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Jun 08, 2021, 09:05 PM
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Radiomaster TX16S

So at long last I got me a TX16s Hall Sensor bla bla Transmitter .

What don't I like ( First impressions ) Yeah there us stuff not to like !

That scroll wheel - I am really learning to hate that ! Yes , hate is a strong word .. BUTT ! Im really / really / learning to hate it !

Almost every time I want to press enter ( Scroll Wheel ) , that stupid wheel rolls and I end up entering the wrong function = massive PITA !

My kingdom for two ( That's two ) Two position switches .

Speaking of the switches , it really gets crowded up there with all those switches . And it's terribly easy to accidently activate / move the wrong one .

I guess that takes care of what I am learning to not like about this Tx .

Every Tx has a learning curve , the Tx16 is no different .
Been using OpenTx for a while now , and the menu lay out is way different .

First thing you should probably do is calibrate the joysticks N stuff .
Once that's done you can set up your first model .

For the model Menu - it's the silver button on the right side of the transmitter . Press and hold for the menu .

Now you can name your model N stuff .

The very first model to be bound is my Volantex Sports Cub 500 .

Scroll down till you get to protocols ..

For the Sports Cub it's V761 ( V761 ) & be sure to select 4ch .....
Now scroll down to bind ..

First power up your model ..
Then activate the bind function .
The model should bind without issue ..
Turn off the model and turn it on again , the bind should be solid .

Now use the 2nd black button from the top to scroll to the mixes menu .
CH5 is for modes , pick the 3 position switch you want to use to change flight modes ..
There be 3 - Beginner - intermediate - and expert ( No Gyro ) . So a 3 position switch .
You may wish to delete the remaining mixes if you want .

There is a selection of images on a Micro SD card to select from for your model image . Or

Or you could create your own image of the actual model .
I did a screen capture of the Cub , then shrunk it down ..
The images on the SD card are 192x96 pixel ... I dont know if larger pixel sizes are supported .
File size seems to range from around 4KB to over 20KB ..

Anyways , the micro SD card as a 256MB one ( The smallest you can buy ? ) .
Remove the SD card from the bottom of the Tx .
Then connect to your PC

I removed a few images I did not care for and then simply pasted my Cub image in the image folder with the other images .
Put the SD card back in the Tx .
Fired up the Tx and selected the Cub 500 image for the model . ( Volantex Sports Cub 500 ) .

And that's where I am at .

I put some LG 3500mAh 18650 in mine , these are probably overkill . Will do for now how ever .

Also you may want to set you battery working voltage levels . Audio levels and battery voltage warning .

That would be in the Tx Menu or left silver button .

I only just got this Tx , and I am going take the back off soon to adjust the gimbals and ???? Can the scroll wheel be adjusted ???????
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Jun 08, 2021, 09:59 PM
If it flies, I can crash it.
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You know there's already a thread for this radio, right?

I also just bought one, coming from Spektrum, it's quite a shock. I have an ix12 and ix20 and these Android radios are a lot easier to figure out. And they have touch screens, not click-rollers. Thankfully, there is google. A well formed search and most of the questions I have had about "how to" were easily answered.

I bought it because I wanted some flexibility over what my Spektrum radios do. I'm a programmer, so I can modify the radio's operation if I want. No way to do that with Spektrum...

Your problem with the roller may stem from the fact that the click switch thing is only on the bottom end of the roller. If you're pushing the whole thing down from the middle of the roller, as you might naturally be inclined to do, that's likely why you're rolling while clicking. If you put your thumb half way on the bottom of the roller and halfway on the body of the TX and then click, it doesn't roll at all.
Jun 08, 2021, 10:33 PM
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Thread OP
I will have to try that .. ( Where to thumb the roller )
Thread ? Yeah I know - But this is not a thread - It's my blog ..
And I will post my experience with the Tx16 here rather than pollute some one else's post with my opinions .

Ps / If I keep my thumb at the very bottom of the roller .. Then it seems to resist rolling .
So half my thumb is on the case or front cover , and the tip of my thumb on the roller .
Doing it like this and the roller does not roll on the click ..
But if my thumb is is on the roller and nothing but the roller ( no matter how high or low ) the roller wants to roll on the click .
So using the case/front cover for the lower part of the thumb , seems to act as a stabilizer .

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - But still don't like it .
I like Multi Protocol , why I got the Tx16 ..
Next I will have to try and bind that V911s board .
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Jun 08, 2021, 11:31 PM
If it flies, I can crash it.
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I bound mine to a small hexcopter that's using a Spektrum SRXL2 receiver, which supports telemetry. There are a few things with telemetry that aren't quite right I still have to figure out. But it only took a few hours of messing around to get the radio configured similarly to my ix20, including voice alerts for the various switches. This was actually pretty impressive that it was achievable without me having to spend a lot of time reading documentation to get it done. But it was far from smooth. OpenTX does things that are probably intuitive to the people who've used nothing else, but the user experience was much "cruder" than the Horizon Android radios. Still, it's doing all the same things as the Android radio. And now I can take advantage of stuff that Spektrum's programmers are unable to unwilling to implement. Like proper support for VTX control.

So overall, my impression of the TX16 is positive. You definitely need to be more of an engineer to figure it out, but it looks like it's capable of pretty much everything the much more expensive Horizon radio is capable of doing.
Jun 09, 2021, 01:01 AM
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Thread OP
Still haven't read the manual .
it's very intuitive .. ( OpenTx )
I like the pre installed models .
May actually be able to bind this Tx to one of my 450 size helicopters because of the pre installed models .
Something to look forward to .

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