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Jun 10, 2005, 03:23 PM
Slope Dog
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Columbia Gorge Aeromodelers

We are a group of flyers located in the Columbia River Gorge. Our club consists of members from both Washington and Oregon and we pretty much fly all types of RC models. CGA has two organized club events each month. The first is what we call a " Fly Together" where guys meet at the field on Saturday and practice whatever task is coming up for the funfly. This is very loose and there is usually glow, electric and gliders in the sky at once. THe last Sat. of the month is the club " Funfly". The theme varies from month to month. That keep up the interest and gets members to try different styles of flying. We have everything from slope to light pattern and float planes.
We have around 40 members and some very interesting guys in the club. We welcome guests that are AMA and are accompanied by a member, so if you visit the area and want to fly feel free to contact myself or any other member using this forum.
AKA Gorgeflyer
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Jun 11, 2005, 12:49 PM
I am an electric modeler in Stevenson. I am introducing another guy to flying this summer and perhaps we will join the AMA so that we can participate in other flying events in the area. Just thought I would post something to let you know, you are being heard.....

For those interested, I think this is the right clubs URL:

Full Throttle

Jun 11, 2005, 03:05 PM
El Queso Grande
Hey Jeff,
You've got us right. We JUST changed the club name last Wednesday so the website isn't updated just yet. We'll do a gradual shift over to the new name. You are welcome to come to club meetings as a guest (or visit the club field as a guest though you can't fly without an AMA membership). We meet on the second Wednesday of the month. During the summer we meet at the club field at 6, meeting starting at 7 and during the winter we meet at Luhr Jensen lunchroom (next to the event site on the Hood River waterfront) at 7pm.

We look forward to meeting you.
Zed Ruhlen
Columbia Gorge Aeromodelers V.P.
Jun 11, 2005, 07:50 PM
Registered User

Looking Good!!

Mike, this can be really handy. It'll be a great way to let people know we exist. Anybody anywhere get a hold of us and come enjoy some great flying!! Tom Jones
Jun 12, 2005, 01:37 AM
Just an FYI to what I fly:
Favorite Planes: Stevens Aero CAP 232, Hobby Lobby YAK 54 3D
Others: E-Starter, GWS Spitfire, GWS Tigermoth
Kits not finished: Stevens Aero RV4, YAK 54 3D(backup plane)
All planes(4 running) have brushless setups.

I use a HiTec Optic 6 radio.

I look forward to joining the AMA and the Columbia Gorge Aeromodelers, as I enjoy scale and aerobatics.

Aug 10, 2005, 01:36 PM
Slope Dog
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Hamman Field is Closed

Hamman Field in Duke's Valley is now closed to all flying. The Port site is still open and we are actively searching for a new club field. Contact Arthur Higgins with any questions. 541 478-3451
Sep 19, 2005, 05:57 PM
Slope Dog
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Hardman Field is Open

Attention CGA members. Hardman Field in now open for use. The runway is a bit on the rough side but will improve as soon as we get the big roller on site. I flew there yesterday and got a 23 minute flight off of a poor high start. The thermals seem to form over the draw on the north side of the field and cycle through every few minutes. Dennis had 3 very good helicopter flights and had no problem with the slight breeze. Any suggetions to improve the site are appreciated. Have fun.
Field Marshall von Stubbs
Oct 07, 2005, 08:51 PM
Slope Dog
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October meeting @ Luhr Jensen

Well it looks like we are headed into the "dark season", so that means the CGA meeting are moved to the lunch room at Luhr Jensen. Wed. Oct 12th at 7:00 PM. All are welcome and bring a plane for show and tell. I hope to have the F 18 a bit more finished by then but am not making any promises.
See you there.
Oct 13, 2005, 01:00 PM
more kW, more problems
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hey gorgeflyer, some of us slopers will be on saddle mountain this next weekend (Oct 20th) ... pm me or something if you would like to meet us and fly with us!!!

Mar 08, 2006, 11:40 AM
Slope Dog
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March Meeting

CGA March meeting is Wed. March 8 at 7pm at the Hood River County Library. Open to the public. See you there.
Jan 04, 2007, 10:44 AM
Registered User

Spokane Wa. Slope Activity

I fly a variety of aircraft from Giant WWI Gas to small electric with a Major love of front side slope fun. I have a small place in the spokane area near clear lake for summer time and just wanted to know of anyone that might be sloping out there .Tom C.
I have flown the winery on the east side of the city and that was great for the large scale stuff with lots of landing room, and I have also flown the Junk Yard on top of what I think is called "Booth mountian" both have been great
I think that there must be some great up along the river in the area of the College, it looks good but I have never been in town long enough to give it a try .
If anyone knows the ropes give me a shout !!
Last summer I drove to steptoe to check it out , would like to make a go of it with some locals.
Mar 14, 2007, 05:09 PM
Be Happy, Lower Your Standards
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slope flying

Hi, as you may have guessed, our club doesn't use this forum for our main communications venue. That may change, however.

