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Apr 23, 2002, 06:28 AM
tic's Avatar strikes again

I ordered and paid for 3 CP-1700 eight cell packs from eflightpower.. I spoke to Shawn and told him they MUST be soldered packs.. I also wrote this in the internet order.. Well, at least I didn't lose a model.. but the bottom of the packs were turning black, melting the plastic cap.. I pulled the cap and low and behold, a single welded battery bar across the cells, it basically disintegrated in my hands.. I pull the top cap off and what do you know.. the battery lead wires are attached with..... yup, welded tabs.. gee thanks, another satisfied customer.
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Apr 23, 2002, 07:12 AM
Practice makes pieces..
mluniewicz's Avatar
Not to be confused with - I've ordered from Tony a couple of times and been very happy with service and what I received. (I'm still amazed at how fast my orders are delivered - by far the quickest vendor I've delt with).

- matt
Apr 23, 2002, 01:02 PM
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You are now a graduate of L&L University.
Apr 23, 2002, 05:52 PM
Stress Be Gone
GBR2's Avatar
After all the posts about this guy and his business why would anyone even order anything from him? Must be one of those mysteries of life.
Apr 24, 2002, 09:05 PM
tic's Avatar
The order was placed and received long before any of the negative posts started flowing in.. sometime last Oct. I believe
Apr 25, 2002, 02:19 PM
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Wantab's Avatar
Sorry to hear about that tic. He is still in business (somehow) and is now offering free shipping on ESC. No loss for him since he appartently never ships the orders anyway?

I really thought he would be out of business by now!

Apr 29, 2002, 08:17 PM
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I was eagerly awaiting to grab the domain name and point it somewhere else, but the day before would give it to me (20 days after it technically expired) he apparently renewed it. Truly a disappointment. I had the web site all planned out in my head.