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Dec 18, 2020, 04:12 PM
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The Original #32 Camera Support Thread (Read Posts #1 -#5 BEFORE POSTING!)

Thread Usage Protocol

This thread is part of a radio controlled model web site in a Forum dedicated to Aerial Video. As such, the content of this thread is intended to focus on the operation and capabilities of the #32 HD keychain camera for aerial video purposes, NOT other cameras from the Mobius developer. A basic comparison of those other cameras can be found in this User Thread.

I know there are many users of the camera for purposes other than this, and you are welcome here. In fact, many of the camera's functions have evolved from your input. But I ask that your posts do not divert the flow of the thread into off-topic areas. Video links should be for aerial videos, with a couple of exceptions... to demonstrate a specific problem/solution with the camera or to clarify some of the camera's abilities. These exceptions can help all users as well as give feedback to the camera developer, who monitors this thread closely.

Also, this is a "self-help" thread! The four posts following this one contain much information that can answer many user questions. I try to keep these four posts updated with current information, frequently asked questions/answers, firmware updates, and useful utility links that everyone can make use of. It is my intent and expectation that thread posters user will "do their homework" and access these four posts before posting new questions. If you still have questions, the advanced thread search feature should be used to help find posts that relate to your questions. This will not only help keep the thread from becoming bloated with redundant questions that have been asked and answered many times, it will also keep the thread leaner and more interesting to the target audience.

If this is your first time reading this thread, please read the next four posts now to familiarize yourself with this thread's structure and resources.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

p.s. The web site will also have information about the #32 keyfob camera.
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Dec 18, 2020, 04:13 PM
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Camera Details, Specs, and Web Store Sources


This new #32 key chain camera is a redesigned full HD video fps version of the #16 camera which is no longer being made due to obsolete hardware.

[B]Here is a short comparison of function differences between the #32 vs #16 cameras:
BASIC SPECS:                     #32                      #16
    Max. Resolution:         1080p-30 fps       720p 30fps
         Video Codec:       H.264 or H.265       H.264 only                                 
     Custom Bitrate:        1 to 20 Mbps      Fixed 7 or 10 Mbps
       Video Format:              MP4                    MOV
    Recording Time:        up to 74 Min.       up to 50 Min.
        Lens Options:         Lens A & D         Lens A, B, & D
Time Lapse Video:                Yes                         No
Time Lapse Photo:                Yes                        Yes
     Webcam Mode:                Yes                        Yes
                TV Out:                  Yes                        Yes
 Photo Resolution:           1920x1080             1280x 960
                                          1280x720             1280x720
   Adv. IQ settings:              Not yet                     Yes
       LIPO Battery:        same(250mAh)      same(250 mAh)
       MicroSD card:    CL10 FAT32 format   CL4 FAT32 format
                    Size:      50mm (L) x 32mm (W) x13mm (H)
                Weight:                   approx. 17g

So far, the following web stores have been identified as selling the REAL #32 HD key cam. There has been no negative user feedback posted here on any of these stores, and positive feedback has been posted of receiving good service and vendors standing behind their product if any problems come up that are not caused by user abuse, crash damage, etc.:
Developer's Direct Seller
eletoponline365 (China)
Verified Resellers

US: Davidamy's Gift


Prices can vary slightly from one vendor to the other and depends on what is included in different accessory packages. [B]Common user replaceable parts, e.g. battery and CMOS/lens module, are usually sold by re-sellers, but if not listed on their web sites, use the web site email contact link to request what you need. Very low cost items may not be listed on the web pages. The developer's ebay store listed above will normally be able to furnish parts when re-sellers may not. Note that reseller's usually charge a slightly higher price to cover their added costs to obtain the hardware plus a nominal profit. But that may be offset with shorter delivery times to your location. Payment via PayPal is a normally preferred method of payment.
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Dec 18, 2020, 04:14 PM
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#32 Keyfob Camera Firmware and Configuration Information

If possible, firmware updating and changing of camera settings should always be done using the mSetup.exe Windows graphical user interface (GUI) software, authored by Isoprop, with low level hardware compiling tools supplied by the camera developer. InfoPost #5 has an overview of the mSetup program and download links for the instruction manual (user guide) and mSetup program.

Camera configuration settings can also be changed via a manual text file editing procedure, but it requires precise editing of the configuration text file as well as multiple button press sequences on the camera. A typo in the editing process can cause the configuration to fail, and there area a few camera settings which conflict with each other if both are toggled on at the same time. The mSetup program eliminates these possible user errors, so please do yourself a favor and use it if you have a PC that can run it.

