see something correctly when adjusted it before take-off. ALWAYS. A little tweak and smooth.
Jul 12, 2005, 09:31 AM
The Great Santini
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sometimes after even a minor crash the baldes may not track perfectly. I remove the head, loosen both blades and retighten them. I've had pretty good success putting the head down on the counter and tightening both sides gradually until they look to have identical tracking, then reattach to heli. I am using the carbon head stiffener form like90.
Jul 18, 2005, 04:55 PM
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I was having the same problem with my like90s. I found that when you bend some of the pitch out of a blade you really have to twist it, heat it and hold it for a minute. Mine were tracking about 3/4 of an inch apart and I couldnt' even get my head speed high enough to get off the ground. At forst I thought it was lionkage but after replacing the entire head I went back to tuning the blades which were new. I also had them track right on then let loose as you did. I figure it is the blade moving a little in the schring wrap. I just stayed on the detectign the high blade and removing pitch and they are almost perfect. I have also added a little pitch to the low one to try and bring them together. Like i said, I had to twist them much more then I thought you would have to to have it work.

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