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Jun 12, 2021, 07:55 PM
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Radiomaster TX16 flies the Turbo Timber

Radiomaster Tx16 and the Turbo Timber (10 min 8 sec)

A) Smooth as margarine !
B) TX16S - Am I loosing some control deflection ? Flying inverted , it really felt like I did not have enough elevator to hold inverted flight . Maybe it was cos I was trying to fly slower ? But it really felt like I had given up some throw , even in rolls .
C) I love the battery Voltage readout . ( Flight battery ) Makes flying so much safer . ( Knowing the flight battery voltage )
D) Being able to customize the main screen , nice !
E) No frequency fine tune . Oh dear ! ( more later )
F) I may try placing the battery a little further back next time ( CG ) , make holding inverted easier ? , one hopes .

Ok so , I am missing the frequency fine tune . Though the Tx16 is really smooth and precise . That roller / clicker is a PITA . I was getting more Signal warnings with the Tx16 than with the Qx7 + Multi protocol module . A lot more . ( Need that freq fine tune ) .

Aside from some things being (?) what they are . Scroll wheel / Switch crowding / Freq fine tune / some loss of control throw (?) I will have to check that .
Maybe it's just how the Tx feels ? Maybe it's too smooth and precise ? Flying a model , the Tx feels great on the gimbals and the model just flies smooth .
Too much of a good thing ?
Maybe I need to back off on the Expo ?
Either way . Id say over all that the Tx16 is a fine radio .. lets not forget that warranty thing if you take off the back cover to adjust the gimbals . That's just rude .. My throttle was way soft , I cant fly with that much softness in the throttle . So to make it comfortable , I have to flush the warranty down the toilet ?
Sorry Radiomaster , but thats just bad ju ju all around .


I measured the throws on the Volatex Sports Cub 500 , on account the model just felt lethargic and unresponsive .
Throws are the same .. Factory Tx VS Tx16
So it just has to be that the Radiomaster Tx16s is just so much smoother ..
Where the Factory Tx seems to just throw full deflection quickly the , Tx 16 is smoother and more precise so the deflection is more responsive on the model to the Tx16 . This makes the model feel lazy and unresponsive ( or should that be smooth ) ..


Hmmmm , Ok
So I was wondering about the constant signal warnings !
And I was lamenting the freq fine tune .. And then it crossed my mind .
Binding too close .. This can cause issues .
Now I haven't had a problem in the past , but that don't mean it wont be a problem NOW !
Hmm ,
So I moved a few more meters away from the TT and did a fresh bind ..
First it needs to be unbound and bound to another Tx ..
Then bound back to the original Tx ..
So I did this ..
And , it looks better .. Walking around the house I could not kick up a signal warning .
Maybe I need to do it again ? And further away again ?
Just might take it outside and do a range check first . Sun just came out ! ( One of those Dough! - Moments ? )

NOPE ! Made no difference - Range checked !
My whips don't have this issue , so ?
That signal warning does get on the nerves some !
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Jun 12, 2021, 10:54 PM
If it flies, I can crash it.
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It's the telemetry signal from the model to the TX that's probably generating the warnings. You can shut that off (the warning). Spektrum telemetry is short range compared to the RC TX's range so it's not unusual, apparently, for you to get telemetry lost warnings while flying.
Jun 13, 2021, 01:40 AM
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A telemetry warning ... Interesting ...
Low signal strength for telemetry ... I didn'y know about that function .
Thanks for the heads up , I'm a babe in the woods when it comes to UMX ..

Would it happen when range testing ?
Easy enough to test for I guess , turn off the telemetry function and range test .

Thank you , - something else to test for . Tomorrow should be a decent day , ill give it a shot and see what happens .
Jun 13, 2021, 01:51 AM
If it flies, I can crash it.
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No, it wouldn't happen with range testing. It's the signal being transmitted from the Timber that's the problem. That's just low power, by design. So if you fly far enough away you lose the telemetry link. If you want to know how the RC link is working, you have to look at Frame Loss and Hold counts after your flight. Someplace in the Model settings is an option to "disable telemetry warnings". Find that and select it and I bet your problem goes away.

Note, I too am new to the TX16S. I just got mine last week. But I am a *heavy* Spektrum user, so my immediate focus was everything specific to Spektrum. And this "issue" with telemetry warnings figures prominently.

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