What's the craziest thing you've been able to get to fly??

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Craziest RC Thing

Hey guys, It's late and I've probably had too much coffee...... hehe Looking for new and weird designs that I would be interested to scratch build. I typed in " sketch drawing steampunk jet powered warbirds " and man is there some freekin cool things that we could have a go at... well maybe..:eek:

That got me thinking, What's the craziest design I've got to "fly"...???

This is probably mine -

Rc plane VX-30 new paint (6 min 38 sec)

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Dec 08, 2020, 11:30 AM
Careful,.. confident,.. CRASH!
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Looking further and found that "Dieselpunk" comes up with some very cool designs.

Dec 08, 2020, 02:07 PM
IMO ( In My Opinion ) →
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Not too crazy , but : Big Wheel Delta , Diamond Delta , not foam Delta Kite .

Big Wheel Delta take 2 (1 min 14 sec)

PBF with a twist ( 45* ) ! (2 min 9 sec)

RC thrust vector kite (1 min 55 sec)
Dec 08, 2020, 02:26 PM
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This thing which was labelled the 'flying table top' at the club field. I'm not offended, seems about right! Working on a smaller, better version.

RC flying hovercraft - new version (3 min 22 sec)

And this friendly fellow which looks awesome in the twilight and dark. Now have it plated in silver and gold to really dazzle during the day as well.

NeoDragon Twilight Flight (1 min 37 sec)
Dec 08, 2020, 02:38 PM
Careful,.. confident,.. CRASH!
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Hey guys these are awesome! keep em comming
Dec 08, 2020, 03:40 PM
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Now up-motored to a small block V8

What did Tim Allen always say on Home Improvement? "MORE POWER".
Dec 09, 2020, 01:07 PM
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Duke ,
check this out ...
Dec 09, 2020, 11:46 PM
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MiG-27 - Carl Goldberg - frankenplank

Carl Goldberg MiG-27 wing plank, Wingspan: 70 in


Carl Goldberg Mig 27 Drone (2 min 32 sec)
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Dec 10, 2020, 01:52 AM
flyin' fool
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The Box Fox .................. a 24" two pound (one # was ballast) cardboard/tape slope machine. I flew it in 40+ MPH winds. It could do big tall half pipes, loop, roll and land backwards on the edge.

Unfortunately the video disappeared.
Dec 10, 2020, 02:03 AM
flyin' fool
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Or .............. the OddBall.

Warning! Don't build floaties from EPP. I covered it with lam film on the bottom bits, but a wet aft end made it an adventure every flight.
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Dec 10, 2020, 04:55 AM
“There’s no place like Foam”
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Rods …
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Dec 10, 2020, 06:46 AM
Flying a Falcon or a 3D model.
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Not by me but crazy for sure.
Flying an RC Airplane Through the Ring Wing (7 min 9 sec)
Dec 10, 2020, 11:23 AM
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Anyone remember the RCPowers flying school bus?

Flying School Bus that Transforms MUST SEE! (1 min 6 sec)
Dec 10, 2020, 12:41 PM
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I haven't got any in-flight shot of this, but it does fly.

An earlier prototype can be seen in action here:
Bicopter plane hybrid (1 min 12 sec)
Dec 10, 2020, 01:47 PM
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Things U do when...

RC Fliegende SCP Spieler (2 min 59 sec)

Odd thing is, I don't like football.
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