Tamiya Egress Timelapse Build - Chill Video

Sometimes you just need to chill out and watch a relaxing video. That's exactly what YouTuber Mechanic After Hours provides us with in his timelapse build of the Tamiya Egress RC car.


Great Build Video on the Egress

Sometimes you just need to chill out and watch a relaxing video. That's exactly what YouTuber Mechanic After Hours provides us with in his timelapse build of the Tamiya Egress RC car. The video is 42 minutes long making it a very detailed build video.

Click here to see the video

Here's the description from the builder.

This is a time lapse build of a custom Tamiya Egress. At the end of the video I show the complete results. In 1989 I came across the Tamiya Egress. I never had an RC when I was young but fantasized about having one or two. I was fully aware of every kit that came out around that time and voraciously read anything RC related. The Egress was one of two (Yokomo 870c was the other) that I dreamt of having. Interestingly, the Tamiya Avante never did much for me, I felt it was an extroverted car that wanted attention. The Egress, an upgraded performance version of the Avante was somewhat the opposite. It’s the Avante’s introverted but more talented sibling, overshadowed by the Avante’s bling. In 2013, the Egress was re-issued. By then, I wasn’t interested in RC cars anymore. But in 2020, I came across a new one for sale and decided to purchase it.

As for the build theme, I was always drawn to one decal on the Egress—“Hairy Ogre.” The Egress was probably Tamiya’s top 4WD pre TRF and it deserves the “Ogre” moniker. But at a glance it doesn’t look as brutish or ogre-like. It needed to be wider and lower (wide like a Yokomo 834B) and low like a CAT XL/S. And the car’s greenhouse needed to be narrower. It was too tall, long, and friendly. I decided to widen it a bit by using two bodies, cutting the sides on one and adding it to the other as an extension. (I kept the original body and decals for the future and used TBG replica bodies). With that effect, it also gave the car a little Japanese culture—it looks like plates from a samurai’s armor. Keeping the silver color was intentional for two reasons: 1) I still wanted it to resemble the iconic Egress at first glance; 2) with the side extensions and samurai armor effect, silver felt natural. The decals for the windows where shortened and re-cut to project an aggressive stare. The decal livery and color was intentional as well. The original orange was always off—didn’t really complement the red/black/silver. So I kept that out. Most of the decals were redone on the computer and cut using a vinyl router. I also had MCI reprint some monochromatic ones because I needed the side panel decals with the Tamiya word.

Since I don’t have a proper track around me, I decided to lower the car just to run on flat surfaces. I think the Egress benefits from a nicer looking stance. I added nylon tube spacers to keep the car low—and also added rear 10mm wheel spacers to add to the width. I added carbon fiber lower side skirts for a more wider look. Then used an AE vintage wing with custom cut endplates. I think visually, the stance, width, wing, narrow greenhouse decals makes it quite aggressive—closer to the “Ogre” moniker. In addition, I’m a fan of Japan’s Super GT Autobacs race, and the team I like is Arta Racing. Their livery palette is somewhat the same and I decided to combine it with the theme. As a little detail, I made decals for my Egress storage bin to mimic something like an Arta toolbox.

As for the mechanical, electronic, and miscellaneous parts, I believe the Egress deserves better parts—if you go for an Egress, improve the parts as well because it’s an iconic kit. There’s a fair number of upgraded aluminum parts. I also used an Acto TRF motor (with upgraded brushes), KO Propo RSX3 servo, and a 1990’s Tekin Pro Pulse 700 ESC—quite brutish in my opinion. It’s an old ESC and a little glitchy but the punch is still insane even if I lower it. In fact, with the motor, I probably could tighten the ball diffs more. But if I had a choice I would’ve maybe installed a Tekin 4xx series. Aside from switching to stainless hex screws, I sparingly used some gold plated hexes, nuts, and turnbuckles (from Square Japan and Kyosho). I think it adds a touch that conveys quality. I wanted different front wheels—something deep/conical but with a similar diameter to the stock Egress wheels. It also had to have a glossy finish. I found vintage Pro-Line wheels and dyed them black. The tires for display use are vintage as well, from CRP—that was intentional because I always liked the lettering style (and the words “Dynamite Racing”) on their tires. For running, I use Pro-Line Shadows (mostly for the thread pattern) paired with Schumacher wheels.

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