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Apr 12, 2021, 04:00 AM
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Topmodel cz adriana

In this a small build up log. I’ll go ONLY through the issues in the building manual that I have encountered and can give some advice on (The remarks could be also good for other TOPMODEL CZ models).
I have ordered the ADRIANA glider directly from TOPMODEL CZ shop. It was packed nicely and has arrived in perfect condition.
Building parts quality looks just great.

The order/# of my remarks will be by the order of the manual pages/stages.

Page 1 Stage 6:
Manual say 4mm drilling. In my case the 4mm was too wide/loose. I would like it to be a tight fit.
Make a hole on a side balsa and check your drill diameter before…
Also, drilling with a Dremel made on one occasion a smudge of the cover inside the hole. The walls of the hole became red. This might prevent a good connection of the glue. My advice is to drill in low speed (low heat).
Last issue is the flap rotation angle. The manual requires 60deg flap angle.

I could not reach 60deg with this horn. If this angle is important to you, check (and replace your flap ball horn) before you drill and glue it.

Stage 7:
I have bought these 6 Pin MPX Plugs.

The soldering of these plugs to the cable is a mess. There are out there some other plugs with an easier soldering pins.
In the end I stayed with the original servo plugs. I took the metal pins out of the plastic frame, inserted the cable threw the wing and insert the pins back to the frame.

Stage 8 and 9:
If you glue the flap/aileron control horn base (stage 8) and then the ball connector (stage 9), glue might get into the ball connector socket and prevent (stage 9) screwing it in.
I have connected both parts together first (stage 9) and then glue them in (stage 8).
Do not do these steps before Page 3 Stage 5!

If you will glue the flaps horns (page 1 stage 8,9) before Page 3 Stage 5 (like I did), you will not be able to easily glue the inside tape of the flaps.
Glue the tape (Page 3 Stage 5) and afterwards glue the horns (page 1 stage 8,9).

Page 5, Stage 11, 13.

For me these are the most annoying issues.
Stage 11, shows that you have to make holes in the motor mount plate for the motor. You might think that the motor mount plate is already installed. No, you must glue it.
The motor plate comes with 25mm between the motor screws, where most motors come with 16mm and 19mm like in this motor example.

The plate should be 2deg down and 1.5deg to the right. There is no clue where from to try and measure the downward orientation….
My body arrived with the front cut in an angle far from the one in the drawing.
Bottom line in this issue:
- Ask for a plate that is good for your motor. If it will not be replaced, buy a new one with the plane.
- If there is a paid option for TOPMODEL to glue the right plate in the right angle for you, use it.
- If none of the above is good for you, make the new motor holes before you glue the plate and take the time to put it in the right angle.

Page 6 Stage 16
Take a good Look. There are already holes in the wing leading edge that are covered. Just open (cut) the cover.

Page 6 Stage 20.
After the previous find, I saw holes in the trailing edge under the wing cover and was sure that I can use them. I drilled threw the existing holes in the trailing edge and found out that they do not fit the body placement as you can see in the following pic.

Had to make another hole and ended with two holes in the trailing edge of the wing…

Page 6 Stage 21.
If you make 4mm holes threw the wing, body and plate, there is no option to insert from the bottom side the supplied nut (2-3).

I bought another kind of M4 nut (see following pic.) that was much easier to insert from the bottom side and did not required another drill.

This summery cover most of my remarks.

I’ll add pics and update if necessary, after getting the motor, balancing and flying the plane.
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