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Jun 12, 2021, 03:11 PM
built flown + crashed it
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Build Log

Jart VP build log

First time blogger, here in the rolling hills of Wiltshire UK. Just getting back into slope soaring again after an eight or ten year break, older, fatter and much less fit than I used to be, feel the need to walk more around the local countryside, and the local hills in particular. I am quite lucky as the village where I live is in a valley and can fly off the slope in any wind direction, with a two to three hour hike to get there and back again. Of course its only ten minutes by car, some even less, but wont get fitter driving about, so will be generally walking to the slopes.
First hike today, and decided to carry two planes, a 48" Lumberjack that I have had for years, and an AHI which is new and only flown it once so far, in a rather light wind. Conditions today, thermally and rather light wind, 5 to 7 mph on the edge and dropping to zero, so a bit light for both planes but managed some flights with both, nice long grass for when I just ran out of lift. I had plenty of time to think though, between flights. What sort of planes do I want to fly? How to carry them to the slope with the backpack and bags that I have? What sort of planes would I like to build?
The AHI breaks down, which is why I bought it, though more fiddly to put together on the slope than I imagined, so carried it ready to fly this time. The Lumberjack fits onto the back of my pack no problem, just have to remember I am a wide load!!! Need one or two other somethings though, need for speed even in lighter lift is always there, but what can I comfortably carry? After watching many many vids of pitcherons flying, have decided I need one of them, two piece wing, removable tail, fast and can be built for light or strong lift, maybe I need several!!! The other idea that makes sense is a 1.5 to 2m mni f3f style plane with a two piece wing. Have a 60" shooting star ish plane hanging on the wall, needs some paint and gear, but one piece wing. Could carry it if I took the AHI apart so it fits in the rucksack I guess. So thats the short term plan, build some pitcherons and get the Shooting Star airworthy, while hiking and flying what I have got, as much as possibe.
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Jul 06, 2021, 07:59 PM
built flown + crashed it
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Jart VP progress

The Jart v-tail pitcheron is progressing. Thats a bit of a nouthful, will abreviate it to JartVP I think. Am about ready to start sticking things into the fuselage and finish off the paint work. Will be nice to get this one in the air as it should be a great plane to go hiking with, and hopefully light enough with a carbon joiner to fly in quite light winds, and with the steel one, cope with a bit more breeze. learning lots about pitcherons as I progress with this build, and am trying to standardize my moving parts, so can switch out wings between planes and see what suits me best. This wing set is 60" span with a HQW1.5.7.0 section, so am hoping it will be fairly quick. Same section as the 2m Erwin a mate used to fly, and was always impressed with it, so built this set for 60" racing. Tails are a symetrical hn section, cant remember which one, but the same as a shooting star/nemesis which was the modded fuse it was intended for. Was building quite a lot of stuff at the time, and these had an experimental finish, waxed the mylars as normal, then sprayed with water so it beaded up into droplets. Using a spirit based paint, sprayed black and white paint from alternate sides to give the drops a little depth, then hit it all over with metalic purple from a can. When the drops had evapourated, sprayed the mylars with white, then bagged as normal. It worked quite well, and is a distinctive looking wing set, could have done with a little more shadow to make the drops pop, but ok for a first attempt.
Mainly flying on my north slope the last couple of weeks, getting used to the Ahi, though not impressed with the taped on tails, they move to much in flight, gradually working back with the pushrod pressure and throwing the trim out. Going to stick them on permanantly, and carry the plane in one of my plce side pouches on the rucksack. This will leave my hands free to carry another model. Aquired a Nyx f3f recently which came with a hyperfight carry bag, so will see how I get on with carrying that to the slopes, think I will have to fit a shoulder strap to it first or it will make my arm ache.

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