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Apr 20, 2002, 08:25 PM
rojoyinc's Avatar

Electra Jet or Typsy - Anyone got a Electra JET VIDEO CLIP?

I've love to see how the Electra Jet flies...

I was about to order one, (I have a Tiger moth only so far)
and A friend got a Tipsy and I helped him build it. (other way around really) as I did most of it.

anyway he did his first flight today other than with the FMS sim and it had a awesome flight. Just watching the Tipsy made me wonder if I want one of those instead of the Electra Jet????

Though it's a plus to have DIFFERENT models so we can share and have more variety - I can't help buy want one of my own?

Any comments - I'd love to see a Electra Jet video clip if anyone can put one online. (higher quality and longer the better.)

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Apr 20, 2002, 10:42 PM
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I have no way to capture video :/ I've been experimenting with throws and CG on my electrajet. So far It has been ultra stable, with really snappy rolls (upto 75% on the rates, about 3/4" deflection so far). I need to move the CG back a bit more to help the loops (It was back earlier, but I had moved it forward after making a bunch of changes to ensure a good flight). I tend to fly it wide open throttle the whole flight (other than landing) although it will fly on a lot less (I think around 1/2 stick) just not as much fun for me
Apr 21, 2002, 10:20 AM
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E-Jet Type Aircraft


I have a twinjet and pico jet, I don't have any video but I'm in GR and if you would like to watch them fly sometime you're welcome to it. These pusher jets need a lot more room than the slowflyers, and they penetrate the wind way better. I've heard the Electra jet is somewhat slower with it's geared motor. The Twinjet by far is the most exciting, the stock speed is comparible to a .40 size trainer.

Apr 21, 2002, 12:56 PM
rojoyinc's Avatar
Hi again Rich, I'd love to see them.
Simply email when you're heading out. I met someone named Joe who lives in G.H but works and flies during his lunch breaks at John Ball Park, so I've meet him a few times there to fly. (we had that nice warm spell, but cold today!)

Anyway - My daughters b-friend has a newly completed Tipsy and my son has a Sky Surfer... we usually fly at Kenowa Hills H.S. soccer field.

Send me a email when you're heading out and I'll meet up with ya. I don't work this time of year so anytime is fine.
email me direct at rojoyinc@attbi.com