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Mar 29, 2021, 12:12 PM
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Setting up AS3X on an AR8360 Receiver with an iX20

Setting up AS3X on an AR8360 Receiver with an iX20

This is the short hand version of following John Adamís AR637T videos with some added extras I use on my plane. Substitute as needed for your plane. I will add screen copies when I get time. I wanted something simple to follow instead of referring to the videos.

The plane has Flaps & uses Crow. Uses 3 channels & trim switches to control the gyro gain in roll, pitch and yaw independently

Receiver Forward Programming Flight Mode Channel is Aux4
Gyro Gain Channels are on X+1, X+2, X+3
RTrim - Elevator compensation adjust when Crow is on
LTrim - Adjust gain of ailerons AS3X gyro axis, Gain channel X+1
LTTrim - Adjust gain of elevator AS3X gyro axis Gain channel X+2
RTTrim - Adjust gain of rudder AS3X gyro axis Gain channel X+3

I use 3 receiver Flight Modes:
FM1: no gyro
FM2: Rate gyro On
FM3: Rate gyro On and Crow deployed

Setup the transmitter
Create a new model in your iX20
Bind the new model to the AR8360 receiver
Model Setup/Aircraft Type choose your wing settings
Here Iím using 2 Ailerons, 2 Flaps and Normal Tail

Model Setup/Menu Setup
Channel count to 12 or above
Set XPLUS to On

Model Setup/Channel Assign/ set Aux4 to Switch B
Set all other channels to Inhibit

Model Setup/Flight Mode Setup set Switch 1 to switch B

Model Setup/Trim Setup choose how you want the gyro gain switches
to act. Common on all FMís or different on each FM. Set each Trim switch you are using to the appropriate setting.
Normally you set the flight surfaces to Common and the Trim switches used to Flight Mode.

Setup the receiver
Model Adjust/Forward Programming/Other Settings/Factory Reset

Model Adjust/Forward Programming/ Gyro Settings/First Time Setup
Set the orientation
Gain Channel Select - Xplus-1
Switch - Left Trim Digital
Apply, receiver reboots. Hit Connect

Model Adjust/Forward Programming/ Gyro Settings/F-Mode Setup
FM Channel: Aux4
Switch: Switch B
Still in F-Mode setup, set Flight Mode 1 to Inhibit to have no gyro on FM1

Model Adjust/Forward Programming/ Gyro Settings/AS3X/set everything here to your preferences
I use:
Rate Gains 70, 80 90
Priority 100, 100, 100
Heading 0, 0, 0
Gain sensitivity 2X

Model Adjust/Forward Programming/ Gyro Settings/System Setup/Gain Channel Select:
Set up 3 gain channels, for roll, pitch & yaw,
Roll X+1
Pitch X+2
Yaw X+3

Create 3 mixes to adjust the gains
LT > X+1 100%, 100%, 0%, Switch B active on 2,3
LTT > X+2 100%, 100%, 0%, Switch B active on 2,3
RTT > X+3 100%, 100%, 0%, Switch B active on 2,3

While you are at it, create a mix for Crow on FM3:
FL > LAL 70%, 70%, -15, Switch B active on 3
And create a mix for flap elevator compensation on FM3:
RT > ELE 100%, 100%, 0%, Switch B active on 3

To complete the Crow/Flaps go into Model Adjust/Flap Setup
Enter appropriate values on setting 3 and assign them to switch B

Enter your rates using switch B: Model Adjust/Dual Rates and Expo

Thatís it.
Remember the throttle must be above 25% for AS3X to be active
If you are working on an electric plane, this can be dangerous.
Remove the prop for electric plane setups.
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