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Mar 23, 2021, 03:48 PM
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Upgrading a "color" radio -

I volunteered to provide "how to" instructions on a thread when upgrading from OpenTx to 2.2.2 to OpenTX 2.3.11 on an X10 radio. The following is what I sent. It will work on Horus, Jumper, and RadioMaster radios.

Note that if you are starting from a version earlier than 2.2.2 there is no "bootloader" mode, and you'll have to do a bit more searching to find out how to use "zadig" to flash the radio. The following assumes you have used Companion and are familiar with setting it up, uploading/downloading models, etc. AND that you are conversant with setting up folders/subfolders and moving files between them in Windows.

It also assumes you have both Companion 2.2.2 and Companion 2.3.11 installed on your computer.

On with the show:

Start by setting up two master folders. Actual names and places where things are stored can be anything, as long as you know what has been put, where.
I'll call one "222" and one "2311" for this.

Inside "222" create these subfolders: "Firmware", "Models" and "SD Card".
Inside "2311" create like folders - "Firmware", "Models" and "SD Card".

Put the radio into bootloader and plug in the USB cord. Do NOT open either version of Companion, yet. I'll assume your SD Card is visible in Windows as drive E:.
Select and copy everything on the SD card to the "222/SD Card" folder.
Open Companion 2.2.2.
Click on the "Read Firmware from Radio" icon. When it asks for you to save it, navigate to the "222/Firmware" folder, and save it there. Name it whatever you like. This will be a "just in case it all goes wrong" backup, and we should not ever need to use it.
Now in Companion, click on "Read Models and Settings from Radio" icon. When the list presents itself, go to "File/Save As" and save it to the "222/Models" folder. Again, naming it whatever you like.

Close Companion. Nothing should be open on your desktop. Unplug the radio, and turn it off.
Go to: and download the SD file for your radio, with the most recent date .
Using Windows, or what ever you have to unzip files, extract this to the "2311/SD Card" folder.

Open Companion 2.3.11
Go to "File/Download" and click on "Download Firmware" When asked, save it in the new "2311/Firmware" folder. Click on "OK" to close the download box.
Go to "File/Open" and navigate to the "222/Models" folder. Select the ".otx" file you saved there.
It may warn that models need to be converted, select "yes" if so.
Tempting as it may be to look over the models to see if they made the transition, don't do it yet.
Just go to "File/Save As" and save this to the new "2311/Models" folder.
Close this list of models.

We need to get the SD card files to be completely useable with your existing models. This means bringing over any Images, Models, Sounds, Scripts or Widgets that you added to the radio after you got it.

In Companion, go to "File/Synchronize SD"
The Local Folder will be the "222/SD Card" folder.
The Radio Folder will be the "2311/SD Card" folder.
Set Sync Direction to be: "↓ Only from source folder to destination folder"
Set Existing Files to be: "Copy only if newer and different (compare contents)".

Take a deep breath, and hit "Start"

Using Windows File Explorer, check the Images, Models, Scripts, Sounds and Widgets folders in "2311/SD Card". They should line up with what was on the original 222/SD Card listings.
If your Amber sound file names are 6 characters or less, they will work. If not, you'll have to hunt down the updated sound pack. It's available, but I don't have a link....

Important - make sure there are files listed under "Models", "model1.bin, model2.bin," etc. And that there are a "txt" and a "bin" file under "Radio"

Finally, one last bit. Copy the firmware ".bin" file from you "2311/Firmware" folder to the "2311/SD Card/Firmware" folder.
Shorten the name of the firmware file, if needed. Anything less than 28 characters is fine.

Whew - now we have everything backed up to the 222 folders, just in case. And we have 2.3.11 ready to install.

Start with Companion closed, and the radio hooked up in Bootloader mode. Use Windows file explorer.

Now, scary as it may be, either delete everything on the SD Card on the radio, or just reformat the card.
Copy everything from the "2311/SD Card" folder to the actual SD Card.
Use Windows to safely "eject" the USB drive. Leave the radio turned on and in Bootloader mode.
Unplug the radio.
Select "Write Firmware" from the radio screen.
If there are multiple files (old firmware from the past) find the one you just renamed, and press Enter on the radio to start the flash.
When done, select EXIT from the radio screen, which will take you to the normal startup.
If you get switch warnings, failsafe, or other warnings, just ignore. But you should be able to get to a normal screen.
Press "Sys" on the radio, and go to the SD Card directory. Find the file in Firmware that you just used for flashing.
Select it, and you should get a prompt for flashing the Bootloader. Hit enter to update that, also.

Turn off the radio, and then place into Bootloader mode. Hook it back up to USB.
Open Companion 2.3.11
From File/Open go to the otx file you saved in "2311/models"
Click on the "Write Models and Settings to Radio" icon to download to the radio.


A little bit of cleanup: If you made new folders for 2311 as I used above, in Companion open "Settings/Settings". Check what you currently have on the first tab for "SD Structure Path" and "Backup Folder". Either redirect those to the new 2311 folder....or copy what is in 2311 to those locations. That way Companion will be working on exact copies of what is on your radio.
You can decide whether to uninstall Companion 2.2, or if to keep it around for a bit, just in case.

Of course, use the radio or Companion to now inspect your models, to see if they are behaving as expected. You should also do a recalibration of the controls.
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