Manual User Configuration Setting Procedure

If your computer cannot run the MS Windows mSetup program or you would rather just edit the configuration text file manually, it's easy to do, just follow these steps exactly:

1. Download the camera's configuration file to the flash card in the camera by turning off the camera, then pressing and holding down the camera shutter button while also pressing the power button until the red LED flashes a few times and then turns off. DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTONS DURING THIS DOWNLOAD TIME.

2. Turn the camera on, connect it to your PC, and access the camera root directory when it goes into the "removable disk mode", and confirm the camera configuration text file (named "tl808config" is shown on the memory card.

3. Open the config text file with a simple plain vanilla (ASCII) text editor (e.g. like the familiar "Notepad" text editor for Windows users). The file will look similar to this (without the highlighting):
Date format=[0];set date format,0:YYYY/MM/DD, 1:DD/MM/YYYY, 2:MM/DD/YYYY
/**Note: "Date time" must be in accordance with the date format specified otherwise unable to set the date**/
Date time=[2020/12/21-10:39:25];date time setting,yyyy/mm/dd-hh:mm:ss
Modify datetime=[0];date time setting comfirm,0:not set 1: modify

Default Mode=[0];set power-on default mode,0:Movie Mode, 1:Photo Mode

Movie Resolution=[0];0:1080p,1:720p
Movie Frame Rate=[0];0:30fps,1:25fps
Movie Sound=[2];set Video sound,0:Mute,1:Low,2:Medium,3:High
Movie Cycle Time=[3];Video cycle time,0:3 minutes,1:5 minutes,2:10 minutes,3:Max  to 2G
When Movie Timelapse open this selection is invalid, always 3 minutes!!
Movie Loop Recording=[0];set loop recording on or off, 0:off, 1:on
Movie Timelapse=[0];set movie time lapse record,0:off,1:1s,2:5s,3:10s,4:30s,5:1 min,6:10 min,7:60 min
Movie Flip=[0];set movie flip,0:Off,1:On,
Movie Time Stamp=[1];set date/time stamp on or off,0:off,1:on
Movie quality=[20];set Video Bitrate from 1Mbps to 20Mbs (Movie quality from low to high;
0 means default values: 1080P 30fps AVC 16Mbps, 1080P 30fps HEVC 10MBps,720P 30fps AVC 8Mpbs, 720P 30fps HEVC 5Mbps)
Movie Codec=[1];set codec,0:H264 AVC,1:H265 HEVC 

Photo Mode Capture Size=[0];set photo size,0:1920x1080,1:1280x720
Photo Flip=[0];set photo flip,0:Off,1:On
Photo Time stamp=[1];set date/time stamp on or off,0:off,1:on
Set Time Lapse Shooting=[0];0:off,1:0.25s,2:0.5s,3:1s,4:2s,5:5s,6:10s,7:30s,8:60s

Auto Power off=[1];set system auto power off time interval,0:off,1:30 seconds,2:1 minutes,3:2 minutes
Auto Record with External Power=[0];set connect with power to start video recording automatically,0:off,1:on
LED=[1];set LED flicker when recording,0:off,1:on
Light frequency=[1];set light source frequency,0:50 HZ,1:60 HZ
TV out=[0];set Tv out,0:NTSC,1:PAL
Lens=[0];select lens,0:lens A,1:lens D
Motion Detect=[0];set motion detect,0:off,1:on
Motion Detect Timeout=[1];set motion detect timeout,0:5s,1:15s,2:30s,3:60s
Motion Detect Sensitivity=[1];set Motion Detect Sensitivity,0:high,1:normal,2:low

Image Quality Setting

Enable Manual AE Lock or AWB Lock = [0]; 0: Not enabled; 1: AE Lock and AWB Lock; 2: AE Lock only; 3: AWB Lock only.
(Long 3 sec. Shutter button press required to turn AEL or AWBL on)
White Balance=[0];Set White Balance,0:Auto,1:Sunny,2:Cloudy,3:Tungsten,4:Fluorescent,5:Snow,6:Diving,7:Custom WB1,8:Custom WB2,9:Custom WB3
Sunny(4800-5500K) used for sunny with clear sky(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=476);
Cloudy(7000-9000K) used for shade or heavily overcast sky(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=341);
Tungsten(2500-3200K) used for Tungsten bulb (or called Incandescent light)(Rgain=332,Ggain=256,Bgain=627);
Fluorescent(3800-4500K) used for fluorescent lamps(Rgain=370,Ggain=256,Bgain=577);
Snow used for snow day(Rgain=476,Ggain=256,Bgain=406);
Diving used for dive water(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=368);
Customized White Balance 1 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Customized White Balance 2 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Customized White Balance 3 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Set red ,green,blue gain,256 is 1x gain,value from 100 to 999;

