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Jun 30, 2005, 02:31 PM
100mph club member
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Hitek Laser 4 dual servo ailerons + elevator?

First I'll say, I hope this is the right forum. This question could just about fit into any catagory.

My equipment: Hitek Laser 4 transmitter with GWS R6P II receiver
on the receiver channel 1(rudder) and channel 2(elevator) mix to form V-tail
channel 2(elevator) and channel 4(aileron) mix to form elevons.
channel 3 is left for the throttle (ESC)

First and foremost... what is the difference between V-tail mixing and Elevon mixing? Essentially they both do the exact same thing. Is it simply a matter of which stick it applies it to. Left stick for elevons and right stick for V-tail?

But my real question of course is how to run dual servo ailerons on the wing plus a separate elevator at the tail with my radio. It's just a standard plane, not a wing. I'm thinking it cannot be done. Which seems strange. Unless of course I can run a Y-connector out of the Rx's aileron channel? Then rig each aileron servo horn opposite of the other. I'm just worried about the voltage requirements of two servos coming out of one output. The reason I want to do this is because running two micro servos (one for each aileron) would be a lot easier than rigging a bunch of control horns and linkages from one servo.
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Jun 30, 2005, 02:35 PM
S.A.D. member
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V-tail uses ruddervators for both rudder and elevator functions. You can still have ailerons with a V-tail.

Elevons are used on flying wings (no tail), so the elevons are performig aileron and elevator functions. You can still have a rudder in this case - as you can see they are quite different.

For 2 aileron servo configuration you can run them out of a Y-harness, do the mechanical reversing and use a 4-channel radio, or plug each servo in a separate channel - then you need a 5 or 6 channel radio (transmitter and receiver).

2 aileron servos connected to the receiver using a Y-harness is done all the time with no problems.
Jun 30, 2005, 02:45 PM
100mph club member
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Thanks. Looks like the Y-harness is the way I'll do it.

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