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Mar 23, 2021, 04:32 PM
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Possible reasons Spektrum receivers won't start up

Possible reasons Spektrum receivers won't start up

AS3X Related
The plane control surfaces are not at center as in when you have Flap/Crow/elevator comp active.
There is excessive trim on a control surface.
The plane is not on a level surface(Not all receivers).
The airplane is not stable. Wind shaking the plane can stop the gyro from initializing. I have found that with my AR8360T receiver, I cannot hold the plane still enough to have it start up. The plane must be on the ground.

RF Related
The receiver is not bound or has lost it's bind to the transmitter.
Bind plug was left in the receiver.
The Bind plug is plugged into the wrong port(very common on AR9350's)
The transmitter model is bound to a different aircraft.
The receiver battery is dead.
The transmitter is too close to the receiver(4 feet minimum).
All required satellite receivers are not installed and bound.
The satellite receivers are plugged into the wrong ports.
One of the bound remote satellite receivers got disconnected.
Don't try to connect to your receiver in a poor environment, such as a metal shed,
or on bleachers, or in the back of your pickup truck, or with the antennas against the ground (common glider mistake).
Your transmitter(iX12 & iX20) automatically placed itself into "Tx Auto Sleep".
Here is another that looks like a receiver did not start or the reason some say their receiver lost bind when it did not. Some transmitters(iX12 & iX20) will automatically place themselves into "Tx Auto Sleep" within a certian time after the inactivity alarm. On my radio Auto Sleep turns off the RF (and the orange LED goes out) but not the the screen. So it looks like it is not bound but it is simply the RF has been turned off. Simply moving a stick, depending on how you are setup, may silence the Transmitter Inactive alarm, but will not turn the RF back on. Go to Model System Settings > System Configuration > and scroll down to "Tx Auto Sleep" . The shortest time you can reduce this to is 1 Min, and you cannot turn it off. So if someone claims their radio has lost bind, check and see if the orange LED is lit. If not, double tap to get to the Sleep mode screen and verify RF is off. Slide the RF slider to on and touch apply, to Tx exit sleep mode and the orange LED comes back on.

To test and see how your radio is setup, set both Tx Inactivity Alarm and Tx Auto Sleep to the shortest times. The Orange LED should go out, but you still hear the Transmitter Inactive alarm. Move a stick to silence the alarm, but the LED does not relite.

Sherman Knight
Electric Plane Specific

The flight pack battery is dead or not connected properly.
The ESC is not arming .
Lower your throttle trim or end point a few clicks. If you don't get the startup sound from the ESC it means it's not seeing low-enough throttle. There's a little bit of "bounce" at the ends of the stick travel. If you pull throttle all the way back and let go, it may be off by a couple of counts each time. if it's even one count too high, no ESC init.


Having the lights come on the receiver is not an indication that it has fully started up.

You can start the receiver or transmitter 1st. The order doesn't matter.

If anyone comes up with other reasons, post it here and I will add it.

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