Our club is in the Hood River area and we have a great place for slope soaring.
The reliable winds start in June and run until September. They are steady, strong and warm.

If and when you get to this area, send me an email and I can guide you to some of the best slope soaring in the Northwest along with an amazing view.

If you are an AMA member you can fly your larger models at the club field.
Oct 17, 2008, 04:14 AM
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easy struggle

hello out there ive really enjoyed this site ive read lots.i bought a easy star mutiplex and when i put it together aniouxesly ready to fly after 15 yrs i wanted my rc piolet experience lol. anyway i called these guys and complained that the elevator servo was grinding they assured me that its the nature of the tiny s to be a bit noisy i unhooked it a couple of times the contol wire seemed free so off i went. i got to fly one of these planes on a budy box for about 1 min a week before. anyway went to the local airport got permission to fly put was told to get it down should a plane appear i agreed. but being inexperienced i flew her like a trainer 60 feet off the ground power up in circles and was doing good too i was thinking the flight simulater really helped. then it banked went right in the ground i didnt think it was much a impact put the nose was broke on one side. after reading blogs i realised ur supposed to get up shut the motor down and thermal well fixed that nose and didnt get out to the next day. well she was a bit windy and never was happy with that noisy servo or the throw on the elevator put i put her up in the wind i seemed to go into uncontroled turns had a hard time climbing and when she went down wind i managed to get her turned around and landed in the sage brush 130 yards away. when walking to get the joker thats what i painted on the nose i decided it was too windy.i retrieved her unplugged the battery got back to the little truck with a flat bed great working platform i noticed i lost my addapter for the battery so i went back finally found that was heading back to the truck and noticed the plane was not on the flat bed then seen it off to the side and nagnamit the nose was broke again. so i went down into the remote canyoun had a few beers brought home a nice rock for the yard and glued the front end again lol. the next day went out kept her into the wind whoudnt climb kept wanting to turn with in 1min she went into the ground and broke up the nose. well the night before after up all night reading blogs i went to the lhs bought a carbon tube fiberglass and cloth. today i installed these items around the nose and along the bottom of the easy star glued the cloth then gave it a lite coat of resin was a body many for 20 years by the way. anyway today went back out it was a perfect day it whould climb but always wanted to turn and when the power was off she whould stall turn its as if i was the worse pilot this hobby ever seen what a banna. any way she dove into the ground three times i mean hard and 1 min flights guess what my easy star is crash prove i can test to that lol. anyway on the secoud dive in the grond the tail assembly where it glues to the fuse on the easy star had come lose along with the hinge into the underside of the elevator.i glued this and waited forever the sun was going down i threw her up she was flying great then it just dove in from 30 feet nose first and fast. my nose held up but i was done for i lost the tail assembly. anyway repairing that tonight i noticed that one side of the elevatoer was fused together from the factory why i didnt notice this ill never know so when i was putting up imput it was warping going into a turn and no lift or control for the thing was stuck on one side. my wife dont know it yet but ive spent 2300 in equipment and planes and here i am struggeling might be struggeling as a batchler lol when the cats out of the bag. my history is i went to prison 10 years ago for scarring my wifes boyfriend aliitle bitter there got my gold seal today its over but i had built 3 planes had a radio alot of time and money never got to fly. so now 10 years lateri got this easy star or easy struggle lol. a multi pro new in box and a aero master a coming. went to the local hooby store in town here and bought a trainer used somebody was selling paid 15 bucks for but it was a little cash to get the electrics to set that up thats on its way from headsup rc. so with a brand new specrum 7 im into the anyway i want to post contruction pics on the areo master here this winter and keep learning for thats what its all about for me. like to show off my art work as well im into batman dont ya know lol. by the hay i had to put weight in the star but after my mods that was nolonger necessary it flew great for 120 secs today too lol. well thats all for now what a big blog. any other t tail sailplanes that u build urself thats out there theres alot of arfs but i like the building part of this just bid on one on ebay but it was a old kit nolonger availiable and the price was getting up there.thanks for reading hope to meet some friends out there.
Feb 26, 2010, 11:52 AM
Slope Sauce
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You'd never know by this forum but... looks like CGA is alive.
Feb 28, 2010, 09:44 AM
Be Happy, Lower Your Standards
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Thanks for the posting Trees. Not only are the CGA members not using this forum, but the article you posted is about four years old but published last month.

It makes you wonder about reporting in general. She did to a good job of giving the club overview, but it is now woefully out of date.

I wonder why it was published at all now.


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