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This versatile and multi-functional Pro Tiger Tray is perfect for your favorite RC Transmitter.


The Pro Tiger Tray

Tiger Transmitter Tray featured (3 min 1 sec)

From Flying Tiger

The Tiger Transmitter Tray will hold any transmitter up 11" wide. If you need something custom, contact us and we would be happy to manufacture a custom base plate to fit your particular transmitter.

This Tiger transmitter tray will give you years and years of service. Nearly indestructible comes with a lifetime guarantee.

No one offers this kind of guarantee and can say their tray is made in the good old U.S. of A.

The Pro Grip Shoulder Harness carries the Tiger Transmitter Tray comfortably and has been designed to offer maximum comfort and adjust ability. The Harness back is made of a light, soft, breathable material for maximum comfort. The Yoke is durable, soft and will not ride up your neck like other brand harnesses.

By attaching the included ring and clip, this quickly converts to a 1 Point harness for a transmitter without a tray. You can experience neck relieving comfort as the harness evenly distributes weight and pressure across the shoulders.

The nylon webbed strap is 1.25" wide and is adjustable for chests 28"~48". The 3" carabiner rings attach securely and easily to your transmitter tray.

The front straps, used to quickly adjust the height position of your tray or radio, are securely attached with industrial grade hook and loop. This allows convenient yet secure adjustment without the need to remove the harness.

The Pro Grip Shoulder Harness is custom made to exacting specifications and will fit any brand transmitter tray.

All of your switches are easily accessible and the transmitter's display can be viewed from any angle.

The optional Hand pads mount directly to your Tiger Transmitter Tray.

Adjustable rear guide allows for most any transmitter. You get the Hand Pads which are comfortably covered in 1/8" soft neoprene foam and comes with all necessary hardware. Our latest in Hand Pad ergonomics. Not only can they be positioned for tilt angle and left and right positioning but we’ve given the ability to move now up, down and diagonally which allows for perfect wrist and hand placement positioning for the most comfortable and stress free flying you will ever enjoy. We’ve expanded the hand pad access area to allow for SD card and charger/data cord insertion. The Tiger Tray hang arms are adjustable to allow your Transmitter Radio to hang at any angle that suits your flying style. From flat to straight down your Tiger Transmitter Tray will adjust to your requirements. Are you looking for a transmitter tray that works? Your transmitter simply slides in and is held securely without any fancy or complicated fasteners (we use wing nuts).

Pro-Grip Harness (1 min 24 sec)

Designed specifically for those of us with a bit of arthritis, carpel syndrome, or possibly a hand or arm handicap, you can rest your wrist on the hand pads while operating your transmitter on the Tiger Transmitter Tray with little to no stress. When you use the Pro Grip Shoulder Harness ($32.99 value) you will feel no weight at all around your neck and enjoy stress free flying.

Flying Tiger RC is Veteran owned & Made in the USA.

I've saved my spiel for last. If you want to be a more precise flyer whether you thumb the sticks or pinch them, please consider giving our product a chance. I just know you will like flying with our tray. I offer it with or without hand pads. The shoulder harness is quality and comfort.

Just because you have arthritis or other disability that makes it difficult to hold your transmitter, don't let that stop you from being able to fly again. We have helped dozens upon dozens of folks be able to have more control of the sticks with the use of our hand-pads and shoulder harness combo. So I've hidden a coupon code deep in this page to help you cover some cost. Here it is: get10 Thanks for reading.

Learn More!

Head over to the site for more information!

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May 28, 2021, 02:48 PM
Sagitta Fanboy
This is an EXTREMELY poor tray design, especially for any radio that has an antenna in the handle, like all the Diversity Spektrum DX radios, the iX12 and many others.

The reason is the use of aluminum for the tray rather than using a RF-transparent material like acrylic sheet.

This design will negatively impact radio performance, because the aluminum tray acts as a ground plane and distorts the RF field generated by the antennas.

You can easily test this yourself with a metal table and your radio. Do a range test with the radio in your hands and well away from the table, then test again with the radio sitting on the metal table. You will see some degradation of the performance with most radios, and a much more severe degradation with radios that have an antenna mounted in the handle (like the Gen2 Spektrum radios with Diversity or the 900MHz antenna on FrSky's new X20)
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May 31, 2021, 10:10 AM
Registered User
2fast4u2c's Avatar
Thank you for your warning. We have sold over 2,000 units with Zero, zip, nada complaints. Please read our page after page of reviews and Great comments about our tray.

There will always be haters.

You would think that this comment would upset us. Nah, I know our product is great, our over 2000 users think it’s great and I know you will too. Since I stand behind every product we make, I would never let a product stay on the market if I even thought for a minute a customer would hurt his plane. No one has.

No One.
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Jun 06, 2021, 02:49 PM
FL, Sanford
Wrecking Ball's Avatar
mawz is scientifically correct though. He is also not hating, just strongly suggesting to change to another material.

I bet the majority of your customers use Spektrum radios which already have reputation of not being very reliable in terms of radiolink...

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