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Nov 13, 2020, 08:20 PM
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E-flite Retracts Working Sporadically

I have an old H9 Spitfire .60-.90 with a Saito 1.00. Using 6v Rx, which all servos allow. Using E-flite Retracts for .60-1.20 sized plane. Using the Y-harness from e-flite, supplied with retracts. I've had sporadic issues where no retracts will move or only one will. I only had one flight with them last year and kept them down the whole time. I'm planning to fly it tomorrow at our warbird day but I'm still having the same issue. Someone suggested I might need an extra battery for only the retracts, but I don't know how I would install it?

Using a Hitec Aurora 9 Tx with an Optima 7 channel Rx. I'm using all channels but I could use a Y for my ailerons instead of separate channels if I have to but I'd like to keep them separate if I can. Can anyone suggest how to add a second battery, if possible?
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Nov 14, 2020, 10:18 AM
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You can use a battery isolator that powers the servos and receiver separately, but I have been running all my setups for the last 5 years with a 2S LiFE and never have problems with the Eflites. First 2 builds used a Castle 20A PRO regulator. Found not required and run the pack direct now.

I would recommend monitoring your system voltage when trying to cycle the retracts. They can be current hogs.

On that note, the stock Y-connector uses rather small conductor wiring. Try a different connector to see if that makes a difference. Also check you don't have what's called "Black Wire Disease" where the black negative leads, connectors and switch terminals corrode, often hidden within the insulation and switch housings. You will get voltage, but under load inadequate current to keep working correctly. This occurs when you leave the battery connected long term and is identical to the white fuzzy build up on the end of a battery cell left till fully discharged inside a device.

NOTE: I found there is nothing special in their legacy Y so any should work fine.
Nov 27, 2020, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Cougar429
You can use a battery isolator that powers the servos and receiver separately, ...
Thanks so much for the reply! I've wondered what's special about their Y connectors. Someone else mentioned the thinner wires as well. I had to mount the rx battery in the fuse, just behind the wing and it's not the easiest to get to so I do leave the pack installed and connected. I've not heard of "black wire disease". Good to know since I leave other packs connected as well. I'll check it out.

I'm guessing a battery isolator is probably the same result as some folks at the field recommending wiring a 2S battery red wire to the red retracts Y and tie the battery black wire (ground) into any other black wire and keep the white wire (radio signal) plugged into the Rx. I hope this thread might help others in the future
Nov 27, 2020, 11:07 PM
Airplanus Erectus
It's a form of corrosion. Can't clean it in wiring. Has to be replaced. Disconnect all your servos and try cycling the gear. If it works like that you might have a power issue. If it acts the same, swap the y harness. Still the same? Try one retract at a time. One or both still having an issue? Disassemble the retracts and inspect the micro limit switches. These are usually the fail point. If not the switches, the motors. Good luck!
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