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Dec 02, 2020, 06:34 PM
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Bought A New Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler (1/24th Scale)!!!

This afternoon I went to my LHS and bought a new axial SCX24 crawler (1/24th scale)! They also ended up having a 10% off sale that was nice since it basically covered the tax - lol! Total paid was...

$119.99 (axial SCX24)
-$11.99 (10% Off)
N/A (Shipping)
$11.06 (Tax)
$119.06 (Grand Total)

Cool story...what was really nice is I was looking for a battery cover for a friend's radio that he lost. I They are discontinued and eBay and Amazon sellers are gouging people for nearly $30-$45 for a $6 part. So I called my LHS to see if they still happen to have one lying around unsold and the owner (Tom) said he didn't but he has several of the radios and I can come and pick up the battery door at no cost! So I did but I wanted to buy something from him to show my appreciation for being so kind and generous so I ended up buying this 'lil guy!

Here are some pics (Unboxing video & run video below)...

Here's a pic with the optional roof rack, snorkel, light kit and ladder ($28)...

Unboxing Video...
Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler (Yellow) (36 min 57 sec)
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Dec 05, 2020, 10:27 PM
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Painted The Wheels Today & Fit Bigger Lipo (850mAh) Yesterday...

Today I bought some Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers (the fine point) from Michael's craft store. I was able to use a 25% off coupon which was nice as these are kinda pricey. So today I painted the wheels yellow. The yellow doesn't quite match the body exactly but it's so small it's pretty hard to tell.

I was also able to use an old lipo (I have two of them which were still new that I never used from my smaller planes-I think I got for my GWS Tiger Moth Pico) which is a 2S, 850mAh lipo. The stock lipo is 2S, 250mAh and is decent (although I've had a hard time peak charging it to 4.20V per cell using my iCharger 206B but when I use the provided USB charger it peaked once to 4.20V and then 4.18V and keeps dropping so I don't think this is a very good lipo). But last night I ran my 850mAh lipo and no joke, this thing ran for at least 45 minutes! That was with a lot of full throttle in the yard so I know if I use it, even slightly conservatively, then I should be able to get around 1 hour of run time! We'll see.

Also, as I took one of the wheels off, I fitted it to the back to see what it would look like and it looks great! I was going to do this as a mod but I just realized RC4WD makes a tire carrier here...!

Enjoy the new pics I took today...

Here are pics of the bigger battery I'm using...

And here are pics I took last night showing the articulation for this lil' guy...

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Dec 11, 2020, 07:23 PM
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Bought A 1/24th Scale Camping Set For Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler…

This afternoon, I ordered this "Happy Camper" Accessories Set by Phoenix Toys (Part #: 18430) which is 1/24th scale and has the tools I've been looking for plus a whole lot extra for my SCX24-Jeep!!! Total paid was...

$23.99 (Happy Camper Set)
-$1.44 (6% Off Rakuten)
N/A (Free Shipping)
$1.91 (Tax)
$24.46 (Grand Total or $25.90 before the Rakuten discount is applied)

I would have paid a lot more trying to find each piece on eBay and I haven't seen a lot of these pieces even offered, not even 3D printed and this quality is much better imo! Phoenix Toys has quite a bit more other sets and pieces here... in this scale too (i.e., wooden pallets and oil drums, etc.)

Here's a stock pic of the set and I'll update this with more pics once I get it...

Dec 13, 2020, 01:07 AM
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Bought A Kayak, Paddle, Cooler & Roof Rack For SCX24…

Today I bought a 1/24th scale kayak, paddle, cooler & roof rack from eBay for my SCX24! Delivery ETA shows 12/21. Total paid was...

$19.95 (1/24th Scale Accessories)
Free (Shipping)
$1.59 (Tax)
$21.54 (Grand Total)

…what was really cool is I sent pics of another kayak that came with paddles but was 1/10th scale and asked the seller if he could make the paddle for 1/24th scale and he said yes and he won’t charge me for it!!! The eBay seller (compdoggie (679)) has a lot of other 1/24th scale items too, VERY cool stuff for my Jeep and other vehicles! The guy (David) is so nice and went above and beyond in helping me out! I can't wait to take pics of everything once it arrives. In the mean time, here are a couple of teaser pics...

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Dec 13, 2020, 07:35 PM
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2 VERY Cool Things From Horizon Hobby & Bondhus This Week...

