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Jun 15, 2005, 07:38 PM
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If you could only keep 2 planes what would they be ?

Okay, here's the deal, for you guys that own a bunch of planes. If you could only keep TWO planes which ones would you keep, and why.

Here's the format:

List the planes you currently own in flying condition (this means don't list planes you haven't built yet, like kits still in the box, BUT you can list planes that might be temporarily out of commision due to a crash). You can pick a plane you PREVIOUSLY owned as your #1 or #2 choice, but you can't list or pick something you'd LIKE to own.

List your #1 plane that you would keep, and give the reasons why it would be your first choice. If someone said you had to give up all your planes except for ONE, this would be the one.

List your #2 choice also, and the reasons why. If someone said you could keep TWO planes this would be your second choice.

I'll start the ball rolling.....

Currently own: T-IFO, Slow Stick, two Graupner Tipsys, Wattage Hyperwing, Mini IFO.

#1 choice: Wattage Hyperwing, because I can fly it on windy days, in the winter and land on snow, and it'll take abuse well like crashing or landing on rough ground.

#2 choice: Mini IFO, because it can fly in a small area like my front yard and still be able to do aerobatics like loops and rolls, and it is "nearly" indestructable. I've hit the ground and trees with it, and never damaged it, only bent one prop blade. Most fun plane I own.
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Jun 15, 2005, 07:39 PM
Balsa is for doll houses
Skrogg's Avatar
1st would be my Slowstick
2nd would be my Minifuntana
Jun 15, 2005, 07:53 PM
Registered User
first would be my DR1.........flies like a cub on steroids, has no bad habits, and just looks cool in the air.
second would be my home design 3D model.....fun to horse around the field, and it's big enough to handle a little breeze.
Jun 15, 2005, 08:41 PM
Registered User
Kyle G.'s Avatar
I've got a SA Stella, MM Dandy GT, AP Slow Stick, Unicorn flying wing, and thats all for the ones that are operational.

Dandy GT would be my #1 plane. I've had it forever, never seizes to entertain me, and flys great!

AP Slow Stick would be my #2. I've had this one even longer, but recreationally (without cam) its no fun to fly. So thats why it's number 2. But the Aerial Photography aspect of it is what makes it above the rest. A prospective from above, seeing what your plane sees, is what makes it worth flying!

Here are some pics.
and here are some aerial photos I've taken.
Jun 15, 2005, 09:04 PM
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nose_first's Avatar
i have a pico stick, slow stick, tiger moth, switchback sport, switchback 3D and a smoothe

i would keep:

#1 - for sure - switchback sport - this has got to be the best plane ever designed. mountian models did their homework when they designed this one. it can be a sedate slowflyer or a more radical acrobat (esp with by brushless setup and high rates)

#2 would be the tiger moth - though i thought about putting the smoothe here, the tiger moth is a great plane when the conditions are right. first thing in the morning and last plane for the day - no winds - this is a relaxing plane to fly. no sport flying - just putting around the sky. (and i would keep it stock - except maybe a brushless setup since the ips tends to wear out quickly)
Jun 15, 2005, 09:16 PM
You sabotaged my plane.
eliworm's Avatar
Lil Banchee and a Q-tee converted to e-power.

Jun 15, 2005, 09:30 PM
Registered User
#1 LilBanchee - easy to fly at a small park
#2 Quiet Storm - beautiful plane
Jun 15, 2005, 09:32 PM
Registered User
Downwind 1's Avatar
Tiger Moth, Diddle Bug, Yak 54, 23 in Ultimate, Fokker D IIV,
Best flying so far, Is my 23 in IPS Ultimate 3-D, Next the Yak 54.
Both are from Georgeshanger.
Jun 15, 2005, 10:18 PM
Registered User
Eclipse_7's Avatar
SS, Tiger Moth, GWS c-47, Formosa, Super Miss, Piece of Cake, U-Can-Do 3D ep.

#1 would be the formosa, brushless and retracts lots of fun.

#2 would be Super Miss, brushless, long flight times, cruses real slow, thermals and night flying. This plane dose it all.
Jun 15, 2005, 10:18 PM
an earth bound misfit, I
Basketcase's Avatar
Currently own and are ready to fly (in order of aquisition): Tigermoth, Switchback 3D, MM Cessna 180, Sig Jenny, SA Cap 232, Banchee E3D, Shockflyer, Mini Funtana, Lil Banchee, Kadet EP42, Micro Stick

Have a good supply of other planes that are not flyable or not finished.