Exposure Value=[50];Exposure compensation,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50
Exposure Strategy Mode=[0];set exposure strategy mode,0:exposure high light prior,1:exposure low light prior
Exposure Metering=[0];set exposure Metering,0:center weighted,1:center spot,2:multi-spot,3:upper weighted,4:down weighted

Color Effect=[0];Set Color Effect,0:Standard,1:Mono,2:Cool,3:Cooler,4:Warm,5:Warmer,6:Vivid;
Contrast=[50];Set Contrast,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;
Saturation=[50];Set Image Saturation,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;
Sharpness=[50];Set Image Sharpness,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;

software version:1.00.27
Note: The function key values used by the camera are shown in red square brackets immediately following the function names. The underlined text shows special format requirements or conflicts with other settings. For the date/time value to keep the camera's current date/time settings you can us question marks (?) for the key values. Functions shown may vary with firmware updates, but manual editing is similar. The FW version currently loaded in the camera is shown at the end of the config file.
4. Replace any function key number values in the square brackets with any valid alternate setting key number, shown bolded to the right of each function, with the exception of date and time. For date and time, the format of the entered date and time must match the exact format shown in your selected format. DO NOT delete the "-" or "/" marks or add any spaces or invalid numbers.
Note: Using invalid numbers or other characters in the square brackets could cause the camera config key to not be properly saved and/or switch to default values.
5. Save the revised file back to the flash card root directory, but do not change the file name.

6. Upload the revised config file back into the camera by turning off the camera, then using the same key-press sequence used to download the configuration from the camera.

7. When the LED turns off, you're done! The new configuration will be in the camera and the config file will be automatically deleted from the flash card. You may check the flash card to confirm this if you wish.


Firmware for the #32 camera does not need to be replaced with new firmware every time a user configuration change is desired. Those changes are best done using the mSetup program (see above). Also, mSetup will determine if your camera firmware is out of date, download the latest firmware if you agree, and install it for you, taking all the potential for user error out of it (note: requires checking the "check for program updates" box in the Tools menu) and an internet connection). You are strongly advised to ALWAYS use mSetup for all camera firmware changes if you have a Windows PC.

The firmware development and refinement is a continuing process, and the most recent OFFICIALLY RELEASED versions will be kept accessible as a downloadable .zip file from the link shown below. Any problems found with the Released Firmware should be reported to me via PM. Note: The different firmware will ALWAYS have the same name... tl808_app.bin, which is necessary for the camera to identify it as firmware to be installed. When you un-zip the firmware archive file, the firmware FILE will be in a named FOLDER so you can tell at a glance which firmware file is in the folder. When preparing to install the firmware as detailed below, make sure to copy the firmware FILE (tl808_app.bin) and NOT THE FOLDER itself to the memory card root directory. The camera will not find the firmware if it's in a folder. I keep old, obsolete firmware in case anyone needs a copy (PM me with your email address).

The most up-to-date OFFICIAL firmware is available for manual download at the bottom of this page.


The following procedure is for manually updating your camera firmware. Once again, it's not necessary to do manual FW updates if you are using the latest mSetup program, which will determine if your camera firmware is out of date, download the latest firmware if you agree, and install it for you, taking all the potential for user error out of it. You are strongly advised to ALWAYS use the GUI tools for all camera firmware changes.

1. Copy the new firmware file into the camera's flash card root directory (the one that opens when the camera connects as a removable drive). This can be done with the card in the camera connected to the computer as a Removable Drive, or externally in a card reader. But do NOT rename the file. If you do, the camera will not install it!

2. Disconnect the camera and turn it off.

3. Insert the flash card containing the new firmware file into the camera (if not already in the camera).

4. [B]Press the Power button until the Red and then Yellow turns on and begins to flash[/B. RELEASE THE POWER BUTTON AS SOON AS YELLOW LED FLASHING BEGINS! If you keep pressing it longer, you may turn off the camera before the update process is done.

5. The yellow LED blinking will continue while the FW is being loaded. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS while the yellow LED is still blinking! If you do, the firmware may not fully install and the camera will not function properly. If you find this to be the case AFTER COMPLETING THE REST OF THESE STEPS, repeat the firmware installation and make sure you follow all the steps EXACTLY as stated.

6. When the firmware is fully installed, the FW update file(s) will be deleted from the memory card and the Yellow LED will stay on solid in standby mode until the auto shut off timer times out and the camera shuts off.


Click this link to download the latest FW V1.00.27 to your PC.

