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Smart G2 FAQ

Do G2 Smart batteries require a Spektrum Smart charger for charging?

- Yes – only a Spektrum Smart charger with G2 firmware will charge and balance a G2 Smart LiPo battery. Go to to search for the latest charger and battery firmware for your product.

Why do the G2 Smart batteries NOT have a balance connector?

- G2 Smart batteries have a very fast, integrated proprietary self-discharge and cell balancing circuit. G2 batteries require a Smart charger to charge and balance your G2 battery safely.

Is it normal for my G2 battery to warm up during a balance-charge and auto-storage event?

- Your G2 battery will give off heat during a balance-charge and when it is discharging to a safe storage voltage. The battery is working hard to keep your battery healthy. It monitors the temperature during these two events and will slow down to stay within proper temperatures.

Do I need a Spektrum Smart charger to charge my Smart batteries?

- G2 Smart batteries DO require a Spektrum Smart charger with G2 firmware loaded on it to charge and balance your G2 Smart battery.

- G1 Smart batteries with a balance lead do NOT require a Spektrum Smart charger for charging.

Do I need to update my Spektrum Smart charger to charge Smart batteries?

- Your Spektrum Smart charger may require a firmware update to charge G2 Smart batteries. To find out if your Smart charger needs an update before charging G2 Smart batteries please go to, find your product, and go to the manuals and support tab to find updating instructions.

Why does my fully charged Smart battery show low voltage when I go to use it days later?

- Every Smart battery has “auto-storage” mode on when they ship from Horizon Hobby. - The default auto-storage mode is 72 hours and 3.90V/cell. This means that a fully charged Smart battery will begin to self-discharge to 3.90V/cell after 72 hours of non-use. You can change or turn off auto-storage mode via a Smart battery checker or your Smart charger.

How fast (what amperage rate) can I charge my Smart batteries?

- Smart batteries default at 1C (1x total capacity of the battery in ampere hours). Check your Smart battery’s label for its recommended maximum charge rate.

Are Smart G1 batteries being replaced by Smart G2 batteries? - No! We are going to keep both in the line up to help meet all RC needs.

Do you have a battery to fit my needs?

- We have a very wide variety of G2 and G1 batteries that meet most RC needs from RC airplanes to high speed drag racers. Check out for more details.

Will Smart chargers (G1 / G2) charge ANY brand of battery?

- Yes – your G1 and G2 Smart charger will charge nearly any RC hobby battery. Please refer to your manual for a full listing of battery types that can be charged with your Smart charger.

How do I update my Smart G1/G2 charger?

- You can find if updates are available for your Smart charger by going to, searching for your model of charger, clicking on the manuals and support tab, and selecting the updating instructions link.

Can I charge two batteries on same IC3 + IC5 port on Smart G2 chargers?

- No – the slider on the IC3/IC5 port of your Smart charger is designed to prevent connecting two batteries to the port simultaneously. Do not remove the slider from the IC3/IC5 port on your Smart charger.

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May 01, 2021, 01:16 AM
Registered User
Do the G2 smart batteries self discharge to storage voltage after a specified time even without being connected to the smart charger? How is this possible?
May 01, 2021, 09:16 AM
Registered User
They have a chip inside the battery pack that keeps track of everything. It probably won't make a difference with most planes but the Smart Batteries are larger. A 3200 mAh will not fit in my Maule. The pack is about 1/2" longer than a regular pack of same capacity
May 01, 2021, 02:53 PM
Registered User
Thanks BelAirBob. This size and weight is a concern with rotary wing. I have noticed an 850 smart is almost same size as 1000 or even 1300 depending on manufacturer and the 850 smart is only a little lighter. So at double the cost and significantly shorter flight time, not sure if it is an acceptable trade off.
May 01, 2021, 03:01 PM
Registered User
Do we need Smart batteries? No. Do we need expo and all the other stuff a computer radio can do? No. But sure makes things a lot easier. I just plug in a Smart battery and it knows how to charge it, keeps track of cycles and everything else. G2, we don't have to play with the balance leads. So definitely the future like some many things.

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