1st choice: Switchback 3D, perfect all around plane, good for a little bit of everything/anything. Still able to fly in fairly small area. Brushless and lipos of course.

2nd choice: Tigermoth, perfect slowflyer for small areas like backyard. Very relaxing. Looks great flying around low and slow. Also brushless and lipos.

I'll give up the rest when you pry them from my cold dead hands. LOL

Last edited by Basketcase; Jun 18, 2005 at 12:01 AM.
Jun 15, 2005, 10:29 PM
It's been a while.
Daniel G's Avatar
I've had a Zagi 400x cut down to 39 inches with brushless and lipo, a Wing Warrior eZipper again brushless and lipo, and a Slowstick brushless and lipo.
I would take my Zagi 400x because I can fly in the wind and float it around all day on one charge and the Slowstick, because(like Kyle G) it's set up for AP and I like that aspect of the hobby a lot.
Jun 16, 2005, 04:55 AM
Sloping off....
leccyflyer's Avatar
Good idea for a thread.

Excuse the longer than usual description, I've just copied and pasted the list from another thread without editing.

Currently in flying condition:

Wot -4: Twister 60, Jeti Advance 45 ESC, 16xCP2400s or 16xGP3300s, 13x8 Master Airscrew electric- flies just like she did with an OS .40SF up front, my hack electric flyer
Priory Silhouette: Twister 60, Jet Advance 45 ESC, 16xRC2400s, 13x8 Master Airscrew wood - probably a little less effective power than on her previous Irvine .46, but still capable of anything that I can do with a model
MAF Webbit - Mega 22/20-3 direct drive, Jeti Advance 40-3pESC, 8x1950FAUP, 8x6 Slim prop- not yet flown
Cambrian Spitfire funfighter - AXI 2820/10, Model Motors 40-3P ESC, 10x4/5FAUP 1600s, 11x7 APC-E - superb flier, ROG from a dolly, just the same as with an OS .25 up front
Cambrian Bf109E funfighter - AXI 2820/10, Model Motors 40-3P ESC, 10x4/5FAUP1600s, 11x7 APC-E - superb flier, ROG from a dolly, just the same as she was with an Enya .25SS up front
Jamara PT19 - Graupner Neodym700with 2.7:1 gearbox, Jeti 50 amp ESC, 12xRC2400s, 13x8 Master Airscrew electric- very nice flyer, can easily loop from level flight, easy ROG from grass even with old technology, my first e-conversion
World Model Cub 26 - Magnetic Mayhem, Speedgear 3:1 gearbox, Jeti 40 amp ESC, 8xCP1700s, 12x8 Master Airscrew wood - miles too much power for a Cub.
Little Mo - tiny RCME free plan jobby, Typhoon 6-3D, Castle Phoenix 10 esc, 3s1p1000Kokam Lipos, 7x4APC-E - completely mental but a lot more controllable than when she had an unthrottled Cox .049 up front
Beeline Easy Bee- Typhoon 6-20, Tornado 20amp ESC, 3s1P Kokam 1500sLipos, 6.5x4 Aeronaut prop - my first electric model, in it's ninth year, now on it's third motor and still flying on almost every trip to the field
Balsacraft Bearcat - Magnetic Mayhem direct drive, Jeti 35amp Esc, 8xRC2400s, 8x4 Slim Prop - will ROG off a dolly, much better performance than the gutless 7-cell stock set up, not as powerful as my brushless funfighters but still lots of fun
RCM&E Hawk - 6vSp400 pusher, RC LIne 20 amp ESC, 8x800ARs, Irvine "carbon" copy of Gunther prop - pretty quick, slows down to a crawl for landing, a fun machine, if a bit noisy for an electric
Zagi 400 - Permax 450 Turbo, Jeti 35amp ESC, 8x800ARs, 6.5"x4" Aeronaut prop - great higher speed Zagi (very heavy due to carbon spar and Profilm covering, compared to previous life) at the expense of thermalling capability-might try some Lipos soon.
Razor 400 - 6v Sp400, RC Line 20 amp esc, 8x500ARs, Gunther (pusher) - quick, twitchy, hooligan baby brother of the Zagi-not flown much these days, vicious death flick if you turn too tight.
Kyosho F-16, Astro 805K brushless with built on Astro esc Kyosho fan, 8x1950FAUPs - transformed from earlier brushed stock configuration, easy big loops, easy to hand launch, much better - we saw THE best Kyosho F-16 at the weekend and based on that model will definitely try Lipos in mine this summer.
Kyosho T-33, AP29, Kyosho fan, Simprop 50 amp esc, 8 to 10x1950FAUPs - 2nd hand, only flown her twice, uninspiring on 10 cells and unable to get out of her own way on 8. So the stock motor is being replaced with the Astro 805W with Wemotech fan before the next flight.
MAT Mini Flying Machine - Electramax 480BB, RC Line 20 amp ESC, 8x700ARs, Irvine "cobalt" Gunther copy prop - quickish, aerobatic, much improved with the hotter motor over the previous Permax 480. Might suit a little brushless if I can be bothered.
Kavan Fokker DVIII parkflyer - absolutely stock with 280 geared motor and prop, GWS 100ESC, 7x350Nimhs - horribly unstable and rather underpowered, needs remotoring.
GWS Tiger Moth - stock 150 IPS with 9x4.7 GWS prop, GWS 100 ESC, 2s1p700 LiOn pack - does exactly what it says on the box, very relaxing flyer, massively long flights with the cheap Perkins LiOn packs in calm outdoors and circles indoors
O/D Bellanca Skyrocket- depron/balsa construction, Jedelski wing, big boxy fuselage, cf reinforcement - Dual IPS drive, 9x4.7 prop, GWS 100 ESC, Perkins 2s1p700Lions - loads of fun slowflyer, easy ROG, brilliant crabby sideslips indoors or outdoors
Protech Slowmo (Pico Stik clone) - stock, IPS, GWS 100 ESC, 9x4.7 prop, with 7 cell 250 Nimhs - excellent slowfly fun, has carried a CSM Airwars module- indoors or outdoors in calm weather conditions (which means she hasn't flown in about a year)

