Tom Siler's Razor F3K DLG

Tom gives us some insight into his new super high aspect ratio plane, the Razor. Watch the video and tell us what you think.


Watch out for the Razor

Tom Siler brought his new baby out to the F3K contest in Florida this weekend and we got to check it out in person. It looks like a lot of fun!! The super high aspect ratio and light weight design allows this thing to climb out in the tiniest of thermal bubbles and turn incredibly tight circles. He's still dialing things in and it's actually really designed for an electric motor and the F5K contest format, but it's super cool to see this thing out on the field with a throwing peg.

Check out the video below for more insight on Tom's Razor and let us know what you think about this plane in the comments below.

Tom Siler's Razor F3K DLG (1 min 28 sec)

Razor Flight (1 min 32 sec)

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May 01, 2021, 09:20 PM
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What, he doesn't even throw it? I wanted to see it fly -
May 03, 2021, 07:09 AM
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I'll be adding some video soon!
May 03, 2021, 07:13 AM
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Here's a shot of the pod.
May 04, 2021, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Jason Cole
Here's a shot of the pod.

Thats nice to see a pod with plenty of room to work in.
May 04, 2021, 07:16 AM
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LOL Funny.... the pod you're seeing is the v2 and I've only built three airframes so far. The first one was super tight, so I increased the forward diameter by 1mm which doesn't seem like much but it's a huge improvement.

Thank you Jason for taking the time to shoot some video of this. The first airplane you produce is always a test run and generally I don't let the cat out of the bag until things are pretty well baked but I wanted to take it along to Florida to show it off a little. Also thanks Jason for letting me time for you later in the comp when you made that big hero run over to the hillside. That was probably the ballsiest thing I've seen in a while, and far more calculated than the long runs I made this weekend.

The Razor has been a pure blast to fly. I used it in three rounds this weekend even though I didn't have a good launch program on it, didn't have ballast, and honestly the launch peg needed a lot of tweaking. The first round I used it in was last flight five minutes, where I knew I only had to get it in the air and get a read. I threw once about 30m and made a quick scout around the field then relit with about a 50m launch and skied out pretty much immediately. My altimeter data after the flight showed the max height was 152m around 1:40 into the flight. Even though I didn't have ballast, this model is a little heavy (>11g/dm^2) at 209g since my theory in life is to always make the first one flyable, then worry about weight later once you know what's strong enough and what's not. Once I got high I had a chance to drive around the sky a little bit and do some travel testing, which proved to be a lot of fun. Even in the turbulent conditions it moved around without issue and I even heard a comment from the peanut gallery about how quick it was going back upwind.

There was a flutter incident on the third round I used it. It was the 1-2-3-4 and I threw at the opening buzzer for an easy read on the 4. Being pretty high about 2:30 in, I came back down to about 60m and cruised upwind of the field to look for a source to get my 3. There was another big piece of air about 200m upwind of the field (perfect since they were moving pretty quickly) and relit for the three. When I threw the airplane, there was a low frequency flutter that I'm pretty much sure everyone within a county or two heard. It was the left flapperon (throwing peg side) and it happened because I had forgotten to snap on the flapperon horn keepers when I assembled the model. Oleg had even commented about that earlier in the morning but I wasn't really planning on flying this model so I didn't worry about it. The flapperon is obviously pretty overbuilt because there was no damage from the incident and I was able to make the three minute flight with one flapperon dangling from about a 30m launch. The lift that particular round was THAT easy.

So I will let some of the people who saw it in the air comment on how it flew, but I can say from the transmitter side of things: Once I get a couple of these built and dialed in, I suspect I will not be flying anything else anymore. This airplane circles like nothing I've ever flown. It honestly will turn as tightly as a 1m ship. I expect the normal layup to be under 190g all up, which is nearly 20g lighter than my current flying ship... making this already ridiculously nimble airplane even more so. The wide flapperons give a huge amount of camber control and provide a huge amount of braking power. Roll authority in gusty air is ridiculous too, though you can definitely use too much and feel the drag if you bang on the controls. I intentionally made the elevator pylon a little tall, which gets the tail up in the clearer air and provides mechanical clearance for a large elevator deflection if you want it. With the brakes full down, it takes a fair bit of down elevator mix (5-6mm) to keep the airplane neutral... and even more is needed for pitch authority with the flaps deployed. I can't wait to get the launch mode dialed and work on the peg so I can see what quick turns feel like with this. I suspect it will be fun.

Look for more video and photos to pop up from this past weekend. I know when I flew it those three rounds that there were several cameras around.
May 04, 2021, 12:34 PM
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Added some flight footage in the main article.
May 07, 2021, 05:55 PM
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Well done my friend !!! That is very cool

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