1. Horizon Hobby Sent Me A FREE Dynamite Tool Set!!!

2. Bondhus Is Sending Me A FREE Replacement Wrench!!!

I noticed one of my hex wrenches from my Dynamite Tool Kit needed to be replaced so I called Horizon earlier this past Monday and spoke with Conner P. (VERY nice guy btw!). I explained my 1.5mm hex is rounded off (just noticed this when I wanted to use it for my new SCX24 but it's too big) and it strips screws so I was trying to get a part # for this wrench to buy a replacement for it. After searching, he confirmed that only the ratchet handle can be replaced but none of the individual tools are replaceable. He then asked where I bought it from and I told him from my local HobbyTown. He asked if I had the receipt, which I did and he then sent me an email and said reply to my email and attach a pic of the receipt and I'll send you out a complete kit free of charge (which was delivered earlier today 12/13)!!!!!

So thank you Conner and thank you Horizon for having guys like him help your customers! What an impression and what a nice guy! I've dealt with Horizon before and have received the same treatment btw! Just awesome service and talk about going above and beyond my expectations!!!

After finding out that the screws on my SCX24 are M1.4 and apparently require a .050 hex wrench, I grabbed my Bondhus and it kinda works but this too almost rounded off one of my screws so I stopped using it. I had to use the hex wrench that came with the truck to get that last screw out and I noticed stock wrench definitely has a much tighter fit to the screw than my Bondhus. So I called Bondhus, got right through to an agent (Dona - also VERY nice!!!) and she said no worries, email her a pic of the wrench and they will replace it FREE of charge! Now I've had this Bondhus set (Part #: 10632) since I was a kid (so 30 years or so) and this is my first issue. All of Bondhus tools have a lifetime warranty btw. The agent even replied back to my email saying I must have had this set for a long time but she will try to locate the same one to replace it but if not, they have a newer version they can replace it with. Again, great customer support from another great company! I was 2 for 2 today!!!

P.S. I wish today's models would use screws that these basic tool kits (Dynamite, Traxxas, etc.) have tools for. Mine only goes down to 1.5mm and the smaller they go the easier it is to strip both the tool tip and screw. I even contacted Axial to confirm the size of these screws and they have to get back to me. Sounded like they didn't even know. I was surprised the Axial manual doesn't mention anything about the size of the screws and they currently have no replacement for screws. As it stands right now, if you strip out or lose one of these tiny're screwed!!! PUN intended So to get new screws, you have to buy parts that come with screws. How screwy is that!? Again, PUN intended! But I did find that Hot Racing makes a screw set for the SCX24 here...but they are stainless steel so they won't match unless you replace them all.

Here are some pics of my tool sets for my RC's...

Here are my pics of my new Dynamite Tool Kit...

And here is the new Bondhus .050 size replacement hex driver - delivered 12/16/20...

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Dec 15, 2020, 05:56 PM
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1/24th Scale Camping Set Was Delivered Today!

USPS delivered my 1/24th Scale Camping Set For Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler this afternoon at 2:26pm!

Unboxing & pics soon to come...
Jan 03, 2021, 08:35 PM
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Ordered Some RC4WD Parts For My SCX24 - Jeep...

Yesterday, I found a HobbyTown located in Santee, CA that had the 3 parts I've been looking for and they're willing to ship them to me! Everyone is out of stock, Tower Hobbies, Horizon, Amain Hobbies and they all show backordered until early February (eBay had 2 of the 3 items I'm looking for but the sellers are price gouging, so no thanks).

Here are the items I ordered...
  1. 1. $9.84 Tire Holder (Part #: RC4VVVC1045)
  2. 2. $12 Side Mirrors (Part #: RC4VVVC1046)
  3. 3. $22 Front Bumper (Part #: RC4VVVC1048)

I also bought some stock tires/wheels so I can have a spare set and use one of them to mount on my tire holder. The Jeep should look really nice with these upgrades and more pics coming soon!
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Jan 03, 2021, 08:40 PM
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1/24 Scale Roof Rack, Kayak, Paddle & Cooler!

I bought this off eBay from a GREAT seller (compdoggie) and it was delivered yesterday! So today I unboxed it and tested it all out and everything looks great!

The roof rack simply Velcros on (as you can see from one of the pics below) so no drilling holes in your body like the RC4WD roof rack. I got some video of all of it in action and even my cat came outside to check things out!

I also have the "Happy Camper" from Phoenix Toys that I haven't unboxed yet so I'll get to that tomorrow or sometime next week and update with pics from that set. It includes a bunch of 1/24 scale camping gear and looks amazing.

Enjoy the pics and video and more to come...

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