Westfield F-86 Sabre - AXI 2820/10, MM 4012-3p ESC, 10x1950FAUPs, 11x7 APC-E - same story as the other funfighters, indistinguishable in performance compared to when she had an OS .25 up front, but quieter firewall torn off in an arrival and just needs a round tuit to fix

Balsacraft Hurricane Magnetic Mayhem direct drive, Protech 35 amp ESC, 8xRC2400, 8x4 Slim prop much better performance than on the Hurricane 650 that was in there originally. I might well put a 22/30-3 in on 8 cells or LiPos when she is repainted to save a bit of weight. The camo worked too well and I lost her a while back with a lot of damage to the front end, now recovered she just awaits the airbrush before getting back in the air.

Used to own (electric only- glow models not included)

MAF Searching 400 - sp400 electric glider, 6vsp400, 7x500ARs, Robbe 6x3.5 folder, Westbury 20amp Esc - destroyed when a horse fly flew down Youngleccy's shirt and he forgot to fly the aeroplane
Global Birdie 10 - originally on an OS .10FP, then electrified with Mega 16/25-4, 8xCP1300s, Jeti Advance ESC, 7x5 Master Airscrew prop - my favourite model, not overpowered but very smooth flyer - lost to the River Mersey, poor eyesight and dumb thumbs and never recovered.

The #1 model that I would keep (if I still had her) would be my Birdie 10. That was my favourite model, very easy and smooth to fly and, though she could have used a bit more power, used to put a grin on my face every time I flew her. My Easy Bee could also qualify here but Youngleccy does most of the flying of that one now.

The #2 model would have to be my Cambrian Spitfire, because she's a Spitfire - enough said. I don't fly her anywhere near enough, but I do get a real buzz out of every single flight- and the look of that shape in the air is just fantastic.
Jun 16, 2005, 05:30 AM
Registered User
Threshold's Avatar
90 Synergy, Freestyle, Giles 3D, Green Mountain Tiger Moth, Capiche, Highlite glider, foamies - YAK, Edge, F3A, BigBipe (own design) Razzle (own design)

I'd keep my own design Razzle foam 3D Ist and 2nd the Synergy.
Jun 16, 2005, 06:42 AM
Electric only
rkopka's Avatar
1st: Shockflyer (or something like it)
easy to transport, can be flown everywhere (even indoors or when windy if needed), gives my much room for improvement of my flying skills :-)

2nd: Simprop Peppo (or similar - Mini Hotliner)
easy to transport, can be flown quite fast and also for a long time, no problems with wind, needs only little landing space, even a bit thermaling possible

Jun 16, 2005, 06:47 AM
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mhale71's Avatar

whos buying my first & second E - plane ?


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