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Apr 19, 2002, 01:07 AM
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last order with nesail

i was looking for a 3d plane and saw the impuls 3d on nesail i liked it so i ordered the brushless combo 600.00 worth with shipping , anyway i get it all together and cant get the cg right as per the instructions so i called sal to see what the problem was , he said just fly it (it was real real nose heavy) so i posted my problem on here and got many replies, which of course was dont fly the plane anyway i got the cg right no thanks to sal and i have to say he acted like i was bothering him when i called, so sal you have lost another customer i have ordered 2 planes from nesail plus other stuff probably 800.00 in the past 4 months i guess he can afford the loss of customers like me but not for long it will catch up with him , just picked up another plane from hobby lobby
i know i will get good service if and when i need it !
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Apr 19, 2002, 01:38 AM
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Perhaps there is sometype of misunderstanding, I suggested you place the CG at the edge of the sheeting. I was pretty clear about this. Was this hard to understand? If so I apologize. If you consider that you are now forced to by inferior products because of this misunderstanding, so be it but I hope we can do business again.

Good service is a empirical event. If you linger on false perceptions and feeling of my lack of concern you will not only be mistaken but not have the opportunity to fly what truly is state of the Art.

We gave you a good deal, shipped on time and you got a clearly superior set of products, I would think that is going a long way to fulfilling your fun quotient. Please let me know after all this and everyone else just how much fun you are having flying the Impulse 3D our exclusive designed product.

I would alsaways like to satify my customers but the talk among vendors is that due to bulletin boards and people venting without thinking things through this becomes more and more impossible each succeeding year. Look at who is attacked in this forum, just about everybody!

Still, we would like to keep you as a customer so please tell me what hoop you would like me to jump through and I will gldely do so.

BTW...been in business for 14 years and still growing so I hope we are at least trying to do things correctly. Another thing. The Ezone has approx 1500-1800 subscribers. My customer base is well over 20,000. This means to me that our reputation, large prduct line and magazine advertising is doing a very good job. Of course ezone is an important part.
Apr 19, 2002, 01:54 AM
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what you said was put the cg on the sheeting and when i said where exactly on the sheeting you said "the sheeting on the wing "now can u explain exactly where the cg should be once again ? the front of the sheeting or the back please tell me, i followed the direction exactly as they said and it will not balance where the say 3.5 to 4 inches from the leading edge matter of fact it wont even balance at the front or the rear of the sheeting
so now what? you acted as if i was stupid when we talked on the phone and i dont appreciate that
Apr 19, 2002, 02:02 AM
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good deal

i never said i got a bad deal and you did ship on time u r correct,
but when u shipped you forgot my gear box and gave me the wrong props and yes you did send me the gear box and the right props after i had to call 3 times and every time i called the women on the phone said she would give you the message about my problem but u never called then i finally got you on the phone also if i would have flown my impulse as nose heavy as it is it would have crashed no doubt in my mind and everyone elses
as far as your products the are good that why i bought 2 of your planes all i wanted is a little service after the sale thats all not to be treated as if i am dumb and recieve smarta** answers to my questions
Apr 19, 2002, 02:05 AM
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To put this in perspective you called three times in one day. I don't believe I really got an opportunity to answer you call in a reasonable time.

I DID NOT ACT AS IF YOU ARE Stupid. I could not hear you because I have a bad head cold, given to me by my lovely wife. Sometimes you just have to give a human being a break. Balance at the back edge of the sheeting at the root of the wing. I hope this explanation is better for you. as I have said I am flying the same system you are and with the battery in the under wing compartment. I works fine. I will guarantee this including your first flight not to crash (assuming no pilot error.

I hope this helps and apologize for any misunderstanding. is not a good idea to tell a vendor you will never do business with him again. Takes the incentive out of helping you. Whether you do or do not, keep it to yourself.
Last edited by sal; Apr 19, 2002 at 02:09 AM.
Apr 19, 2002, 02:40 AM
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sorry sal

gotcha i called three times 3 different days and yes u finally answered my question ,as far as the directions they show the battery under the motor as i am sure you know, they should put a revision in the directions, IF YOU WERE HAVING TROUBLE HEARING YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING
Apr 19, 2002, 04:07 AM
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Do you now know the answer to your question? Will you now be able to fly it? I hope so!
Apr 19, 2002, 05:16 AM
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yep finally
Apr 19, 2002, 06:15 AM
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Not to be snide here but, R/C groups has Members: 8,802 now. We've been growing a bit the past year or so. Just thought I'd add this for the record. Sounds like the both of you have worked out the problem here and on the other post. IMHO it's unfortunate it couldn't have been worked out earlier. Glad it's done now!!
zagiking, good luck on your maiden flight!! $600 is a heap of money!! I'd be concerned about a correct CG too. Just keep the plane away from the gators...
Apr 19, 2002, 07:24 AM
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thanks don and yes i finally got my question answered and i will be watchin for those gators heheheh
Apr 19, 2002, 10:48 AM
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Boy! I am glad to hear that the subscription is up to over 8000. That's good to hear for all the vendors.
Apr 19, 2002, 01:26 PM
Everyday normal guy.
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Originally posted by sal
BTW...The Ezone has approx 1500-1800 subscribers. My customer base is well over 20,000.

Don't forget the untold number of unregistered lurkers!

I know I read these forums for a long time before I ever registered.

Apr 19, 2002, 05:13 PM
It's just PLANE silly!
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Sal, I read the post on the sport plane page and IMHO you were a being a bit rude. I am sure it was a misunderstanding but it became more than that when you implied that he wasn't too bright.

You seem to have very selective memory besides it worries me that a person would buy an advanced model and not be able to figure out how to arrange things for the proper CG
When I read it i wondered why a vendor would speak to a cusomer in that "tone" under any circumstances.

"I am sorry we misunderstood, I should have been more clear." would have been more like it.

I am sure your business is booming, and you seem to have a nice lineup of planes. I am sure you have many happy customers. I just didn't feel Zagi was treated with the respect any customer deserves.

Just my humble (and third party, outsider looking in) opinion.

Apr 19, 2002, 05:23 PM
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thanks man all i wanted him to do is answer a simple question and it turned into all of this, well at least i got my answer finally
i was surprised he was rude on the phone cause i have talked to him a few times before and he was nice but when he implied i didnt know what i was talking about i was very mad, you cant treat customers like that and stay in business
Apr 19, 2002, 05:35 PM
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NSP and Sal

I have done business with Sal since '95, and have had very good experiences. He's not perfect, but who is? We can't go around with our hearts on our sleeves, flaming every vendor before we give them a reasonable chance to make things right or answer a question. Sal has always taken time to answer my technical questions and even ignored other sales calles to help me out until I was satisfied. Keep it up, Sal