When the download completes, in your computer download directory you should find a .zip archive file named Nr32 FW which you must first un-zip. Afterwards you should have find a normal system folder named Nr32 FW V1.00.27 containing all of the following files:

1. tl808_app.bin - the camera FW file
2. rootfs.jffs - a Linux OS system file
3. config - a Linux OS system filee
4. Nr32 FW V1.00.27.txt - a simple text file describing the FW changes.

The first file is the actual FW file, and must always have this name for the camera to find and install it. Normally, this is the only file you will need to install to update the camera FW. Files 2 and 3 are Linux system files that normally will not need to be changed. You can ignore them unless you are instructed to also install any or all of them in the update details contained in file 4. Normally this file will just identify the major changes the new FW will make.

Copy ONLY the necessary file(s) needed for the update to the camera memory card, and make sure all of the file names are NOT changed in the process. Then go to the Manual FW Update Procedure section above which describes the installation process. Note: re-installing all three files will do no harm to your camera function if they finish installing properly. It will just take longer to finish the update process.
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Dec 18, 2020, 04:16 PM
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#32 Tips, FAQs and Misc. Info


1. Camera was recording normally. Then a new recording failed to write a video file to the card, even though the LED activity showed the normal blinking as if recording. What can cause this?
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Dec 19, 2020, 02:54 AM
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Configuration Program

The program is a native Windows application specifically written for the Windows operating system (XP and above) and does not require any 3rd party runtime system, for example Java or .NET, to be installed. The simple program is fully plug-and-play and includes an integrated User Manual. It supports all the Mobius Actions Cams ranging from the original #16 808 keychain to the latest #32 808 keychain.

This is the original Mobius GUI which I created in co-operation with the developer and Tom. Click HERE to download.

The software will also identify all unknown USB cameras and devices with a capacity of 1TB or less. So, if the GUI doesn't recognize your camera, you don't have a #16, #32 or a Mobius ActionCam!

You can take a peek at the software even if you don't yet have the camera. You can click on all the buttons, but they will be greyed-out until a supported camera is connected. The integrated help may also be useful.

You can resize the dialog by dragging the gripper at the bottom right corner if you prefer a smaller image. The dialog fonts will automatically be resized to fit.

The latest GUI software configuration tool together with the latest instruction manual (User Guide) may be downloaded by clicking on the link above or on one of the images below.

I strongly recommend you enable automatic program and firmware updates so you always benefit from the latest available tools. This is specially worthwhile during the first few weeks after the initial release.

Here are some screenshots of the GUI (Graphical User Interface)

To date, mSetup has been translated into 14 different languages:
Afrikaans, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
Many, many thanks to all translators for your hard work!
Here's an example:

... you can set your own parameters and download new versions and format the camera's card

...and you can set your own colors for the program

...the integrated User Guide can be useful too

... There's also a function where you can increase or decrease the playback speed of any .mov or .mp4 media files

...and lots of useful information too

mSetup is guaranteed 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

Click the image below for more information.
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Dec 23, 2020, 05:08 PM
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Recognition Due

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Isoprop going back to the #11 keyfob camera 10 years ago when I asked him if he might be able to contribute a simple program to update the time stamp on that camera, and he agreed. Since then, one of the developers of the #11 continued to do further development, bring to market the #16 keyfob camera, Mobius 1 and 2, Mobius Maxi, Mobius Mini, and now the #32 keyfob camera, replacing the venerable #16 which can no longer be manufactured due to obsolete parts. Now 10 years and 7 cameras later and hundreds of FW changes along the way, Isoprop has continued to donate countless hours of his spare time programming an ever growing camera configuration GUI interface tool that works with all of them, namely the mSetup program.

For me, going along for the ride as a beta tester has been a hobby and a fun thing to do in my retirement years. Isoprop still has a full time job, however, as a programmer yet! I guess for him it's kind of a pro golfer playing golf on his day off!

Nevertheless, I wanted to publicly thank Isoprop on behalf of the camera developer, Elijah, as well as myself, for staying the course over all these years continuing to contribute his spare time without ever being asked for his ongoing support along the way. I'm sure his efforts have contributed to the success of these cameras as well as making it so much easier for me and many users to configure them for our varied uses!
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Jan 04, 2021, 12:17 PM
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Video samples

Hello Tom

Thanks for all your effort ! And I don't forget to thanks Isoprop and Elijah !

Is it possible you post some video samples of this brand new baby ? Or if somebody else has some samples ?

Is the 1080p video quality comparable with the 1080p quality from the mobius 2 ?

Thank you so much Tom
Jan 04, 2021, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by giovanni67500
Hello Tom

Thanks for all your effort ! And I don't forget to thanks Isoprop and Elijah !

Is it possible you post some video samples of this brand new baby ? Or if somebody else has some samples ?

Is the 1080p video quality comparable with the 1080p quality from the mobius 2 ?

Thank you so much Tom
I have some video samples shot with pre-release firmware with both lenses compared with the #16. I have not done similar comparison with the release FW in the #32 yet. But I'll see if I can get some posted in the next day or two.

However, I can say that the video quality is similar to the #16, with the main difference being the 1080p resolution and the added FW functions listed in this thread. This is doing pretty good since the CMOS imager and lenses of the #16 and #32 are similar in size, but the #32 has over twice as many pixels in the CMOS array, so each pixel gets less light. To get similar exposure with fixed aperture lenses, the #32 must have a CMOS imager with higher sensitivity, and/or increase the CMOS gain or reduce the shutter speed. Remembering that higher gain can produce more video noise in low light, and slower shutter speed can result in motion blurring, getting similar exposure without noticeable artifacts is a challenge. And the higher resolution at the same frame rate of the #32 needs a higher bit rate (twice that of the #16) to get similar image quality, which takes more processing power and can generate a lot more heat. So the #32 had its goals set pretty high from the beginning. Considering it can produce similar quality as the #16 at the higher resolution with the same size battery, and get up to 50% more recording time than the #16 without excessive temperatures inside the case and at a similar price point is quite an accomplishment!
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Jan 04, 2021, 10:13 PM
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Tom - you did a early prototype comparison a few years ago you posted in the #16 forum. I know that this was a beta test at best and probably many things changed between now and production but the results of that looked miles better then what its replacing. The way you mention it now is that its a progressive step forward?

I know your putting up something more current but thought I would if this comparison is still relative or has component/software changes significantly changed this comparison - I know this test had a odd lens selection.
Jan 05, 2021, 05:59 AM
Registered User

808#32 keychain camera

Does anyone knows how many pins are the lens on this camera? Thanks in advance!
Last edited by Gadgetrdm; Jan 05, 2021 at 05:12 PM.
Jan 05, 2021, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Gadgetrdm
Does anyone knows how many pins are the lens on this camera? Thanks in advance!
Do you mean how many contacts are on the ribbon cable?
Jan 05, 2021, 08:38 PM
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Jan 06, 2021, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Gadgetrdm
There are 20 contacts and traces on the CMOS ribbon cable and circuit board connectors.
Jan 06, 2021, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by sacmiata
Tom - you did a early prototype comparison a few years ago you posted in the #16 forum. I know that this was a beta test at best and probably many things changed between now and production but the results of that looked miles better then what its replacing. The way you mention it now is that its a progressive step forward?

I know your putting up something more current but thought I would if this comparison is still relative or has component/software changes significantly changed this comparison - I know this test had a odd lens selection.
There has been a couple circuit board revisions since then, plus dozens of FW mods. In that old comparison you linked, the over cast skies and greater saturation and longer focal length lens in the #32 makes it much more pleasing to the eye. Bright sun exposures can change the perceived quality. Also, in that 1080p composite video frame, both videos have been scaled down from their 720p native frame size so they will fit in the 1080p frame, which diminishes the image details, especially in the wide lens #16 which already had diminished detail when compared to the larger image with the narrow FOV lens on the #32.

At any rate, I think that many are hoping the #32 at 1080p will compare favorably with the larger Mobius cameras (M1, M2, Maxi). That is not the case for the reasons I mentioned in my prior post. I think the larger lenses in the Mobius are also much better in rendering fine detail than the tiny lenses in the #16 or #32.

If I get some good weather tomorrow, I'll shoot some 3 camera side-by-side clips for comparison with the #32A & B vs #16C. One artifact of the #32 resembles a condition that one of the early #16 (or maybe it was a #11) cameras had was the CMOS imager could not hold the sky at its normal blue color when the sky area starts to dominate the scene! I think this is caused by the CMOS imager's Auto WB mode that starts adding yellow to the scene to compensate for all the blue in the sky. Not all imagers do that, and so far there has been no indication that the FW can control the Auto WB function in that regard. It probably can by mitigated with fixed WB settings like the #16 has, but those advanced IQ controls are still under development for the #32. The #32 was released with basic FW controls to give users an alternative to the #16 that is no longer being made. I believe development is proceding to upgrade the #32 FW function set.
Jan 06, 2021, 11:38 AM
cogito ergo zoom
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Can you summarize the changes / performance upgrades the #32 has over its #16 counterpart?

IMO, the performance of the #16 units has been excellent.
Last edited by Parallax; Jan 27, 2021 at 03:54 PM.

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